Saturday, April 30, 2011

Opening the Pages to Journal "Little Steps"

I do know that many of you are keen to view some of the pages of
"Little Steps" Journal which I promised to post
but my Giveaway draw was looming
so that took some precedence

so now I can give you a look at some of the pages.

These are the first two pages inc. the inside cover.  The pages are heavily collaged and
show a variety of materials used
including a number of vintage fabrics from Rajasthan,
laces, buttons, doilies, silk rovings and
embroidered lace fabric with sequins.

This page shows some handmade paper which I made using crayons, inks and
encaustic wax.

Prose written on handmade paper.

I have created each page as a work standing on its own!
The centre piece for this page is the closure of a recycled skirt.

These pages are full of the feeling of a beautiful Spring garden full of sunshine
and colour!

Last page opposite inside cover - with antique dyed lace over blues
and browns!

Hope you enjoy viewing as much as I love creating !

Love and thanks to all my followers for
your continued support!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are You Ready for the Giveaway Results???

The time has arrived for the drawing of my
Giveaway for my 200 plus followers
(now grown to 291!!!)
the Winners are:

Secondly, Sue at
and finally is Barbara at

These names were chosen using the random generator method as I was overwhelmed
with the tremendous response
because I really wished for everyone to win something, I tried to remain really
impartial to help me through this process.

The lace and doily clutch purse
 with the added extras of lace, silk and buttons

will go to Gail - check out her wonderful blog and all the most wonderful creative workshops she is offering.

The fabric and embroidered card will be sent to Sue
who has a most interesting blog full of wonderful vintage items

which she sells through her shop

and lastly
Barbara will receive these vintage cards which I hope she will be able to incorporate into

her beautiful embroidered cloth works.

I know so many of you would have loved to win and were sitting with all fingers and toes crossed but never fear I know there will be more opportunities, I promise.  I may have to think of another way to make this more possible.

I can't thank you all enough for the most wonderful support and kindness shown in the way you have commented and followed my blog.
It is just so wonderful to be able to share part of my creative life with you
so that we can continue to be an inspiration to each other.
This is one way we can continue to grow and develop
our inner beings which is ultimately
the most important aim,

Wishing you all love and much continuing creativity
in your lives!
Suzy xxx

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last Chance to enter Giveaway

Now that Autumn is truely upon us here in Australia
"Helen Traubel" this most graceful and perfumed rose
displays for us one more time
before she disappears
until next Spring
I am sending out a message for you all to make sure
that you have entered in my
 as it is the closing date tomorrow
Wed. 27th April
as a little surprise I have added a few more little things
which will be found in the clutch purse.

And I would just like to say a final and most grateful "thanks"
to every single person who has entered and decided to
follow and leave
such wonderful comments.
It is truely appreciated!!!

I wish you all luck!
Love from Suzy xxx

Monday, April 18, 2011

"Little Steps" Textural Journal

Well I think I can now honestly say that this
"Little Steps" journal is complete.
For me, it is always difficult to know when to stop embellishing
as I just love to create more and more layers!
I have decided for this post I would just show you the front and
back covers including the spine as there are such a lot of details

so I have provided you with quite a few shots.
So above you can get an idea of the front with the embellishments
that have been added - bearing in mind that almost the whole
of this little journal has been made from recycled fabrics

apart from the laces in some instances.
So this is showing you the back cover with upholstery fabric,
braid,  an old tattered doily and silk for tying.

The spine with silk tye and doily

From the top looking down and in

These last two images give you an idea of the layers of laces
and fabrics used.

So there we have it from "the outside"
next time we meet
you will be able to view
"the inside".
There are many layers on each page with quite a bit of detail
so I promise to give you an
up close and personal
view next post.

Oh, and don't forget, if you haven't already,
to enter yourself in my
with closes in about 9 days
on Wed. 27th April
(just after Easter).

Wishing each and everyone of you a really creative week.
just want to say "thanks heaps" for showing so much interest
in my little world of creating
it is truely appreciative!
Love to all of you!
Suzy xxx

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Small Textural Journal

You may remember a couple of posts back
that I had on my table a number of
materials inc. braids, silks, laces
and some vintage Rajasthan fabrics
well I decided to make
just a small journal
and here
some glimpses of how

it is coming along!

Each opened page
will have a theme of colour tonings

and a few written words.

Those beautiful vintage fabrics are so colourfully
and truely reflect the culture of India.

Just a reminder also not to forget to enter my
for a chance to win
one of three prizes -
it finishes on
Wed. 27th April.

Wishing everyone, especially all of the many new followers
who have joined me over the last week,
a wonderful weekend break.
lots of love and hugs, Suzy xxx

Friday, April 8, 2011

Giveaway for My 200 plus Followers

This is a little package I have created and put together as a simple
way of saying "Thank you so much" to all of my new and old

It has been just over 12 months now since I started blogging
and I now have a following of more than 200 people
who have seen me worthy of some comment

from time to time for which I am truely grateful.

 I really have to say that I have met some of the most fantastic
artists and have made some wonderful friendships here in blogland
who have endeared their hearts to me.
These precious international connections have created
a network which could have only happened
through blogging.

So if you would like to leave a comment here
before Wed., 27th April
when the prize will be drawn
I shall put your name in the hat to win one of 3 prizes.

The first being this little purse which I have created from vintage doilies,
dyed lace, pearl thread and pearl buttons.
This will go to the first person whose name
I draw.

The second name I draw will receive this little collaged card
stitched with cut lace work, lace, ribbon and
a cross stitched rose.
And, finally, the third person whose name comes up next will receive these very old Vintage Cards:

These cards were actually salvaged from a building site after a fire
by my husband some 15 years ago.

So there will be 3 winners and I wish you all the best of luck.
Please don't forget to leave me your email address
for me to contact you
should you win!

With love, thanks and much appreciation
 to each and everyone of you.
Suzy xxx

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Wedding Card

You might remember (2 posts back) that I showed you
a Wedding Card for a dear friend's daughter
that I made as a gift
well, this was just too much of a co-incidence,
and completely unrelated
I was asked by another friend if I could make a Wedding Card for a young woman
friend of her's.
This all happened in the same week too - how unusual is that?

 I used some very old vintage cotton lace - two layers
with some spotted netting, broiderie englais lace

 guipure lace, organza lace, some embellished gold organza
as well as some lace motifs and pearls!
plus a Waterhouse print from one of my books
and voila!

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