Monday, September 30, 2013

Why I'm not present as much as usual!

Well dear blogging friends
I really need to apologize for not being present
here as much as I usually am
also for not visiting you and commenting
on your blogs.

The reason being that Jeff (DH) and I are involved in the caring
 on a daily basis for a very dear friend, Andrea,
 with a Grade IV malignant brain tumor
so the creativity has taken a back seat for now as I
put my energy into something far more important and rewarding
not only to me but also to dear Andrea.

This journey is not easy - it is difficult but
we are on it with the best attitude we can muster for the precious
time she has left with us with Andrea being our best
teacher and guide in showing us that there
is always more joy and hope if we
can learn to adapt to
any new 
God love her!

  We did have a most wonderful opportunity
to have a little adventure for a week away
into the country and then to the sea
driving through forests
like these

in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales (Aust.) 

under magnificently built bridges like this

viewing sites like this of an old rusted water tank
along an existing railway line which used to fill
the old steam trains carrying passengers and goods.

This would have been someone's precious home
with charm all of its own 

And this old and weathered mail box 

growing lichen and weeds 

under trees on a property 

like this!

 We stopped at a new (to us) little 2nd hand shop

selling all manner of metal findings, furniture, china, bottles, pictures,
chandeliers, vintage jewellery

and tools etc. and I'm not sure how lucky I was to walk out
with this beautiful old Printer's Tray

waiting patiently for me to fill and house in the very right place!
But Joy of Joys!!!!
when I discovered this magnificent old

Young Ladies Journal from the early 1800s

Some of the pages telling beautiful stories

with pages upon pages of beautiful lace drawings
and dresses so rare these days.

Finally from country to coast this was the view from
our cliff top cabin overlooking views

like this

and this

but the beauty in our back garden is breathtaking
in another way

 where climbing roses ramble and spread

 all over the verandah just outside where we sleep.

 and there on a limb is a disbanded bird's nest
which has just been renewed
for another Spring

with the help and easy pickings of some mohair from one
of our Angora goats just over there!

Wow you wonder how any bird can go in and out

And here one last little bird's feather has been put to
use in the creation of a card I made for a friend.

So dear friends make hay while the sun shines
and bless every moment of being alive!
God does bless us all!

Love Suzy xxx

Monday, September 16, 2013

Some Love Lace Gifts to Share

Can you remember the feeling of holding
a parcel in your hands
and the excitement and smile on your face
knowing that a dear blogging friend
has sent you a wonderful 

Well this is what I experienced just a few
days ago when these beautiful gifts

from Dear Yvonne
"Yitte" - Mixed Media and Fabric Art
all the way from The Netherlands.

Isn't this collage sooooo beautiful?
"Old Love"! All the details are exquisite
and she is so clever the way she
can manipulate all of
this beautiful
recycled fabric with laces

Also in the box was another delightful little
collage where she has experimented
with the use of chiffon
and organzas
along with sari ribbon

to frame the image of this elegant woman!

Also in the box I found

this beautiful linen bag/tote
embellished with many
layers of beautiful laces and doilies,
an old embroidered handkerchief
with a large white satin rose

as well as some beautiful pearls and pearl buttons!

all completely "handmade" and machine stitched
with her wonderful immagination.

Yvonne knows how very much I love her creations
and I feel so special
to be able to add these few pieces to
some others she has already gifted me with.
"Thank you so very much for your love and generosity Yvonne"!


Now this is a collage which I have recently completed

where I have used this magnificent image of Anna Pavlova

from the famous "Swan Lake" Ballet.

I loved the image from the first time I laid my eyes on it

and was looking for a good reason to use her. I've
incorporated lots of lace, doilies, the softest
chiffon and scrim to
complement her
magnificent ballet dress.

This little section is from an antique handkerchief
which I've had in my stash waiting for just
for the right collage to use it.

A small heart tart tin hangs from two

vintage buttons and embellished with some
old lace and a pearl ear ring.

I'm linking to Blissful Whites Wednesday and
Ivy and Elephants with these so
go and take a look at some beautiful posts there!


A fond welcome to all of my new followers
a big "Thank you" to everyone who left lovely
comments on my early Spring garden
images in the previous post!

Love and hugs to you all!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Birth of Spring brings New Inspiration!

It is barely the beginning of Spring here on the
far south coast of Australia
where I live

and already there is so much flowering
in our old world rambling garden

like these amazing Magnolias
and Hellebores
(belonging to the rose family)

these ones are white

and these ones are a deep plum
but we also have a pretty green/pink combination.

Before very long this King Protea will be in full bloom also.
The flower itself is the size of a small dinner plate!

Last Spring these baby birds "Willy Wagtails" 

hatched outside my studio up in a climbing rose
"Lorraine Lee"

soon to become fledglings
and this year I see
both the female and male

have returned to

check out a similar position along the climber
to prepare a nest once again!

And in the distance I can see the Crab Apple beginning
to reveal its fullness of blossoms and
I remember the sound of the bees surrounding it
last season was almost deafening.

Perhaps all this new growth has spurred me on to create

these cards from what nature

has left on the ground to be used!

How could one not feel blessed to have so much natural
beauty surrounding me here so I just thought you
might like to share it with me!

Linking this post to Patti and Paula at Ivy and Elephants
Becky at Blissful Whites Wednesday


Thank you always for your kindness in commenting
and I welcome all of my new followers
Have a really inspiring and creative week!

xox Suzy
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