Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Couple of Journal Pages and Cards

A few more pics of my exploits
into my next journal of
heritage organic vegies and plants.

I was inspired with this idea whilst I was wondering around our own vegi and

flower garden when I remembered that I had in my possession a not so Vintage
but very beautiful Italian calender which inspired me to create
around some of these most gorgeous heritage plant drawings.

The binding for this journal will be made from some vintage hessian
saved from two chairs which were actually beyond
I was very fortunate to be able to recycle it in my
latest journal.

You might remember from my last post that I have also used
paper shopping bags as the basis
for the pages.

Thought I would also share with you two more cards
I have made recently.
These have been created in shades of olive and deep turquoise greens.

I have used printed silk on serviette with laces and machine embroidered

The second one also from the pre-raphaelite area has been embellished with silk, crushed velvet, lace fabric and silk-dyed lace.

Hope you are all having a fulfulling week in your latest endeavours.
Thank you everyone for your love and continued support and a special
I shall endeavour to visit you all soon!
Suzy xxx

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Garden is My Inspiration

Recently I was given a box of brand new paper shopping bags
from a friend who closed a boutique in our town
so I decided I would use some of them
as the basis of a
 new journal

and as I was wondering around our Winter garden I gained my inspiration

from this vegetable artichoke plant sitting right in front

of the Chinese Lantern.
So I photographed this plant which is just in its early stages of growth
being winter
looking at me at the same time through the fence of their huge paddock

our feathered friends eyeballing me as they do
in the hope of getting something to eat.

So once more inside

I started to tear and cut the paper bags apart
thought the lovely grey cord could also be recycled
in binding the pages together

and before long I was started with
a new journal.

I had collected a very beautiful Italian Calender from 2001
which I trotted out and found
the most beautiful drawings of an artichoke

which I have used in my collages.
Hopefully there may be more pages to see as I go!

Hope you are all having a most creative and relaxed, worry-free week.
Love, Suzy

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Petite Rose Journal

I do believe by now you know just how much of a passion I have for
so it was just a matter of time before I made a journal with
roses being the theme.

I have been a collector of a wide range of fabrics now for many years and so I just happened to have in my stash
a variety of the most gorgeous pink and red
 Silk Rose Fabrics
which I have used to make

this journal.

There are a total of 16 pages of water colour paper
and each page has been collaged, stitched and
edged with a variety of laces, napkins, fabrics and scrim.

Several of the pages are blank with headings
to inspire your thoughts.

These headings have been printed onto handmade paper. 

This journal will be available for purchase
from my Etsy shop.
(The two journals on my previous post
have just been SOLD!!!).
So you may see more info. there.
My Etsy shop can be accessed from
the sidebar on the right.

And, even though we are experienceing Winter in Australia where I live,
these few roses are among the ones still flowering
through this very cold weather
and so rich in colour
for your enjoyment.

Trusting that the week is going well for you
 with much inspiration for creating.
Love Suzy xxx

Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Winter where we live in Australia

The branches are bare
The skies are grey
The bird's nest is empty
 but remains strongly woven and gathered
The kindling is piled high
  in the old baby's bath

The wood is stacked
The Silver Birches have shed their leaves
 to expose the goats' shelter shed
The goats have relocated to a new paddock
The weeping cherry still stands proud

The last of Pierre de Ronsard blooms are hanging on

And everywhere you see it is wet wet wet from glorious rain!

"To everything (turn turn turn)
There is a season (turn turn turn)
And a time to every purpose under heaven" quote the Byrds.

How fortunate are we to experience all four seasons of the year!
Wishing you all a most wonderful weekend
whether you are sweltering
or rugging up
somewhere in between
enjoy your time!
Love Suzy

Monday, June 6, 2011

For the Shabby Chic Romantics

On the weekend I have been busy
making more items for
my Etsy shop.


this little fabric journal featuring a favourite
pre-raphaelite print adorned with

printed silk, dyed doilies and laces.
The edges of the felted pages have been embellished
with more vintage laces and silk.

And secondly,
is another needlekeep
(or for that matter, a small booklet
with plain felted pages which could be used to

store photos or scrap booking ephemera).

Detail of closure shown here and

back page.

These items will appear in my Etsy shop as soon as I
can organize this.

For all of you who just can't go past beautiful old lace
I thought I would show you some that I
purchased at a local Flea Market

on the weekend.
Most of the lace shown in these images has been completely
hand made, crocheted or tattered.
I purchased them from a woman who used to make
period costumes
so she was very pleased to see them being used for keepsake items!

Wishing you all a wonderfully productive week
of creativity as well as some fun in the sun!!

Love to you all, Suzy xxx

For the Shabby Chic Romantics

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Journal - From Buds to Blooms - Items for My Etsy Shop

As there has been a bit of interest in my
Fabric Journals
I have decided to make some more for my Etsy Shop.

So here we have a new fabric vintage lace collaged journal:

I have titled this one "Buds to Blooms"

It contains 16 inner pages of stained water colour paper
all stitched and embellished with  vintage laces, sari ribbon,
scrim, fabric, braid and handmade paper.

Here are a couple of pages to give you an idea of how it looks inside.

and this

and this!
I have put little headings on each page to help people
with their thoughts and ideas!

Also in my Etsy shop I have just added another Vintage lace and collaged Needlebook.

The front cover shows an Australian Kookaburra
and it has been made along similar lines to the last few needlebooks which were displayed here quite recently.

This particular piece has been embellished with some gorgeous antique lace -
I think it originally bordered a tablecloth.

I have just been chosen to enter into a fascinating Etsy Treasury
called "Arsenic and Lace"
see the Treasury at the top of my blog.

So  pop over to my Etsy shop and see more images
if you like them at
Hope your week is going well and that everyone is
healthy and happy.
xxx Suzy
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