Monday, July 30, 2012

My Completed Heart Strings

The last two weeks have been a busy time
visiting many studios and creative spaces across the world
as part of "Where Bloggers Create" hosted by 
of My Desert Cottage Blog.

I have to say that I have been so inspired by the many and varied
studios out there that I would have never visited had I
not joined in the party.  So thank you Karen so much for
hosting this event for bloggers.

I would also like to say "welcome"to all of my new
followers who have joined along in the 
last little while and a very big "thank you" to everyone who has left such kind and inspiring comments.
I shall be rewarding you very shortly with a new

In the meantime I thought I might share a finished project
"Heart Strings" which I completed under the
tuition of Diane Cook at Artful Gathering Workshops.
So these were the strings I showed in my
previous post with the jewellery

all layed out before they were all pulled up through
the thimble.  It was a bit of a natural progression
of combining silk fabric with vintage
jewellery - being that I just so 
love working with

I'm still not sure about using those little jewellery tools though
as they feel so awkward to me still
but I'm sure that practice will
make perfect (hopefully!!!).

So here you can now see the completed Heart Strings
as they would appear if worn. It gives an idea
of how long they are on my dress form

and before here is the thimble without patina 

and after
(not the best job but hey this was my first attempt
into the world of creating with jewellery!).

Here you can see a brass connector, brass heart,
rosary beads, medals, pearls, locket and even
a feather from one of our
chickens on our property here!

My little nestie , a brass booklet,
brass chain,vintage beads, lace and
sari ribbon.

This is the necklace consisting of pearls, beads
(vintage and new) plus some sari ribbon.

The other project which is now coming to completion
is the Round Robin Lacebook collaborative
(Vintage Gypsy being my theme)
which I have been sharing with 6 women
so I will just give you a taste of
what I will be sharing
possibly next time I visit here.

This is a sneak peek of the cover


I know this is unfair but it would be too long to show you
all the pages in this post
so I guess you will have to stay tuned in!

Wishing for you all a smooth sailing week full of lots of
happy moments and hours of creativity!

Thank you all for visiting and leaving such kind comments!

Love Suzy xxx

Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create Party

♥♥♥ Where Bloggers Create Party ♥♥♥

Hello and Welcome everyone!
My name is Suzy Quaife
and I live on the far south coast of Australia.

This year I have decided to join in the party sharing our work spaces and studios from around the world
This event is hosted annually by

Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage Blog

When you visit Karen, our wonderful host, you will see her very beautiful blog and view the list of participants whose studios
you may go and visit.

As this is my first time joining in the party I thought I would briefly share a small sample of my creativity below


to give you a taste of what I get up to in my studio - 
(some fabric and paper journals
and collages)



 why I have the need for so many materials (LOL!)
Oh Yes and now you can see a little bit of the dreamy romantic
 side coming out in me here!

My studio is not large but it contains almost everything I need to create with.

It is the place of familiarity, security, inspiration
and joy which allows my spirit freedom
to express my feelings within
to feed my heart and soul.

The view below is from the door as you enter my room.

I think every conceivable shelf and work surface has been occupied to the max.

Here you see my desk with some of the most immediate
tools and reference books at my fingertips.

My other loves, apart from creating, include collecting vintage goodies, china, silverware, tattered books, furniture and pre-loved
objects d'art that I can give a home.

The flowers sitting on my desk are from our most exotic garden
and this one is a South African protea, called "Blushing Bride"
 - isn't she so gorgeous!
 I have to say much of the inspiration for my creativity 
comes from all the beauty which surrounds me
in this beautiful natural Australian bushland setting
and our rambly old world country garden.

And by night, she is just as equally beautiful with her feathery
tufts of white and pinkish flowers.

One of my fabric hearts adorns the most precious
vintage picture of my mother, probably the most influential woman 
 of my life who died very sadly and suddenly when I was in my teens!

Sitting here is just a few pieces of silk, velvet and pretty lace
dyed from geraniums and rose petals from the garden.

Below here is my chair with my sewing machine
right behind my desk, covered with an Angora goat skin
and it is Oh so cosy to sit on!!!
(Did I tell you that we have a small flock of these gorgeous
creatures out in our paddock???).
Oh, by the way, that skin is not from one of our goats either!!!

