Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some Collaged Cards added to my Etsy Shop

Just a quick post today 
to let you know that I have completed a few
fabric and paper collaged cards for my
(clicking this link will take you to the shop).

Many layers of luscious fabrics, lace, stitching and
trims complement the beautiful
vintage images. 

Just a little reminder that I am offering a 10% discount
to all my blog readers for the next couple of weeks
so don't forget to add the coupon code "suziqu10" 
at the check out.

I have just begun to create some fabric packs from my
large stash of vintage and exotic fabrics which
I hope to have in my Etsy shop very soon.
Let me know if any of you may be
interested in collecting any 
of these too.

Thank you all for your continued interest in my work.
Wishing nothing but the best for you all!

Suzy xox


Monday, September 29, 2014

Busy as a bee in my Etsy Shop

I honestly can't tell you how good it feels
to be back creating and making a mess
in my studio once again
after a long absence whilst healing my arm and shoulder.

So it's full steam ahead and I have decided to stock my shelves
items such as these corsages which can be used to
embellish clothing or adorn cushions, bags
or journals

 this Victorian collage with its many layers of
velvets, scrim, lace and embellishments and

 this sweet little needle keep.

 This little one was sold this morning.

I am currently working on some new cards which will
appear in my Etsy shop hopefully tomorrow.
Just to give you a peep but not meaning
to tease is this one!


Now as a welcome back to my Etsy, and as an incentive to
keep my shelves more stocked, I am offering
all blog readers who read this
a 10% discount.
When you reach the check out just add the coupon code
So come over and see if any of these items appeals to you.
Just to mention also the Lace Clutch in my previous post
has now been sold..
Thank you everyone for your comments on my last post -
I'm still trying to visit you all in between sewing, pasting, etc.

Warm hugs to all,
Suzy xox

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Creating with Lace and Doilies

Creating with vintage lace and doilies
can be quite magical at times!
I have decided to add another vintage lace clutch
to my Etsy as my lace tote was starting to feel completely

I also came across a small padded box which was in need
of a little face lift!

 This beautiful soldered charm was a gift from Marie
some time ago so I decided I would give it pride of place
 on top of this little box! 

 This is the new clutch which has all the overtones

of a bridal purse with many frothy layers of laces, doilies,

 satin roses and flowers with embellished
matching appliques of tiny pearls. It would
make the perfect accompaniment for a bride
it could be purchased as a special
keepsake either for yourself
or for a dear friend.

Both the tote and clutch are one of a kind and
more information can be found

Thank you always for your kind visits
and comments
and to all
of my new followers here  - welcome to you all! 

 As we are just coming into Spring here Downunder
thought you might like to see our blossoming
Crab Apple Trees in all their glory
and the bees hovering around them are almost


 Suzy xox

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Fabric and Lace Book to share "Catching Innocence"

There are a couple of Fabric and Lacebooks
which I created a few months back
which I would love to
share with you.
I know you may have seen some glimpses
of pages in previous posts but here is one
in more detail.

"Catching Innocence"

Most of the images I used as the central focus
are of some Daguerreotype cabinet cards
because I am so smitten with the
innocence of these beautiful
young girls and the
way they were presented for photographing.

I can only imagine how gorgeous their little
dresses were and the quality and 
textures used for these.

I tried to use fabrics, laces, braids and buttons

 which might reflect that quality!

It must have been quite an ordeal having your
photo taken back then when the perfect
pose had to be held !!!!!

No wonder this little girl would rather be
eating cake!!!!

I really wonder how often they got the chance
to dress up looking so elegantly!

I incorporated quite a lot of velvets and silks
into these pages to complement the
stunning images!

The back of the book here - most of the laces
used in this book were antique and vintage
which seem to complement
 the smoothness and softness
of the velvets!

This particular book has been sold but I am happy
to say there could be more in the future!

Thank you so much for visiting
and I hope you are enjoying beautiful weather
wherever you are to take in some
of the beauty around us!

Welcome to all my new followers also!

Have a great week!
Suzy xox
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