Thursday, August 21, 2014

Healing Gifts and Creations

Slowly I'm getting back the use of my arm without pain
each day and I am sure that the arrival
of a few gifts from sweet friends has helped to spur me on!

 Recently in the mail arrived this beautiful lace edged fabric card
attached to this lavender dyed pocket fashioned from
a lacey tray cloth and inside I found this
amazing pendant
created by Terri of Artful Affirmations.
A magnificent necklace full of the most
incredible amethysts in all shapes
and sizes

but what was truly amazing
were the charms including a Milagro of an arm
and etched words of "mend" on another
with a sweet metal heart.

 Just look at the beauty of these gorgeous gem stones

and crazy lace agets each one wrapped so beautifully
and painstakingly.

Terri I absolutely love and so much appreciate this and am wearing it

every day to continue the healing process of my arm.

Terri has an on-line class called "Soulful Adornments" teaching
 how to create a similar pendant - just check out the
button near the top right of this blog!

This extremely thoughtful package arrived from Judy of
JudithAnn's blog here in Australia.

Look at the sweet tag that would appeal to anyone who loves to sew,
the lovely pearl and brass buttons, lace, handkerchief, braid

these really pretty flowers created by Judy herself.
Thank you so much Judy.  I am so grateful for your kindness
and friendship.  You know exactly the things I love.

So too does my very old friend, Sue, who lives in the same
State of South Australia as Judy.  She is always on the look out
for me for items I love to create with and never fails.

More beautiful vintage cotton laces, a hand crocheted edged
little tablecloth and this magnificent handkerchief
that belonged to her mother who died 
quite recently.  I am so honoured
to receive this precious
piece of memory
from her.

I've been busting to start creating again now that my energy has
returned even still with a little soreness still
starting with some small items 
I decided to create
these corsages from some sari ribbons and other bits and bobs
from my collection.

as well as these fabric wrapped and wired beads.

My inspiration for these came from Sandy Babb of Quill Cottage.
Sandy has a wonderful tutorial on her blog
showing how easy it is to create these
in easy steps
I am so glad I gave it a shot giving results like these.

I'm certainly not into jewellery making as such but I just LOVED creating these
with all bits of left over silks and laces.
So pop over to her blog and follow her easy instructions.
Thank you so very much Sandy.

I'm linking also this week to the What's It Wednesday over
at Ivy and Elephants Blog! Enjoy!

Hope to be back very soon with more creations from my studio.
I trust your week is turning out really well!!!

Thank you all so much for continue to follow and for your
kind and appreciated comments!

Love and hugs,

Monday, August 4, 2014

Vintage Cabinet Cards, Photo Albums and artworks

 Most of us love to collect the things we relate to as an aid in

(photo saved from a house fire!)

 inspiring us in our creative works and just because we love them

 and these are some of my treasures sitting on our living room shelves
 and antique dressers
(purchased and gifted)

which I have used to create some works like these



(a few of my fabric and paper journals here)

and some have also been gifted such as this
gorgeous Victorian collage

a beautiful garden angel and lace heart behind.

It's not everyday that a friend offers you the chance to purchase
two beautiful vintage photo albums.  These two particular
albums belonged to my friend, Glenda's, grandmother
as she has no children to hand them down to
she offered them to me
she knew how much I enjoyed using these cabinet cards
in my projects.

 I think they are from the late 1900's and this one
is quite large.  I will share the photos of this one at some later stage.
Such a beautiful brass closure
on this one

 and this is the second smaller one.

 The tooling on this smaller leather one is also amazing
with its brass closure.

and just look at the gilt bevelled edged pages so thick and strong.

 These are just a few of the pages and photos it contains.

It is not just the Victorian history behind these beautiful cards - it is also 
the amazing garments, their textures of silk, satin and velvets these folk wore
as well as the exceptional quality
of the card and paper
which was used to create these albums.

 These albums were made to last - not just one lifetime but several
if they are looked after!

I consider myself very very lucky now being the owner of these two
magnificent leather bound photograph albums which I will treasure
in their original torn,
slightly tattered and stained form.

I'm getting closer to the time when I can sit and blog
and create again in my favourite room -
dare I say almost!
So thank you all dear blogging friends for continuing to visit during
my long absence of recovery.
I appreciate you all so very much and hope to be visiting you again before long.

Love and hugs,
Suzy xox
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