Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Pincushion Swap

Judy from Judy's Fabrications and I decided to have a Pincushion Swap so I created for her this little piece which she has since received along with a little extra something below.  I think I might have rekindled in her a desire to start creating a series of new and exciting pincushions.

We shall see what awaits in the mail from Judy.  Stay tuned next week to see what the surprise might be!!!  THANK YOU JUDY in advance for putting in your time for this.

I must admit I have only one and it is a favourite but it is getting to the "almost stabbed one too many times look" so it won't hurt to be making another one or two too!  It is just amazing just how many different pincushions have been dreamed up!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crazy Felted and Velvet Purse

You know some days when you wake up and it is pouring with rain and you say to yourself that this is a perfect day to achieve something really creative in my studio and then you find that one hundred and one things come up and you manage to achieve just one tiny little thing ? - well today has been just like that but I am really happywith that one little thing which has been the closure and magenta silk rose for this new little purse.

More importantly is the sound of the heavy rain pouring down and you know that every drop is going to fill your rain tanks once again - not to mention the life giving prana to the trees and plants.

Also I must admit it is pretty exciting to see our beloved goats heading at great pace to their little shed for shelter - well just temporarily! until they discover some new long grass they had not been allowed to access for some weeks and then they don't care how wet they get!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Crazy Little Purses

 Just for something different I have made a few little purses.  These will probably be placed for sale in a little local shop called "Everything Earthy".    Trouble  is once you start it becomes a bit infectious and you begin to think of all the many ways you could create a different look let alone a different style!  I think I will probably be making more of these using other fibres and trims.  It really is heaps of fun co-ordinating all those gorgeous bits of fabric you have saved.  Food for the soul!

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Basket full of Sewing Treasures

One of the most wonderful blessings in life are special friends! You know each others loves, habits, desires and dreamings. So when Sue, my dear friend, Sue, arrived for a stay with her husband, Ian they came bearing this beautiful basket full of sewing bits to feed my passion of sewing creativity. Thank you Sue for the beautiful gift and for the time you spent scouting the Op Shops and gift shops - I am in your debt! Wow what a time ahead to use these lovely braids, lace and fabrics to embroider.
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Mother's Love


"Mother's Day" has passed now but the essence and memories of my mother's love still remain in these beautiful and lasting Apricot
Chrysanthamums still sitting on the kitchen window sill.  I will plant these in our rambling country garden along side the pale pink and deep maroon shades - how complementary!
They would possibly make a very soft natural dye too!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Key-leidescope Quilt

You might remember this UFO I pulled out to finish!

It appeared a few posts back (before the Moroccan Belly dancer's Wardrobe). Well Voila!!! Here it is all put together and quilted - quite a bit was done by hand using a running stitch and the rest I used the free machine quilting method.

Once again I have assembled it using cray quilting which lets your spirit run wild.
And the colours - well I have to admit it is really hard to move away from these tonings.

It measures 48" x 40". By the way can you find the key?

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Essential Tools to Create

Apart from my trusty work horse - my sewing machine -  these tools are never far from my fingers!
No guesses for telling what my favourite colours are!!!

More of Moroccan Bellydancer's Wardrobe

A few more images of the collage - as you can see it is quite detailed and really needs some detailed photos to get a close look to see the details clearly. 

Moroccan Bellydancer's Wardrobe

For all of you who have commented on my Collage as it has been progressing I now have the final result for you to view.  It is a combination of many, mainly old and new fabrics, braids, ribbons, motifs and even some lace.  Different techniques have been used here including machine and hand stitching, applique and free machine quilting.  The background consists of crushed velvet, dupion silk and printed cotton all in shades of black to highlight the richness of the fabrics and braids- some of these are very old and quite worn.
Enjoy!!! It has been a pleasure to create!!!
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