Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 8

Simply Neutrals Tuesday is already up to
its 8th week and today I'm sharing
a couple of cards which I
have just finished creating and are listed in my Etsy shop.

There is always something so special when creating with angels
and this Vintage angel is one I've had in my collection
now for sometime.



The winged angel is partially hidden beneath
a layer of silk organza
bearing a stencil of a cherub angel
which has been plastered onto the silk. 


 This second one is of a vintage child on her knees on her bed praying!


 The look in her eyes stole my heart!

 Thank you dear Wen for being our host for this party once again.
Take care, rest and recover soon so you can pickup
your artwork again where you last left off!

Wen is sharing some beautiful lace and linen journal pages
as well as some other beautiful Christmas cards 
and creations there!
Go here if you would like to see them all.


Suzy xox

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Creating for Christmas already???????

 It seems no time at all since I was creating for Christmas
last season and here we are again!
Something to do with the older we get the faster time flies!!!
but at least I have been having fun
to show what I have been up to in my studio 
here are
some new cards to celebrate the occasion once again.

 There is a mix of vintage angel images and cherub angels
like this one where I have used a beautiful stencil
with plaster onto silk organza.

These pieces have been sewn on to oval cards.


 With this first one I created a type of crazy patchwork
of vintage and antique laces and embroidered linen in the background and then embellished with
some lace applique
this one has a background of felted bamboo cotton with layers
of felted chiffon and then embellished with lace fabrics.


 The next one shows a very sweet winged angel from
(thank you Karen!)


 on layers of vintage fabrics and felted chiffon.


 and this last one of a praying child
on her knees on her bed
which I simply could not resist sharing!


These are now in my Etsy Shop!
Click on the link and it will take you to the shop
with more images and info.

Many thanks for your kind visits as always and for
always continuing to leave such sweet comments.

Love and hugs,
Suzy xox

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Simply (Nearly) Neutrals Tuesday No.7 In the Garden

Well most of my readers know that I live
in Australia where we are now into
the season of Spring
 I wanted to share some white flowers from my garden

 Even though everything is looking so very green at the moment
I see lots of white and neutrals in and around the garden -
in fact, to the right in the picture in one part of the
garden is a large white Weigelia.

It is finally now time to store away our baskets and tubs
for gathering and storing kindling for fire lighting!


These have been just outside our kitchen for past few months.

 This is the beautiful Weigelia flower up close!


The next one shows a sea of Lychnis
(it is more commonly seen with a bright magenta coloured flower)
with its bluish green leaves which just loves to spread 


Of course, no country garden would be complete without
some of these tall standing foxgloves which
continue to self seed from one year
to the next.
They are so delicate in their bell shapes hanging 
so gracefully.  We have these in many
different colours which I hope
to share in a future post.


 I am sure many of you are familiar with the Abutalon
(more commonly known as Chinese Lantern)
We have these in different shades including white, red,
lemon and orange.

There are also some other friends that we have
in, as well as, just outside our garden fence  -

Thank you for sharing this little time with me and if you
would like to see more neutrals of a different type
then hop over to Wen's blog - link above. 

 Thank you so much Wen for hosting another party for us!

 Enjoy and thanks for dropping by!

Love and hugs,

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wool Sheds on the Monaro - Inland South East Australia

This week I'm joining in again at
Wen's Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 6
with a number of wool shearing
sheds which I photographed last January
on a trip to Canberra (Australia's capital city).


This part of Australia is inland from the south-east coast
where I live (about 200k) which is in steep contrast to this
very dry, rocky landscape.

It consists of miles and miles of sheep grazing land
which has gentle slopes and gullies. 
It is a harsh land where the winds are lazy,
burning hot in Summer and freezing cold
in Winter and the rain you can never count on.
This land was, and is, populated by people with courage and


Many of these sheds are still being used while many


have now been abandoned like this one below!

Even these shearer's quarters were amazing to see.
They were virtually used purely for eating and sleeping. 

 Most of these photos were taken as we drove along the


and then there were some odd amazing buildings still
being used as sheds and homes like these
beautiful hand built stone ones! 


I'm sure this building below was abandoned many moons ago

being protected by a high barb wired fence to preserve
what is left of this two story home
and then on the same property was this old slab hut 


which may have housed a hard working family
 most likely many years ago 
but there is something so special in these buildings
which we treasure, not just as being part of
our pastoral past and our Australian heritage but also
because of the fact that the materials that our decendants
used were meant to last!!! 


Thanks Wen for being our wonderful and much appreciated
host once again this week!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 5 - New Journal with vintage image transfers

Whilst working with my new journal incorporating
some new stencils, some plaster, 
vintage transfer images, vintage laces, sari ribbon,
silk organza and some mica pigment powders
I thought some of the resulting pages could be included
in Wen's
So in keeping with the theme of neutrals I am sharing just some
of the pages here:

 The pages hold some beautiful images of a famous British photographer of the late 1800's, Julia Margaret Cameron.

You will notice also some recycled white
lace clothing on some pages here
such as this ribbon lace 

and part of a cotton lace, pin tucked and gathered lace blouse here.

 Understated roses on silk organza

and the same fabric incorporated into some silk chiffon
underlying some dyed scrim.  This page has been
felted onto bamboo cotton.

I love the pure simplicity of this rose over white cotton lace

with a touch of dusty pink unspun mohair!

Please go and visit Wen's blog (link above)
for some exquisite artwork and


This Journal will be for sale so if there is any interest
just email me at suziqu@tpg.com.au.

Enjoy dear friends,

Love, Suzy
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