Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More great talent to share!

I'm sure you all know how much talent there is
out there in blogland amongst so many
many bloggers and today
I'm going to share
with you again!

I know first hand how really beautiful these are because
I have been holding them and feeling all
the lovely energy that has gone into creating
these gifts.

This first package arrived from my dearest Dorthe
of denlillelade - See how sweetly everything
is wrapped?

Many of you know Dorthe for her exquisite dollmaking

amongst many other talents in the world of mixed media.

This is such an amazing frozen Charlotte doll from

Dorthe's own collection which she has adorned
so beautifully in gorgeous vintage laces 
and doilies over a netted skirt -
isn't she just precious?
her dress is embellished with bling, buttons,
jewellery and is wearing a sweet little love note.
Her wings are fashioned from old papers
and fabric.

and now she sits on the old treadle sewing machine on a stack 
of depression glass bowels in my home for me to
How lucky can one girl be?

This beautiful bird tag also created by Dorthe 

was attached to the parcel
along with this

vintage heart.

This elegant woman adorned in pearls

is surrounded in layers of frothy ruffles and pretty
laces, frills and flowers.

I did say these women were talented so now you know what I mean!

Our special friendship now spans more than 3 years
and I count my blessings with friends like these.

Now Sharon of 
Livewire Jewelery fame

is another very special friend who creates

the most amazing handmade artisan jewelery
such as this piece above as well as earings
and rings etc.
I love the etching on the copper piece 
the punched out word of "Love"
Sharon also is an extremely heartfelt mixed media artist
creating paper and fabric collages and tags
such as the one above.
Her creations are available in her Etsy shop
and the link is on her blog above.

She also knows how I adore vintage laces

spoiled me with these stunning pieces above
and I am so proud to be wearing your necklace!

I am so very grateful to you Sharon - 
your kindness is extraordinary!

I'm joining in at Timewashed for the
Blissful Whites Wednesday with Becky this week
as well as What's it Wednesday - Ivy and Elephants.
So come on over and see more talent there too!

“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?” 
― A.A. MilneWinnie-the-Pooh

Thanks to all who come to pay a visit
especially when you take the time to
leave a word or two!
Just thank you!!!♥

Love and hugs,

P.S. Sorry that I had to restore the
"Word Verification" again.  I had spam overload!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Simple Whites

Just a few simple "whites" 
and clear Depression glass to share
with you as I look towards
the corner of my
living room!

It's no secret that I have been a gatherer

of all sorts of "collectables" 
 over the years

so thought I'd share this little vignette

 sitting on top of my old singer sewing machine
covered with a vintage crocheted linen cloth. 
The one in the centre above I remember
my mother using to serve
her home made
mayonnaise in for our salad dressing.

These little clear glass Depression jugs
have some of the most intricate

and sitting amongst them is this beautiful sculptured statue

playing her harp - created some 20 years ago by
an old Sculptor friend.

I'm rather fond of these desert bowls all stacked up
ready to use 

and this vintage vinegar jug has such an appealing shape.

Sitting above this vignette is
another special piece of art which I treasure
from Yvonne (Yitte). Some of the most
beautiful mixed media and fabric
creations I have ever seen
have been created by her.
The charlotte doll's head is the focal point of this
hand fashioned collage.

This botanical card below is one I recently created

as part of a set which have now been sold locally.

I used some old dictionary paper as the base,
French gift wrapping paper, a Paper Whimsy botanical image
and embellished with black organza, butterfly
and machine embroidered black natural
Angora mohair.

Linking this week to Blissful Whites Wednesday with 
Becky at and also
Grey Dey Thursdey with Petite Michelle Louise.

Cheers for now!
Suzy xox

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vintage Jewellery Gifts

You may remember me mentioning
that I recently had a
birthday and I would share some gifts
from some incredibly
bloggy friends!!!

