Monday, May 20, 2013

Another Nature Fabric and Lacebook "Birds Inspire"

This book was created by me some twelve months ago
and was inspired by a delightful calender I was
gifted from an old friend
for Christmas
last year.

Unfortunately I lost all of the images soon after
with one of those unfortunate computer

(The quilted and buttoned spine)

and I had to retrieve them from the same friend
in a different format so I do apologize
for the quality of the images. 

I remember how I just couldn't wait to start
creating this one because I really was
inspired so much by the
beautiful images.

I dyed much of the vintage lace

as well as the scrim and raw silk to complement
the theme of the work.

I incorporated some floral vintage
curtain fabric which I had
in my fabric stash
for many
(which became more tattered and torn as I created  with it
and you know how easy that can happen when you
start to tear this precious woven stuff!).

Here you can see some machine embroidered
stitching over raw dyed silk

framing the pretty bird image which
sits over the layers of printed linen, lace fabric,
upcycled machine embroidered cotton
and doilies.

I have repeated some of the rose printed linen
and signature cottons to bring more
continuity to the pages too.

Back page here with scrim and burlap binding
which has been stippled quilted.
This book is now living with a dear blogging friend
in Holland, Yvonne. Go and take a look
at her gorgeous mixed media work!

Whether it is Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter
we can always see both birds and flowers 
to inspire us and fill our hearts
with the love of
mother nature!

I'm linking this post to Ivy and Elephants blog
for "What's It Wednesday"

Thank you so much for your kind comments
that you leave here on my blog -
my world would be a lesser
place without your
input and support!
a warm welcome to all my new followers!

I hope you all get a chance to be in nature this week
to enjoy the beauty and quietness and to
feel what it gives us!

xxx Suzy


  1. WAW WAW WAW - this book is soo beautiful - I love all your stitches and laces and the bird theme. It´s absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing! Hugs!!

  2. Oh Suzy ... this is absolutely awesome. There is nothing that I don't completely love. Hats off to you for such beautiful configurations. Love how you dyed some of the components. Perfection. Your friend is one lucky person. Thank you for sharing.

  3. WOW Suzy .... your book is amazing!! So beautiful! You are such a great artist.
    Many hugs
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  4. Wow--this book is just gorgeous!! I love the theme!!

  5. Suzy,
    I so love this, it is so amazing.
    Your work is the absolute best!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. That must be one of the most beautiful fabric books I have ever seen! You continue to inspire! XO Sue

  7. Gorgeous!! Love the birds and the lace is just amazing!! Another beauty!!!

    Happy Crafting

  8. Gorgeoisty ---wow wow wow xox

  9. Wow, Suzi. I'm so glad you were able to retrieve these pictures. You are amazing with the ways you've dyed your laces and combined them with fabrics, stitches, and bird prints. I am always sooo inspired by you!
    Sweet blessings dear friend.

  10. How lovely, dear Suzy - your fabric book is so creative and beautiful. The birdies are so eye-catching and the vintage lace is perfect. Really great work!!!!
    Love, love, love your style!

  11. Beautiful book, beautiful images and beautiful colors and stitching!


  12. Dear Suzy, I bless the day I stumbled on your blog and your artwork. Your warm and generous spirit has made blogging such a pleasure. I wish more bloggers were like you, open and friendly with always a kind word to share. Your book is stunning! and I love the machine embroidery design. I also love the way you layer and dye your fabrics. Your images are so precious, I am so sorry you lost them to a virus. :( Much love sent your way, Tamara

  13. Dear Suzy your book is really wonderful and very beautiful, love the bird theme and all the lace, I wish I could keep it in my hands and see - with my fingers, on every pages, hope you are doing well dear friend, wish you a lovely week.
    Hugs Anni

  14. Another beauty Suzy! Really love the variety of fabrics you've used in this one as well as the bird theme/images.

  15. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful book...the birds,lace and your stitching is just beautiful...each bird is just a gorgeous example of what nature has to offer us...then you add your stitching and lace to make it absolutely stunning!

