Monday, June 25, 2012

In Deep Water

Now you may ask
What am I going to be doing with these Sari  ribbons?

Well I decided to jump into the deep end and learn
a completely new skill

and take a course in Diane Cooks on-line Workshop

You can read all about it here
and also at
Artful Gathering Workshops where Diane will be
running this course.

Now you all know that I am a textile, fabric and fibre artist
primarily and so to take this on has put me in the
raw beginner category but, hey
what have I got to lose?
I casually mentioned this to a couple of friends
and the next thing I started receiving
bits and pieces that I could
incorporate into my
new venture
such as

little parcel all the way from Bornholm
from my dear friend, Dorthe,

including this most gorgeous card made by her
a dear little package containing medals, beads, crucifixes,
keys etc. etc.

and just have a look what else was included?
One of her handcrafted angels
with the most beautiful face!
Isn't she just so sweet?

and all the way from the U.K.
came this box, wrapped so beautifully in a hand knitted doiley
(not shown - oops - sorry!)

from another dear friend, Liz of Lululizinlalaland

and these amazing little boot buttons
as well as
more sari ribbon in a beautiful soft mossy shade of green

and last, but not least, some very fine narrow vintage laces


which can be added to the sari Heart Strings

Such a delicious combination of colours called
with a touch of pink added.

Thank you both dear friends for your kindness and encouragement!
It is rather nice to know that you have those
friends that believe in
what you do!!!

Now I have to say so far I am keeping my head above water
and hopefully very soon I will be able to show you
my very first attempt at jewellery making
including some 
of the materials which I am just so at home with.

It feels very strange holding jewellery tools instead of
sewing threads, fabrics and sitting at my
trusty sewing machine!

Hope some of you too are stretching your wings 
and venturing into new fields of creativity -
I know this will be fun!!!

Thank you everyone for coming to visit me - 
I so love hearing your comments -
Each one is so appreciated!
and I will endeavour to reciprocate as best I can.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blog Makeover

Now just in case you haven't noticed
I have a complete new look to my blog
this has only been made possible
with some wonderful collaborative work
with Karen Valentine

At the moment Karen is offering to
upgrade your blog at any level you desire 
even a complete makeover
if you wish.

I really recommend that if you are feeling intimidated,
inadequate or just plain lacking the time
to undertake this
visit Karen as at the moment she has a wonderful special
being offered in Blog Design to assist you!
Just click on the image above.

I found this journey quite amazing as it really made 
me stop and think "how do I want bloggers to see me
and my creativity"!
- not such an easy question I tell you!
I really wanted something that would reflect
a professional approach
to my own style
(and let's face it each of us has their own unique style!).

We really put quite a bit into this project
(mainly Karen)
and I am very happy with the result!
Tell me what you think?

Also I'd like to mention that Karen is holding a party

"Where Bloggers Create"
on 14th July, 2012
which has become an annual event
this year I will be entering my creative space for viewing
(More of that later)
so if you would like to open your studio or creative space
please go and visit her blog above and put your
name down there.

Thank you so much Karen for giving me the face lift my blog

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Keepsakes from Cut Lace Napkins

There are several women out there at present
whom could certainly do with some
little cheer, kindness and beauty
in their lives that
 they could
and so I decided to dive into my baskets
of lace, doilies and cloths
(where else I ask you???)

and pull out several of these simple but ever 
so beautiful linen cut lace napkins
to create some
of these little keepsakes!


and another one, like this

with a corsage from a satin suffolk puff
(they are so easy to make from a
circle of gathered fabric!)

and this one

with some pretty beaded lace
with pearls
Image here was from Cemerony-Share

and one which bears an image of
the Madonna and child.
Now doesn't the image accompanied by the cut lace flower
look so beautiful and simple.

You see it only takes a simple thing to start with 
to create something 
which will be come a precious little
keepsake that means something
special and meaningful
to someone.

I have also added to the back of each napkin
even more plain lace and cut lace fabric.


and before you know it
you have a selection of
these little treasures

to lift the hearts of just a few
in need!

xxx Suzy

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shabby Book Wrap for a Handmade Paper Address Book

To start this post I would just love to say "thank you so much"
to all of the wonderful people that keep coming back
to see the next thing I will be creating
for leaving such amazing comments
also to all of my new Followers - you keep me inspired!

I used this beautifully hand crafted, handmade paper
Address Book
to create
Recycled Fabric Book Wrap.

Every piece (except for the felt base) has been
recycled, and in come cases,
coffee dyed

and the materials consist of some vintage upholstery
fabric (washed and washed by moi several times)
embroidered doily tablecloth,
vintage curtaining,
cut lace tray cloth,

a vintage scarf, broderie englaise lace,
sheer embroidered lace,
part of a cotton blouse,
mop buttons
layer by layer and oh! quilted also

and a vintage key with string.

(Inside back cover).
Now this will be going into my Etsy shop,
most likely tomorrow 6th June
so if anyone is interested
in purchasing
this book
to inclusion into my shop
(click on above name - below blog header)
 just email me at

Be kind to one another
as life is short

xx Suzy

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