Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Blog Header

I have been thinking lately that it is time
to change my blog header
give it a fresh new look
apart from a few more ideas

and so I came up with this fabric collage.

The image is one of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's -
"My Lady Greensleeves".

The collage has been built upon a foundation piece of vintage
upholstery fabric salvaged from some old rocking chairs
which fell apart gracefully at home
how lucky was I to be able to recycle this gorgeous piece
(also here is some of the hessian webbing containing the springs
of the chair).

The piece measures approx 12" x 20" and is hanging from a fashioned piece of
copper through eyelets.
I am considering selling this hanging so if anyone is interested in
the purchase of this
please email me at

I thought I might also share this Birthday Card which I have just finished

for a very dear friend of mine.  Our friendship spans 44 years.

The fabric I used here I have owned for at least 15 years or more and is really showing signs of being tattered and torn but the rose is oh so
gorgeous and I know my friend, Sue, will treasure it.

This card along with the gift which I am still working on
will accompany myself and Jeff
when we will be travelling
interstate for a week on Monday to Adelaide to visit my dear Dad who is not as well as
you and I at 91 years.

This little journal mentioned in my last post
has now been sold!
I hope that the weekend and the coming week will be filled
with lots of happiness and creative hours.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments regarding the passing
of ma Cherie.  We are feeling more positive about life without her
Love, Suzy xxx

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Friends who Care and Gifts to share

So many well wishes, kind and consoling words
have been posted by so many
beautiful blogging friends
on the loss of our darling
last week
that I was totally blown away!

Sincere heartfelt thanks
to all of you most

Also just yesterday arrived this most beautiful surprise
from all the staff at our local Vet Clinic
who have been active in
caring for her
in the

final months.
Included was a most beautiful poem.
Just how special is that
was she
 to be loved so much!

Now life goes on somehow and before our recent episode I had started a
small baby quilt for my girlfriend's daughter who has
recently had a baby boy and who just
loves these

It is coming with Jeff and I when we visit my ailing 91 year old Dad
who lives in Adelaide (interstate) next week.

I had also just finished another little fabric and paper journal like this
which will become available for sale.
Let me know if anyone of you are interested!

And speaking of journals I wanted to share this beautiful little paper and lace
journal which I won in a giveaway from

I think Anna has only very recently started on her journey of making a journal or two.
She does the most beautiful paintings which
you should see on her blog!!!
Beautiful work Anna and thank you so much for this gift I won.
It is just so pretty.

Just one more thing to share:
this vintage Fleur-de-lis
pewter plate

which is very happy to be sharing company
with some other vintage silver and pewter items

and jewellry on top of this
cupboard in my

Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and comments
during this really difficult time!
Love and hugs to you all,
Suzy xxx

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Farewell Ma "Cherie"

our constant companion
is constant no more!
Cherie has come to the end of the road,
our running dog will run no more.

The run was long at 17plus years
she has left us with cherished
and beautiful memories
full of spirit
in the
Farewell Cherie
We will miss you sweet girl!

A very big "Thank you" to everyone who left such lovely comments
on my last post when I have not been able
to reply to you!
You are all so very dear to me!
x Suzy

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gifts from a very dear friend

Quite recently I was very spoilt in receiving these
most gorgeous gifts

in the mailfrom a
very dear friend, Dorthe, at
I am sure that most people who know this amazing woman
know what a most wonderful art doll and mixed media artist that she is!

It was my birthday a little while ago and
she wanted to show her
wonderful kindness
making all of these beautiful gifts
which I thought you would love
to see.
The most gorgeous card above
has one of the most serene and angelic images
I have seen.  It has been overlayed with
the skeleton of an aged leaf
but still in it's complete

A most cleverly collaged
and colourful little wall hanging complete with a driftwood hanger
(no doubt collected from the beach below her home!)
and depicting two close friends
And just look at the gorgeous colours she has chosen
to create this piece with.  I have no doubt that Dorthe hasdyed all of the fabrics she has used.
And as Dorthe knows just how much I really love her driftwood angels
the package would have not been complete
without one of these
of course,

created in the richest of colours such as burnt oranges, magenta,
lime green and pinks.

Just look at that shot of reddest hair
with all the fine details of flowers, buttons, trims and beads.
Dorthe made it, as she says,
"in my colours".
What a beautiful smiling face
with the biggest blue eyes!

if that wasn't enough!

This very beautiful tag!
How beautiful is this other beautiful face
with this angel clasping
a white lilly!
embellished so sweetly with a rose, lace and ribbon. 

Our wonderful friendship has only blossomed through our close
communication in blogland -
where else
you live on the otherside of the world!

Thank you so much sweet Dorthe - you are the dearest friend to me
and I am ever grateful for your
loving friendship.
xxx Suzy

Monday, July 4, 2011

Journal - We Reap What We Sew

This journal's theme is really one based on heritage plants and vegetables
namely, the artichoke roots, flowers and nasturtiums.
The inspiration came to me
from a most beautiful Italian calendar
which I have owned for some
10 years.

It has a real earthiness about it from the ground up which brings us back to our roots -
to which foods are vital for our health and well being - root vegetables!

But you know I have changed this to "We Sew What We Reap"
because I have been blessed with the fortune
of having gathered
all of these
fabrics and fibres to create these artworks
didn't just fall into my lap!

The journal has been bound with hessian webbing salvaged from
a vintage chair beyond repair
and a rusted drawer handle bound in copper.

It has layers of dyed laces, hessian and some beaded fabrics also upcycled.

Handmade paper stained and machine stitched ready for

your own journal notes.

The pages have been built up from recycled paper bags, upholstery fabrics and collaged in many layers of velvets, embroidered silks
and laces.

There are more images in my previous post which explains how I began.

This journal will be very shortly found in my Etsy shop.
Keep checking the sidebar to the right.

Hoping for you all a very productive week in creating.
Love to everyone!
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