Sunday, October 30, 2011

Peeking Closely at "Tattered Angels"

Just thought I might share here with you
some close up peeks at
"Tattered Angels" Journal

before it heads off to the U.K.

to give you a feel for the textures, rich colours,

braids, and laces I used.

There has been lots of mixing of colours 
and overdyeing of fabrics,
laces and doilies
new and old 

to achieve the desired effect.

Layer upon layer the pages grow!

Thank you so kindly to everyone who has left
such an inspiring comment about this

Suzy xxx

Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Journal Completed

You may remember me creating this journal
almost 12 weeks ago when we received
the news that my father
had passed on
so very sadly!
So I put this one aside for a time until I felt I could come back

to it as there was little left to do on it.

With all of these tombstone angel images I've used

it really has quite a gothic feel to it.

It is rich in tapestry fabrics, braids, strong but muted
shades with many layers of lace and doilies.

Every page has been embellished with many layers
and there are also lots of pages
left free for journalling.

I have just listed this in my Etsy shop
so if you would like more details about this one
please visit me there at:

at the top of this page.

I'm wishing for you a really happy and creative weekend -
be kind and gentle to yourself and all those
around you!

Such a huge Thank You to every new follower
on my blog here
and I do hope you enjoy the ride!

Love Suzy xxx

Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Images of "Little Bird" Journal

You may remember a few posts back that I was commissioned by Gisele

to create a Nature Journal as a special gift
to give to a friend of hers
she decided to call it "Little Bird".
This name had special connotations to Gisele -
so now that her friend, Elisa, has received her gift from Gisele
I thought I would post some of the images
to share with you!

I would like to mention here that Gisele is hosting a GIVEAWAY
on her blog (see details on the Right Hand Side near the top here to check it out).

The front cover displays a collaged image of a bird
with came from Dawn at
Thank you for that lovely image Dawn!

now for some pages:

Even some gum leaves from our property

and grevillea leaves covered with vintage webbing

These are dried Ornamental Grapevine leaves
along with some
dried Hydrangea leaves
so delicate
with their veins showing through.

And finally here are the layers upon layers of lace, paper, fabric and silks.

Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday whether it is coming or going
in your part of the world.

Thankyou to all my new followers - your comments are so appreciated!

 With love,
Suzy xxx

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Mixed Media Journal and New Etsy Shop Banner

This is a completely different type of journal than the ones that have
been appearing on my blog of late
where I mainly use fabrics.
I made this paper journal a few months ago whilst
attending a workshop with
Isobel Hall.
Isobel came to Australia from the U.K.
to promote her new book
Mixed Media

New Studio Techniques 

Isobel focuses on many different mediums in mixed media but this workshop was centred around
the composition and cover of this journal
made from materials
crash (a cross between paper and fabric),
crayons, alcohol inks, encaustic wax
scrapbooking pages.

It consists of 12 signatures in shades of
rose, olive green, chocolate brown and caramel.

The spine was sewn through a frame and beaded at the same time.

I have only recently finished this journal collaging
the front cover featuring a cabinet card
printed onto handmade paper - a gift
from Marie at

as well as several layers of vintage lace and
a religious vintage crucifix.

It is now available for sale in my Etsy shop at
If you click on any of the images at the top
of my blog it will take you direct
to my shop
where you can read even more info about this.

I would also like to share with you a new Etsy Banner for my shop

This was made along with this avatar

by Cindy Adkins over at

I am very very happy with her results
if you would like to consider having one designed
for your Etsy shop or Blog
then Cindy will oblige you in the most helpful way.
Cindy is one of the most talented and
inspirational women I know.

Rates are: Blog Banner $25.00
Etsy Banner $20.00
Etsy Avatar $10.00

Cindy may be contacted on:
Hope your week is going smoothly and peacefully for you!!

Love Suzy xxx

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Taste of Lace

There are several ways to create a journal and for me it is all about
the most beautiful and exotic and vintage fabrics
that I can draw together
along with
lace fabrics and a selection
of different

new and vintage

and then it is about the art of

drawing it all together

and adding LOTS of embellishments
to create a totally harmonious

This fabric journal will very shortly be available
My Etsy Shop.
Along with all the different laces it will contain some beautiful printed linen,
brocades, vintage curtain fabric, scrim, silks, and furnishing fabrics,
sari ribbon and silk ribbon
(a gift from dear Pat Winter at
mostly all of which have been coffee dyed.

Some pages are totally crazy patchworked
there are many pages that have been left
blank for journalling
your own thoughts etc.

I would like to mention that there is a wonderful giving person over at
who would really appreciate a little support from
all bloggers at present as her dear
husband faces surgery.
Cindy has so very kindly organised a series of seminars to help all bloggers
with all aspects of blogging.
So go and visit her blog to learn all about them.
I can vouch personally of the wonderful benefit you will gain by reading these.

Hope your weekend is going well and that you are finding it fulfulling
in every way!

Wishing you love and happiness!

Suzy xxx

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A "True Blue" Journal

"True Blue"
I thought this would be such an appropriate title
for this new 24 page journal in "blues".

"True Blue" is a term often used in Australia
and it means
"loyal, faithful, as in ' You can count on her support; -
she's "true blue".

Every page is heavily collaged with
dyed doilies, laces,

vintage fabrics,
silks - printed, plain and embossed

It contains some of the softest Vintage
blue hankerchieves
like this one

as well as some very pretty vintage curtain fabric
I had stashed away for many years

as well as some crazy patchwork

and some upcycled embroidered cotton.

All blank pages have been coffee stained with plenty of spaces
for writing your own thoughts, verse, memories etc.
and it carries a feeling of
delicate close to the heart journal.

The beautiful blue and cream trim was in a gift I received
from Socrates at
She creates the most beautiful art as well as journals.

This journal is now available for sale in
my etsy shop at
if you would like to view it there.

Sending a bit of colour from our Early Summer garden for you to enjoy for the weekend
Some Double Purple Wisteria.   In the  background  are
some tall standing trees on our

Love to all including all my new followers,

Suzy xxx
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