Monday, July 27, 2015

My Class "Peaceful and Pondering" Fabric Lace Book/Journal is now OPEN

For those of you who are keen to join in
my new class
where you will learn how to create your very own
Fabric Lace Book/Journal



bookings are now open over at Creative Workshops
 and you can enrol by clicking on this link below

If you love collecting vintage laces, doilies
 textured fabrics - old and new along with
embellishments such as sari ribbons, millinery flowers,
 fibres, vintage jewellery, rusty items and paper ephemera
etc. etc.


then here is a chance where you can use
them to create a book which
is a reflection
of you and your own art style. 

In saying this
This style of book can be created with materials of your own choosing
e.g. new or old, bright or muted colours,
modern or contemporary, steampunk etc. 

You choose your own theme and your own images
to suit the style of book you desire.


(Lots of delicious lace layers!)

I will show you what sort of fabrics and laces to choose,
how to build a fabric collage and pockets,
how to prepare and arrange pages
into signatures, create a spine and covers
for your book and finally a way to 
tie it together. 

There is a complete
 Class Description and a Supply List
over at Creative Workshops with much more detail.
It commences on:
 Monday, 14th September
so you have a few weeks now
to gather everything
you need
to create your book.  

I would like to thank Gail Schmidt over at Creative Workshops
for helping me pull this all together
and also
(Lace Age Girl Blog)
for her amazing work, expertise and fortitude 
 in videoing this class for me.
I am ever grateful to her for her dedication in completing
this exercise.

I do hope you are going to have lots of fun with this
and along the way very soon I will be sharing
Giveaway or two.
xox Suzy 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Teaching my First Online Class and Journal pages - "The Dream of Dance"

My Dear Blog readers
today I have some very exciting news to share
with you and that is
I will be teaching my first on-line Fabric Lace Book/Journal class
very soon!!!!
In fact, I even have a date for you to remember
and that is:
Monday, 14th Sept
This is the front of the journal


and one of the inside pages.

The online class will be through 
with Gail Schmidt 
and in just a few days I will be able to provide you with the
direct link so you may enrol then.

The link is not up yet but will be available
in just a few days.
This will be a step-by-step guide in creating
your very own journal in my style
and I will have all the details

In the meantime I promised to
share my latest journal 
so here is  
my newly completed Journal - "The Dream of Dance"
I can now share with you
after waiting for some beautiful light from outside
to take these photos for you!

 This journal is also a story book as it tells the story
of a little girl who dreams of becoming
a Ballerina one day




 and it talks about the various stages
she goes through
to make that dream come true.


 The richness of all the fabrics accentuate
the journey.

 Eventually on stage - she has arrived
surrounded by the exotic

 experiencing the splendor of it all!

and then the memory is what remains
but the experience
can make the Teacher -

The Teacher of Dreams!

 The End!

 Now I hope this journal brings a little inspiration to your heart.
You know we all need inspiration to create
some of the inspiration for me to create this piece
came from
Nellie Wortman (Early Morning Thoughts)
 whose artwork excites me.
Nelly has a growing number of videos where you can learn
to create one of your own books too.

This journal has sold already 
before it made it to my Etsy 
so I am sorry for anyone intending to purchase -
I trust there will be more coming. 

"Sometimes life is about risking
Everything for a Dream
No one can see
but you!".
Have faith!
Love and hugs, Suzy

Thursday, July 16, 2015

An Antique Lace and Tapestry Keepsake


 Remember me showing you this image in my last post
where I was pulling out some of my most precious
pieces of antique lace as well as some vintage tapestry fabric?
I have turned some of them into this sweet


 Some of these laces pieces have been in my collection


 for quite a long time and some other pieces
I have recently purchased from
(You just never know what little vintage or antique 
pieces you're going to come across there!!!).
The tapestry fabric comes from some recycled purses.

 I wanted to create something kind of special with these little
fragments of old cotton lace
which a lace lover would be able to treasure

 as a keepsake in itself.

 This image shows the original press studs which
were on this piece - possibly a child's 
or a doll's dress
the broderie anglais on the front 
has been so beautifully hand embroidered
with tiny flowers with very fine
cotton thread.

Every piece of lace has been dyed by me -
even the soft cotton lining.


It truly is a special and delicate
piece to treasure and it is available in my Etsy shop.

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

My new journal "TheDream of Dance"
is almost finished


unfortunately with the fading of the day and
 the light here at present
 with heavy clouds
and misty rain
doesn't really do any justice to my photographs


 so I've decided to show them possibly
in my next post.
Sorry about that folks!!!


See my shadow in the foreground?
Anyway you can certainly know what it is all about
from these images!

"It will cost you nothing to dream
and everything not to". 

Thanks for your most appreciated visits!

 xox Suzy

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Do you Love to Create in Shades of Blues and Turquoise?

We all have our favorite colors that we love
to create with and coming from
a background of crazy quilting I have tried
many different combinations
you know there is just no end to how you can combine different
colors, shades, textures and embellishments.

Here is one combination I have put together from my stash
to spark a little inspiration
in blues, turquoise, greens and shades of blue/grey.

 I really do enjoy making up kits for people to create with
and these images above I have used,
along with a number of
complementary laces, doilies and embellishments
to gather into some new kits.

 Fabrics include brocades, cottons, dupion and dyed silks,


some beautiful lace fabrics, rich vintage velvet ribbons

 gold embellished and beaded ribbon
and some two toned bullion fringing which would look
rather neat in a collage or a boho bag.
The choice is yours as they are available now in my 
Clicking on this link will take you there.

I've also been working on a new Journal

and creating with some gorgeous antique laces


both of which I will be sharing with you very soon! 

Wishing you much joy in your days of creating!
xox Suzy

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