  16. Beautiful! Just love everything you do.

  17. Your books are so gorgeous-I just so enjoy viewing them-I really love these-I need to learn how to make me one-thanks for all the photos Kathy

  18. What a wonderful and creative book!
    Nature is allways there, anywhere and at anytimes!
    Thanks for all this beauty
    Hugs and kisses

  19. Dearest Suzy-
    This book is amazing- I love the bird images- so special, and beautiful, and all your pages ,so filled with beauty,and lovely pieces of lace and fabrics- I love the old rosy pieces- and even more as they become more tattered !!
    Your colour combinations are just gorgeous, and all the materials so wonderful!
    I think I know ,whom the most lucky friend in Holland is, She have recieved a gorgeous beauty from your clever hands, my darling friend!
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  20. What a STUNNING creation! Thanks you for sharing!

  21. Love this one, the bird theme together with your luscious laces, fabrics and buttons....

  22. Your work is always lovely, so intricate with many layers, created with love and a joy of life and creating.

    Thank you for sharing your needlework for all to enjoy and be inspired by.


  23. Another treasure you have created Suzy. I love the collection of fabric and laces you have dyed together with some lovely buttons especially the one with script on it. It is indeed a work of art. jaynex

  24. And i am the most lucky persoon who was gifted with this beautiful book. Dear Suzy, i love this beautiful book every and it has a special place in my heart and home. So many times i take it in my hands and dream away in your lovely work of lace, fabrics and lovely birds.

    Love and hugs Yvonne

  25. Ditto on everything everyone has said!!!


  26. Your art is so distinct and beautiful. You really have a vision for putting just the right elements and colors and images to compliment the unique pages you create and put together to achieve the most precious collages. Breathtaking dear...

  27. Oh be still my heart! Your books always inspire me!!!! You are the queen of fabric books my friend. It's gorgeous.

  28. Sooooo beautiful. You have a wonderful talent.

  29. Another exquisite beauty! The little patch of pink rose curtain fabric is so sweet and the spine has me in awe. Your work is absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

  30. Suzy, what a wonderfully rich creation! I love the images, the subject, and all those beautiful additions. You have such a talent for creating these unique pieces.

  31. What else can be said - Beautiful -Fabulous - Incredible! Love it! Nothing like sitting in the backyard on a pile of freshly mowed grass smelling the freshness and listening to the birds sing.

  32. Oh Suzy! Your creative expression in lace, fabric, ribbon, paper, ???? is totally amazing! What a work of art this book is! The pages are stunning as well as the quilted button spine and that piece of lace across the back...swoon! The birdies were a muse for you, they are beautiful.
    Oh your friend must be so thrilled to have this gift!
    Keeping you and your friend in good healing thoughts...and extra hugs.

  33. Dear Suzy, your fabric creations are always sensational and this book is just incredible. LOVE the theme, the lace and your stitching ... everything! The recipient of this book is soooo lucky!!!


  34. Oh, I think this is one of your best. Although it would be hard to choose. It is just so amazing. You just reminded me to backup my picture files again.

  35. This is a beautiful book Suzy.I love birds too.What a little treasure.So much detail to feast the eyes upon.So tactile too.Love it.

  36. Oh, be still my heart! This is so stunning, I could just dive right in and fly right with these birds! How beautiful Suzi! I adore birds, as most artists do, and you have outdone yourself again! Incredible work!

  37. This is so stunning! I am truly in love with this book. I have such a love of birds and those birds are lovely. Did you print them or was it material you found, if I may ask? Your creations are always fabulous.

  38. The book is so very gorgeous, dear Suzy. I love each of the beautiful bird images and of course all your fantastic layers of fabric and laces as well as the stitching and embellishments. I'm glad your pretty pictures of the book weren't totally lost and you could share them with us.
    Sending love and hugs to you,

  39. Suzy
    this is such an amazing book and piece of art. Each page has the most gorgeous details and beautiful images. I love all the embellishments you added into the piece also.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  40. what a lovvely project and such beautiful book.
    your sweing work is stunning and divine.
    i don,t know if you know who i am, but i got some years ago a candy from you.
    have a nice weekend and greetings from Ann ( lasize )

  41. Thats very goegeous, you always make another surprise for everything. I always like your combination laces, fabric, images and colour, and everything. I'm very love your gorgeous artwork.