Firstly came this most beautiful parcel full of these 
treasures from Marie (Lost Bird Studio)

an altered little box with the prettiest Paper Whimsy image

containing this amazing 3 dimensional soldered pendent 

with metal buttons, and a tiny pair of scissors -
a most essential item for anyone like myself
creating with fabric, laces and fibres.

 Now isn't this so beautiful? Yes "Truth" and truly
such a beautiful collage within an altered vintage
photo frame!
The talent of Marie is extraordinary!
She knows also how much I love these cabinet cards too

as well as serviettes for altering in my journal work.
Thank you so so much Marie - I feel blessed to
have you in my life!

This delightful little keepsake bag from vintage crushed velvet
and lace

contained one of the most beautiful soldered pendants

I have ever set my eyes upon.  This was designed and created
 by the talented hands of Terri (Artful Affirmations).
Terri I think was wanting to create one of these
pendants for me and asked me to send
just a few favorite images that I loved
this is the one she chose!

She has the most amazing touch and you can see all the
feeling she has poured into this exquisite piece.
How could one not feel inspired by this
beautiful piece of art?

 Each beautiful vintage pearl and glass bead has been 
individually wrapped


 dangling from the soldered image on chains
are some very special messages in the
form of beads, words, stones, medal and buttons.

I can only imagine the hours Terri has spent
 bringing this tailor made piece of art

and I can't tell you just how very fortunate I am
to be the receiver of this piece.

Now I have to tell you that Terri has an on-line class
in teaching this method of creating an intuitive
piece of soldered art and you can find all 
the details if you click on her link

The beautiful copper closure is so unique
and, of course,
once again it carries another signature
of mine - the sewing machine
which everyone knows
is almost part of
my anatomy!!!

And too, in the parcel was an assortment of
fabrics (not seen by my eyes before)

containing a few music, script and bird patterns.
Now if  that is not spoiling you - I don't know
what is!!!

From my heart, dear friend, I feel full of
gratitude for your kindness.
I often wear this pendant now when out and about
and am so often asked wherever did I buy
such a gorgeous piece of jewellery???

Not a day goes by when I don't feel blessed to have met
and connected with some beautiful friends
in blogland!
I also very much appreciate the inspiring comments
you all leave when visiting me here.
Thank you so very much
have a sun-filled day wherever you are!

Love and hugs,

Monday, March 10, 2014

Changing of the Seasons

Well Autumn is now showing herself very discreetly
in our garden for another season!

It has been another incredibly dry Summer here again

so when this beautiful soft 25mls of rain landed I just had
to rush out and capture these magnificent rain drops
sitting on the Manchurian Pear Trees.
It takes very little before things
start greening up again!

It's such a different scenario this year than at the same time last year

when we were fighting off a huge bushfire dangerously 
close to our boundary fence so to see the soft
rain dappling our rocks and native grasses
is a pleasant relief!

Some ladders and garden tools are propped in readiness

for taming our very rambling garden.
You just see the very beginnings of the changing colors
from green to red on the grapevine.
I love this grapvine in every season - you can never tire
of it's beauty for shade, protection and shelter
for birds nesting too!

There is a different view around every corner
like this gnarled looking Ornamental Grapevine, a rusty garden gate,
 a few cast iron pots and rusty buckets
used for different jobs around the garden.

The sight of the girlie goats returning to their home paddock
walking in line besides the bubbling creek

with their drenched Angora fleeces

wishing they could get through that fence and into
the Belladonna Lillies

and even, better still, would be the last remaining 
Just Joey apricot roses in their last flowering before Winter sets in
or perhaps those pretty Hydrangeas which have almost
turned red.

This last bit of rain we hope will keep some life
in our garden until Winter returns once again!

Hope you all get a chance to spend just a wee bit of time
outdoors somewhere appreciating
the subtle changes of coolness, warmth, melting snows,
sunshine or rain wherever and whenever you can.

Thank you to all of my new followers - 
I hope there is enough to inspire your days here
in whatever you are doing!!!

Big hugs, Suzy xox
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