Monday, November 25, 2013

A Peek into our Rambling Rose Garden

It's that time of year when everything seems
to "spring" into life here in our 
Old World Rambling Garden
where we live on the Sapphire Coast of S.E. Australia
whilst most of the rest of the world is beginning to
close in as Winter approaches 
why don't you join me as we take a little look around.

It is a very extensive garden so I'll start with some of what
you can see at the front as you arrive.

This "Pierre de Ronsard" climbing rose 

is such a highlight as you approach the verandah of the house.
It is growing on both sides of a timber gateway entrance.
Behind this climber you can see a very vigorous
flowering Ornamental Grapevine.
Past the Crab Apple trees is a shaded deck. 

A view through a fernery from the kitchen window.

down to the Ornamental Pear trees near the goat paddock.

 Nearby in a damp spot (for Australia!) grow a profusion
of perennials like fox gloves, roses, bulbs and
shade trees like Silver Birches and a Ball Bay Magnolia.

Over this pergola grows a couple of David Austin roses
called "William Morris" (pink) and Teasing Georgia (gold).

Moving further out is a newer section once again
planted out in more roses, Silver Birch trees,
lavenders, a White Weigelia, wormwood
bordered by a row of Feijoa trees

The little structure you can see is a very recent
addition constructed from recycled corrigated iron,
some very old paint peeling weather boards and vintage windows
to create a shabby little "Garden Room"
still in the process of completion.

Looking back towards the house you can see
these magnificent Chinese Elms which
we planted about 5 years ago.

A favourite rose growing here is "Honey Dejon".

 This is the view from our Garden Room facing towards the house.

A pleasant place to sit on a hot sunny day!

Moving now to around the back of the house
in a jungle of climbing roses "Lorraine Lee"

you can see on the left my special place where I create!
and just around the corner you can see the
sunlight catching the reflection of the garden
onto this depression glass display in
our tiny sunroom!

Some Chinese Lanterns growing happily here 

as one of our Angora goats "Baby" is plotting a way to get over
onto the other side of the fence inside the garden!!!
(No chance Baby!).

The creek below is a place of utter beauty to me
with its beautiful stones and mossy rocks,
ferns, native grasses and shrubs.

"Ballerina" (I think!!!) an old fashioned rose
spreading herself all over this pergola
also around the back.

 And from our bedroom window we look out onto this
amazing view of bush and climbing roses
including "Apricot Nectar"  and

David Austin's "Umbridge".

You might also be able to see "Bonica" peeking through
amongst the Valerians.

 This is "Sally Holmes" showing off once again this Spring and
she never fails with her stunning beauty!

I would have to say - a simple single favorite!

I know this has been a very long post but I really hope
you think it was worth the stay to enjoy
some of the beauty
we can share 
in our little corner of the world.

I will be linking this post to Mosaic Monday so click on
this link if you would like to view more beautiful gardens there.

Thanks for visiting and always a special "thanks"
to all who love gardening as much as I
this is where you will find me if I'm not ensconsed
in my other happy place  - my studio!

A very big welcome also to all my new followers!

PS  Down the track sometime I'll share the other part
of our natural bush property and creek.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

White Lace Bags with a Grey Tag

It is always such a joy when a customer appreciates
your creativity enough to place an order
for an item from you.

This is a bag which I created using a number of
vintage doilies, tray cloths, lace, threads and
a pretty pearl button

this is the result!

and then I realized that my client had mentioned
that she loved pearls also so I added a set of 
faux string pearls here.

Two of the large three roses were fashioned by myself
and I used various threads, angora fleece with some 
seam binding.

The handle was fashioned from a hand crocheted edging piece
I owned which I laced with cream sari silk ribbon.

The whole of the inside is lined with a cut lace doily
and closed with a metal fastener.

This image shows the back from a Battenberg lace doily.


Now this second bag which is unclaimed at this stage
should anyone be interested in purchasing it!

 is also created from a number of vintage doilies, laces,
roses, seam binding, an upcycled  embroidered
white cotton blouse

and a most delicate handkerchief 

 which I have embellished  with more lace
and stamped with this image which I am so fond of.

 The opening is lined here from the collar of the
blouse and adorned with more seam binding and
some matching faux pearls.

The back of the bag was created with a crazy patchwork
effect with the side seams made from dyed scrim.

Finally I thought I  would show you this little tag
which I created for Wendy of
with a little gift that went to her.
You have to be very affected by lace to appreciate the
layers of lace in this one - LOL!

 I used this very favorite image in greys which

 go so beautifully with the white, cream and black lace
don't you think?

I'm linking all of these to Becky's
Blissful Whites Wednesday at and
Grey Dey Thursdey at Petite Michelle Louise blog.
So do pop over and check out all the inspirational
 white and greys there.

Thank you for all of your lovely visits here.
I'm trying my best to reciprocate!

Wishing you Happy Days!

Suzy x

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