Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gifts Coming and Going!

Gifts coming and going
and it's not even Christmas!
but that is what it is like when you have sweet blogging friends -
the gifts just come and go between friends all year round
especially when one sees another needing 
a particular item which may come in
very handy for a project
they may be 
working on!

I very recently received a pleasant surprise
in the mail from a very artistic card creator who lives
so far away from me in Scotland - Lynne Moncrieff of
sent me this!

 Oh just look at that gorgeous image added to this
lovely stamped tag in one of Lynne's own mixed 

 and this also - a dear little shopping list embellished with
another stunning waxed image of a vintage

as well as a collection of beautiful cotton laces
which she knows I will use in my creations.

Thank you so much Lynne for your kindness
- you have been so very thoughtful!
Do go and look at Lynne's blog - address above to view
some of her amazing stamped and embellished
vintage styled creations.

and this was inside a little packet which
I returned to Lynne.

A collage incorporating one of my most favourite
subjects - a pre-raphaelite image.

I just can't help myself when it comes to
layering lace!

also knows about my love affair with vintage laces and
recently made these gorgeous pages

based on some prayer flag ideas she was creating with.

How wise are those words

and how beautiful are these images.
Thank you Judy - I love them all!
And, of course, there are always the extras of more
lace, buttons, patterns, braids too.

This was something which I created for Judy too

And I'm almost certain that these little added

came from Judy also.

Isn't there something special about creating hearts
of one sort or another. I had never seen 
so many different ones until
I started blogging!

This last piece I created for Dear Ati.

Our Dear Ati (Ati's Little World)
lost her precious husband to cancer
very recently 

I am sure she would appreciate a little visit -

Ati also is a lover and creator of the most beautiful crazy
patchwork quilts, mixed media books etc. and has
just completed a square as a momentum of
Simon's recent memorial with a rainbow,
butterflies and music  -
it's gorgeous!

Just one final thing to let you know that
I am still creating my handspun mohair Pink Scarf for the 
Pink Scarf Project for those of
you who may be wondering!


I posted about this in my second to last post
you can read about it by clicking on the button 
on the right hand sidebar!

One final note to each and every one who has been
so badly affected and left temporarily homeless by
the ravages of Hurricane Sandy please spare
a thought for them while we are able
to sit here at our computers
continuing to type
and create!  
I am sure it will be quite some time before many others
there will have the same priviledge!

Sending love and hugs to you all!
Suzy xxx


  1. Dearest precious Suzy.
    Loving gifts coming and going,you are right, dear friend, I could not have said it better ,-as that is what happens in my univerce, too.
    Beautiful heartfelt gifts ,-and the ones you have recieved are so very very wonderful all. Such gorgeous pieces crossing each other, from one end of the world to another-
    Lynne`s so beautiful tag and note pad ,together with her hand dyed fabric`s are a most wonderful gift to recieve (I know) and the gifts from Judy and Ati are so gorgeous,too.
    Also I know that when all those friends, opens up your stunning gifts to them, they wil be in awe over the artwork ,and fantastic magic things you created for them.
    This was a most beautiful post sweet, filled with love coming and going back .
    I wish you a happy weekend-
    Your Dorthe

  2. Meine Güte! Was für wunderschöne Kreationen.
    Du bist wirklich begnadet in deiner Kunst.
    Ich bin total sprachlos :-)
    Und ich kann mich garnicht satt sehen.

    Ganz liebe Grüße

  3. Gorgeous post Suzi and what a lovely collection of pages and gifts. You could make a fabulous journal from all of these treasures as I'm sure you've already considered.

  4. Such beautiful things!You are lucky indeed to have so many generous friends...but I am sure it's only because you are yourself so dear to all!!!

  5. Wow, gorgeous all around. Your gifts and your gifts going to friends. We are safe here in Massachusetts and many of my friends are all okay, but so many are not. Just incredible devastation. Thanks for the loving thpughts. xox

  6. This is such an inspiring post, Suzy. I really need to try some of these ideas, but I can never duplicate your creativity. Thanks.

  7. I am drooling over all the beautiful goodies coming and going, and traveling by heart. Your mohair scarf looks gorgeous.

