Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New Year's Wish

The New Year is rapidly approaching

and I just wanted to share with you all 
a beautiful wish that I came
across last New Year's Eve
which says


"My New Year's wish for 2014 
is that you have someone to love,
have meaningful works to do,
that you have things greater than yourself to believe in,
that you have a reason to smile everyday,
you have a shoulder to cry on when you need it and
you keep your integrity even when the choices are hard;
that you love deeply,
give freely, forgive willingly, laugh easily
and live well enough to be grateful for every day of the year".


I hope to be learning more, being inspired more
and sharing more creations like this

more vintage purchases of the things 

that make our hearts sing

like old handled lace

and vintage jewellery
as well as more beautiful inspiration from our garden of roses.

in the weaving of the threads of textures and of our lives
@ Suziqusthreadworks.

Thank you most sincerely all my loyal followers and friends
who have enjoyed your visits here throughout the year 
I wish you much inner peace, happiness and health 
for 2014
one of my New Year's resolution is to try to visit
your blogs more often to show my appreciation
of your comments and to gain more 

♥♥♥ Suzy xox

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Christmas Vignette Downunder

It is that time of year again when I get to
create a small Christmas Vignette
to celebrate what this event
means to us here!

Our Christmas "tree" consists of several branches
from our Bay tree growing in our back garden
with its deep rich green shiny leaves,

these most exotic "Christmas Lillies"
with their perfume so divine

as well as a cluster of gum nuts from some of our Australian 
gum trees.

The yellow glow of the candle lit evening here
gives a perfectly serene feel against
the soft shades and the metallic greys

in the form of angels, hearts, silver trees and pine cones.

The inclusion of a few added handmade gifted
decorations from friends

makes this event so much more special! 

My rustic garland of Mother and Child

brings home the message that a Saviour is born!

And these are just a few little reminders of why
we celebrate this most auspicious occasion.
I'm linking this vignette to Our Beautiful World and
Mosaic Monday at Dear Little Red House

Thank you so very much dear friends for your company,
support, friendship and inspiration which you
have provided throughout the year.
These memories have been well etched into my heart
for which I sincerely "thank you"!

I trust that your Christmas will be full of love, light and joy
and that the New Year will bring even more of the same
with all of your creative inspirations!

Love and hugs, Suzy xox

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Cards, Gifts and Giveaways Won

Christmas is definitely a time of giving
and just to show you how much bloggers love to give
I'm going to share a few things which have
arrived with the postie in the last little while!

Firstly from Lynne Moncrieff of Adorn at
sent this most elegant card.


I can't tell you how much work has gone into the creation of 
this little sweetheart card!

covered in snowflakes, papers, lace, and a flower
embellished with this beautiful cut out tassel!

Thank you so much  dear Lynne - it's gorgeous!
Lynne makes the most amazing collaged cards and wall hangings
and has the biggest stamp collection that I know of!


From Lynn Stevens (another Lynn)
came this beautiful Christmas decoration

accompanied by this pretty cotton lace.

I was lucky enough to receive this as part of a
most generous Giveaway held recently!
Wasn't that just the sweetest gesture from Lynn!
Thank you again dear friend.


And finally 
I'd like to show you this!
I won one of two prizes given away by Marie at

The contents of 
Fairy Whispers was going to be a surprise for the winner

and it certainly was when I opened the lid of the tin
to discover its contents - including some vintage buttons, a medal,
small assorted trinkets and numbers

as well as beautiful soldered items
all designed and created by Marie herself.

Marie has such a talent for these soldered charms
like no one else I know.  What do you think of
this little Christmas soldered charm ornament

and this little bottle containing a tiny rosebud,
beads and German glitter with
the incredible soldered lid?
Oh Marie I love each one - they are all so beautiful!
and, without having to mention, as Marie knows

that I collect these gorgeous cabinet cards of women,
she has included yet another for me.

Also included were some ephemera pages of
French and German text.
Am I not a lucky girl or what???
Marie I just can't thank you enough for such a gift!

It feels so good to have your luck turned around,
after a pretty hard run this year,
especially by people like Marie, Lynne and Lynn.
I feel so blessed by these women so please go and
pay them a visit by clicking on their links!

Just a little peek at my Christmas vignette which I will
share with you in just a few days time
as Christmas Eve rapidly 
It's a totally candle lit night!

Instead of holly we have gum nuts in our vignettes
because it is a hot dry land here Downunder
at Christmas!

Love and hugs, Suzy

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Bunting in Shades of Grey

With my Christmas Cards almost completed and
many now even in the post 
I've moved on to creating
a Christmas bunting to be included as part of a
Christmas vignette which I will post next visit.

I decided this time I would create one 
(actually my first)

in shades of grey, white and brown

mostly incorporating images of the Madonna and Child -
the central theme of what Christmas means to me.

Giving it a rustic look

using a very course burlap as the background

I incorporated a variety of grey dyed vintage doilies
and embellishments all strung together
using a length of sari ribbon.


So when all of my blogging friends will be huddled
around their fires in the Northen Hemisphere
eating their Christmas pudding and looking out onto snow
we, living downunder, near the beautiful
beaches will be wearing our sun hats,
wading in the water
watching these magnificent large Pelicans

oh and there are a few Black Shags too!
(It looks as if they might be sharing a conversation!!!).

I feel very fortunate to be living on our farm
but only about 8 minutes to this beautiful coastal town
on the far south coast of Australia.

I'm linking this to Grey Dey Thursdey
over at Michelle's blog (Petite Michelle Louise)
and Fishtail Cottage with Tracie
where you will see some beautiful Christmas decorating.

Very shortly I will be picking a bucket full of these magnificent
Christmas Lillies from our garden for my Christmas
The fragrance is just to die for!!!

Wishing you much joy and peace during this Festive Season!

Warm hugs, 
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