In the corner of the opposite end is an old Welsh Dresser
(Leadlight windows removed for easy access)
to fabrics and boxes containing all number of things
used in creating, and, of course,
a small collection of very old books which I also love.

This old dresser, retrieved from a Post Office which burned down
some 20 years ago holds a huge collection of special vintage 
laces, buttons, braids, seam binding, beads, old letter
scales, threads and even tools.

These little cubbies are perfect for all of these small items
which can get lost so easily !!!
We who love to collage have hundreds of
these iddy biddy bits that we just 
can't throw away!

My dressform displays some precious early Australian
clothing and laces which I purchased from a local
historical museum which was so overcrowded
that they held a sale to clear out much
of their acquired garments,
vintage laces, etc.

As I was saying, every shelf, nook and cranny is FULL!!!

I really think it is time (which I have had little of lately -
too busy creating!!!!) to clear away a lot of items
that I don't use as frequently
as others.

Another small passion I have is for tapestry evening bags
and here are only a couple hanging with a silver
belt awaiting use in some mixed media
project and
Oh! in the background you can see some of the many
baskets full of doilies and embroidered tray cloths.

On the opposite side of the room - more shelving above my
very large old table and area where I create, design
(when not at the sewing machine)

((Oh my goodness I didn't warn you that you are seeing my
studio just as it is everyday with bits and pieces
that we all have beside us at the ready))
my beautiful vintage 1920s typewriter in perfect working order.

I very much treasure this little chest which my dear Jeff
purchased for me to hold all those extra tiny bits -
it originally housed many
Chinese herbs
and each drawer contains three separate compartments.
How handy is that?

with its beautiful brass pull handles?

Not only do I love tarnished but also vintage
pewter, tin, some pottery as seen high upon some shelving

with a few pieces of Tibetan jewellery
and vintage silver plated spoons.

And now for a few supplies:

Precious lace bits - much too precious to use!
But just to admire!

Like these

and these

to turn into creations 
like these -

and these

A collection of sari silk ribbons, braids and trims!

A basket full of soft fabrics waiting for a new journal!

More lace pieces, beaded fabric and vintage silk dress pieces
sitting patiently on a silver tray

A stack of upholstery and damask fabrics which I use
in my journal making
along with some of these more exotic fabrics
which I also love to collect like these
embroidered wool canvases, vintage tapestries,
silk velvet and crushed velvets.

Vintage rhinestone jewellery, pearls  miniature metal picture frames
and bits of bling!

Another view of more fabric -
 I did warn you - (LOL!) 

Some soft chiffons and silks as in baskets below more fabrics.
Also just a few of my more favourite stamps nearby
for easy reach!

Baskets full of cotton fabrics

A bowl full of a variety of buttons

and little drawers containing these pretty
suffolk puffs

and pretty pink lacey embellishments!

A another white bowl full of vintage laces wrapped
around vintage pegs!

An old tin full of all number of doodads!

More doilies stacked up!

Even some driftwood I collected recently from which to
hang some of my collages and
another pearl rosary!

A few more little bottles as objects of inspiration!

A beautiful  old tapestry border
waiting for a collage or journal
next to some trims!
Almost too good too use I think!

A vintage vignette here of a few
gifts and items I just love.

A few old frames, war remnant box and some vintage music sheets. 

These items are sitting on a plate as inspiration
for my new workshop "Heart Strings" with Diane Cook
which I have recently undertaken.

I find these plates just so handy in my studio to arrange
all the materials I need at hand when creating
a new project, journal, collage etc.
They are inspirations in themselves don't you think?

A little collaged card sent recently to a dear friend in need!

And hanging above me while I work are these absolutely beautiful
works of art by blogger friends
to remind me how fortunate I am to have such wonderful people
in my life who continue to inspire, enhance my life, 
enrich my artistic
 and fill me with gratitude!

As well as this most incredible view which I can look out on
everyday to remind me how blessed I am to live
in such a beautiful place surrounded by
so much beauty!

Now if you are here then I congratulate you for hanging in there
til the end! Phew! That was a rather long visit if I say so myself -so 
now you had probably go and grab a cuppa 
and get ready to visit some of the
other Bloggers' studios!

I wholeheartedly thank you KAREN for giving us
 this opportunity
to share in the inner worlds of other bloggers who
love to create and share their he/arts.
Your rewards will be great!

Wishing Love, Joy and Kindness 
to everyone visiting,
xxx Suzy
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