  42. This is truly the most beautiful book I have seen Suzy. Maybe because I love birds so much, but I know I would think so even if I didn't. It is so beautifully put together and I bet Yvonne LOVES it!
    Pure bliss!
    hugs from me...

  43. Hi sweetie, your book is delicious and gorgeous. I love nature themes, especially birds. You use gorgeous fabrics and laces. And always love your stitching.
    Take care dear, warm hugs to you.
    ~ Wendy

  44. Oh sweet Suzy-- be still my heart-- another one of your beautiful (!!!) lace books featuring a bird theme!! It is absolutely exquisite--
    I don't know how you've found the time, I know you have so much on your plate right now--(still sending up prayers for your friend)

    The photos are amazing Suzy-- you capture every beautiful detail:)


  45. How lovely and feminine! Love this idea of giving vintage materials a new and useful purpose! I would love to have you share this stunning project with my readers on our Wicked Good Wednesday Blog Party!

  46. Beautiful!!!
    Is a beautiful book Suzy,MY DEAR,

  47. Hello Suzy... I am over here from Patti's and Paula's party at Ivy and Elephants... your book is just beautiful!... I am such a Nature lover... and avid birdwatcher and bird feeder... do you create those to sell?... I would love to order one similar if you do... and you are so right about the beauty and quietness of Nature... we take our daily Nature walk and it's my favorite part of our day... those who do not take the time to notice even the teensiest little bug are missing so much in life... xoxo Julie Marie PS Signing on as a follower...

  48. Wow! You have done such a great job! Very beautiful. I love the wide variety of birds featured. I am a big bird enthusiast. I learnt about your Blog from the What's It Wednesday Blog Hop and I am now following your Blog.

  49. One of the most outstanding creations I've ever seen!! As always I love your work, and all the detail you pour into an item. Just stunning!!

  50. Dear Suzy

    A wonderful gift for Yvonne - she will be 'over the moon' and so deserving too.

    The mix of beautiful floral linens and soft sheer fabrics with your hand dyed laces and scrim works so well.

    I love all the bird images - they are inspirational subjects to embellish.
    I'm always inspired by your creativity Suzy.

    Wishing you a relaxing weekend!

  51. Outstanding Suzy, love the spine!!
    Hugs marilou xoxo

  52. Hi Suzy, thanks so much for dropping by and answering my question about the lacebook. Big hugs!!!

    Also I sent you my email address so hopefully you received it. Thanks again, Carole xox

  53. Oh! My! Suzy
    So glad you were able to retrieve the images of this glorious book from your friend. Wow...a photo is really worth a thousand words when it comes to beautiful creations like this. You are such an inspiration.
    I have all of the vintage laces, and fabrics ready for many fabric books...and I know it takes hours to put them together. I purchased Nellie Wortman's DVD set of her fabric book and know the time involved in just the making of the DVD's besides making the book is a lot of time! So, I am totally I just need to find the time to make something. I have also viewed the fabric phamplet (book)on you tube by Lilla in Hawaii.
    Thank you for sharing these photos!
    Teresa in California

  54. I love this gorgeous book! The thought and detail is amazing. It is featured this week at Ivy and Elephants. Please feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thanks for linking.

  55. Your fabric book is absolutely amazing. I am attempting to make one for my parents 50th wedding anniversary but it is nowhere near as beautiful as yours! I am going to print off the pictures of yours to give me some inspiration. M x

  56. amazing, i want to hold and squeeze that book

  57. Wow Suzy
    Your book is absolutely beautiful!! Is there a tutorial for similar books?
    I would love to have a go.


  58. I have seen probably 400 to 500 journals on YouTube and pictures on Pinterest, but THIS my friend, is the most gorgeous, beautiful book I've ever come across. I just can't get over the beauty. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    1. Thank you Carolann for your kind comment!
      I can hardly believe I created this one about 6 years ago!
      You may like to follow my Pinterest Boards for more similar journals!


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