  8. Suzy-
    I could just ohhhh and ahhhh all day over your coming and going gifts. You have been given such beautiful treasures and you are giving back so beautifully yourself.
    Oh my goodness- the pink scarf is beyond gorgeous- I can not wait to touch it! Whoever recieves this is going to be blessed with a most wonderful gift of love.

    Love you-

  9. Dear Suzy
    It is Thursday and here I am catching up with you.
    Oh my goodness you did not need to show my little pieces but thank you for your kindest of words. The fabric collage you gifted to me is an absolute treasure (I plan on sharing on my blog this month if that is okay with you). The colours you selected bring such warmth.
    The gifts from the heart you received are astonishing and that beautiful heart with those trims and the most perfect of images.
    I hope you are keeping well and finding plenty of creative time.
    Thank You Suzy for all you have sent to me, I count myself so lucky to have art in my home that was created by you.

  10. Beautiful gifts and trades! Our friends on the east coast are in my thoughts also.

  11. Oh what a feast for the eyes this morning. thanks for sharing all the pretties you have here and been sent. just Beatiful.

  12. Lots of lovely layers and fabulous gifts toing and froing.

  13. All your pieces are so very special Suzy.
    I do particularly love your 'Pre-Raphaelite' collection of collages you've created around those beautiful images.

    A feast for the eyes and food for the soul....

    Happy creating dear one
    Shane ♥

  14. Oh my gosh it's all just so lovely!!

  15. Hi Suzy another lovely post filled with such treasures given and received. How lovely to share your creativity, it is a wonderful thing. Love the colour palettes you have used in your collages very beautiful. jayne x

  16. What a beautiful post Suzy, in both pictures and words! Blogging is wonderful and so are the friendships it brings with it. Have a joyous day.


  17. If all persons in the world would do as they lovely ladies do we would all be kindler gentler souls. Giving for the sake of giving is pure bliss...

  18. Every photograph on your post is a veritable feast for the eyes. Your beautifully created gifts are just out of this world, as always, they are superb, exquisite and made with love. And the precious gifts you have received just show you how much you are appreciated and loved by bloggers all over the world. Our little corner of blogland is a very fine place to be.

  19. Everything looks so beautiful. You are so blessed to have met so many wonderful blog friends. Maybe I too shall sometime share that blessing.

    I also thought it was so nice for you to mention the survivors of Sandy. A lot of us are very lucky indeed to still be able to blog and create. You are so very generous!

  20. Hi Suzy, your gifts from lynne are beautiful, I know you love it! All the creations are divine! xo's Pam

  21. Hi dear Suzy,
    what a beautiful post and such a feast for the eyes:)Love all the gorgeous gifts received and sent.
    Blog friends are the best - don't you think?
    They know us so well:)Enjoy your treasures and have a wonderful weekend.

  22. Hallo my sweet and dear friend,I have now seen through this post several times and must say that they showed creations become more and more wonderful every time, a great creativity with fabric and lace from all of you ladies, love all the creations, I wish you a lovely weekend dear Suzy.
    Hugs Anni

  23. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful creations with us, I always feel much calmer after visiting your lovely blog :)
    - Jeanette

  24. aww gorgeous gifs you receive
    when you have sweet blogging friends it is so welcomming. and you must be a very nice friend to iam sure of - beautiful lace tags and more you are so so fortune

  25. Suzy - as always such a gorgeous post. I love every bit that your photos show here...inspiring too. Thank you for your kind words about Yoga. I am looking forward to it. I did it a few times several years ago with my sister and that studio closed. I know it will make a huge difference! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  26. I love your fabric works they are wonderful! And your gifts are fantastic :)
    Have a nice time dear Suzy
    Hugs Alexandra

  27. How gorgeous Suzy! What generous friends you have!

  28. Dear Suzy ~ What beautiful heartfelt creations, given and received. They all touch heart and soul.

    I could not get to Ati's blog, she's in my thoughts and prayers.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

  29. Bloggers have to have the most generous souls! Such lovely creations - definitely droolworthy.

  30. Hello my dear sweet Suzy, blogging friends are probably the best part of the internet, aren't they? You've received such fabulous gifts from Lynne and Judy and returned such fantastic gifts as well. Opening a package from a dear blogging friend always feels like a birthday.
    Happy weekend, sweetie! We're pretty busy today but maybe we can talk tomorrow?
    Big hugs and lots of love,


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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