Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Lace and Embellishment Kits

It's been a busy time in my studio lately
and I am surrounded by
 bits and pieces of dyed laces, bibs and bobs inc.
silk trims, flowers and ribbons
as I have been putting some more kits together.
Now these may come in very handy for any of you girls
who are enrolled in my Peaceful and Pondering
I have 3 different packs put together 
with different images included that
you may wish to choose from.

 The contents of each kit are the same except the
printed images are different. This first one
is of a young vintage girl,


The second one is more of an art image
and the third one is probably a 
woman from the Daguerotype era (mid 1800's)
and she is very strikingly dressed. 



 The color tones are very "vintagey"
in browns, aubergine and creams and coffee shades.


 The above images show what the kits contain but you can
see more images if you go to my Etsy shop.
I have also been working on art fabric and fibre cards 
using some image transfers with
gel medium and created two cards. The first of which
has already sold but


 the second below is still available in my shop also!


Enjoy and have a wonderful week dear friends!

xox Suzy

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Around and About the Garden - No 4 Simply Neutrals Tuesday

Today is No. 4 of Simply Neutrals Tuesday
and apart from showing a couple
of pieces of my artwork
I thought I would share what I can see around me
as I stroll around the garden. 

My DH created this amazing garden room in our large garden

so we could accommodate overnight guests and as a
peaceful place to ponder life and the garden
and the amazing view that it provides.


 We call it the "garden room" and it has been almost
entirely constructed from timber and iron
 that is more than 100 years old.

I graced this window with an old cotton tablecloth

 with a very pretty central  
flower pattern.
We have about 7 acres of natural bushland around our
house and garden 
and, as well as our most treasured domesticated goats

 living in harmony we occasionally spot the odd Wallaby outside
the fenced garden area too!

as well as the many native lizards that skitter 
in and out of the garden plants running along rocks and sleepers.


The bird life here is extraordinary such as these beautiful
Shrike Thrushes which are currently nesting outside
our kitchen window!

How could anyone not feel at peace spending time
pondering in a landscape such as this.
We are blessed! 
and we are also blessed to have Wen over at


hosting this event again this week where you can share
all of your "neutral" loves in anyway, shape or form that you desire.

Oh and just a couple of small art pieces in neutral shades
wouldn't go astray either:

(from my studio!)

You will really love what you see there! Wen this week
is sharing some amazing architecture for us!

Thanks for popping in to see this and for leaving 
your kind comments which are always
so appreciated!
xox Suzy

Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Where is He?"

"Where is He?"
is the title of my latest journal.


 Several of the laces and fabrics which I recently dyed
with our Loganberries have been incorporated
into this book -

 some found jewellery attaches to the closure,

and a felted pocket graces the inside cover.
Could He be "In a dragon fly?"


 "Within a teddy's love?"



 "At the Wedding?"


"Within the egg?"

 anywhere and everywhere!!!

 This journal is now living with a client in New Zealand!!

It is not often that we get the chance to see one of these
Cherry Blossoms in our gardens and seeing that it
only flowers for a short few weeks
I thought you might like to see this one growing in our garden
right now!


The sound of bees humming around me as I take these pics
is so deafening that it must surely testify to
a healthy environment - so blessed are we!
We try not to take these blessings for granted!!! 


 You too can celebrate Spring here with us 
through these pictures as many of you
are now witnessing the falling of
leaves in true Autumnal
shades and colours!

xox Suzy

Monday, September 21, 2015

Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 3

It is amazing just how quickly our next
Simply Neutrals Tuesday
has come around again with Wen as our host at


Everyone knows I have a passion for vintage and antique
laces so I am going to show you just a couple of
pieces that I purchased at a 
flea market some time ago 
I promise not to show my lace treasures every week
but I couldn't resist this beautiful piece -
it is completely hand made!

and these beautiful buttons, brooches and rhinestone pieces
which I purchased at the same time! 


The handmade card was created for a dear friend
for which I made a handmade paper
and embroidered envelope.




A vintage lace pocket from one of my journals.

 Lastly a bunting I created using French saints

An image of my Grandparents on their wedding day
 can be seen in the background!

You too can join the party if you have any images 
in neutrals, whites, creams, browns, silver
and grey that you would love to share here!

Enjoy! and thanks for coming to visit!
It is always lovely to hear from you!

xox Suzy 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Simply Neutrals Tuesday Party No. 2

Let me say before anything else that
I would like to give "a huge Thank you"
for the most wonderful support
I have received in people
enrolling in my on-line class at Creative Workshops with Gail!
You are the best!!! 

The class is now open and anyone can join in immediately - no waiting period now at:
I will walk you through all the stages of creating your own
fabric lace book / journal.

Today I am joining in on Wen's party over at
for sharing our favourites 
Simply Neutrals Tuesday.

This fabric collage I created as part of a swap with
another wonderful blogging friend, Lisa McIlvain, of
some time ago!
Lisa is a very talented mixed media artist that many of you may know.



So come and join me over at Wen's with some of your favourite 
neutrals or creams or whites or greys or browns
or whatever takes your fancy.

Many thanks and love,
Suzy xox 
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