Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Gypsies Past" - a new Fabric and Lacebook

While many of our blogging friends are starting to enjoy
the bright blue skies and soft pastels of Spring
here in Australia we are heading to
the more deeper and richer
tones of Autumn
today I am showing some of these deep rich
tones and shades in the form of
"Gypsies Past"

 a recent fabric and lace book -
a custom order completed

Many layers including vintage tapestries,
variegated dyed silks, sari ribbons,
coins and braid and buttons
and beads and 
 laces - some dyed and some
left as is

 have been well selected to adorn the
gypsy women in these pages 

some telling fortunes and divining the future

while others hiding their shame beneath
the beauty of coins.

There is just something about these pages
which transform you to another place -
to another time when life
was not as romantic
and as easy going
as the pictures convey! 

This was a special page included for
my client's love of crazy
quilting again with vintage fabrics
and machine embroidered
by me.

A pocket created here for 

a Gypsy's Love Song - in words

and in music
(in another pocket!)


for Greenwood Girl.
(I have to confess how fond I am of this beautiful image).

The book is full and the pages finished!

as the journey ends for these "Gypsies Past".

"When the heart weeps
for what it has lost
the spirit laughs
for what it has found"
...........Sufi proverb

Thank you all dear friends for your kind comments -
they continue to inspire me onward!

xxx Suzy

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Savouring the Roses

 In Australia we are moving into Autumn
and we have come to the end
of our rose growing

 so this is the time I love to pick the end of the
roses and hang them for drying
in the kitchen.

I am often inspired by the Tea Cup Tuesday segment
but never seem to manage posting there
due to all of my other
creative pursuits!
(Sorry Terri! I will get there eventually!)
So I'm posting a little taste of teacups in my kitchen
at present along with some of my
favourite dried roses!

It takes a little experimenting

to see which varieties of roses handle
the drying 

and which ones just fall apart.

 I must say I am quite partial to the pinks
and these ones (for some reason)

dry the best but, of course, there are no rules
about this

 as these colours look quite beautiful also.

Thought you might like to see some of the china
and depression glassware

sitting in the corner of my kitchen at present

 as a reminder that all of the beautiful pastel shades 
of Summer  have not totally left us yet.


I was gifted this beautiful book from a dear friend, Marion,
a couple of years ago

It contains some inspiring words of wisdom

and this page is just one you might like to read.

 We can certainly to with more of these positive
thoughts and words in our lives today -

Thanks for sharing some natural beauty here with me!
and for the kindness you show when you
visit and follow me too!

Love, Suzy xox

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vintage Laces and Cabinet Cards Exchange and some new Artwork

Hello Dear Blogging Friends
Today I am sharing with you a most wonderful
exchange I have  recently had with my
dear friend, Marie, from

and I'm sure that this post will certainly inspire you too!!!

This is the first thing that jumped out at me when I opened 
this parcel from Marie -
How very true!

Look at how beautifully Marie presented her
swap with me!

 Marie has a special way of presenting her gifts
to friends! So much thought has gone 
into this wrapping.

This was what I found inside! 

 Oh my!!! Aren't these women looking so strong
 determined and powerful?
Perhaps a little sad!
Don't you always wonder about their lives?

So elegantly dressed with their lace collars
and jewellery.
  That piece of jewellery has been  so beautifully altered
 by Marie too!

and look at the dear little felted lace heart!
So special! 

It really must have been a huge deal
to dress up for these photo

The quality of the printed cards is so strong -
they were meant to last lifetimes
and they probably will!
(in the right hands that is!!!)

They deserve to be kept in a special place 
don't you think?
and I will share that special place
further along in this post.

Along with these cards also came a stunning
tag made by Marie also in her own special
French style

and these napkins - with a bird theme - of course!

This is what Marie received from me from Australia -

- a packet full of vintage laces and  a few other little bits and bobs
that I thought Marie might just love to include in
her gorgeous creations!

Now for some antique and vintage lace pieces
A girl can never have enough of this stuff

and often we think they are much to treasured to use

but it is these pieces which make our creations so very special!
 and so appreciated

because of the many hours that have
gone into the lacemaking!

Some of these pieces include laced edged collars.

Such fine netted lace!

As I have a small collection of vintage post cards
and a some original cabinet cards

I thought it might be time for me to 
honour these women and give

a home in this album

which I can just reach out for

when I need to find just that inspirational image.

So receiving this very beautiful package from Marie

was just the prompt I needed.

So thank you dear friend for sharing in this most rewarding
swap.  I will always have the memories filed
in my heart and in my new album
to remember the lovely friend
that you are!


I will be linking this post to Blissful Whites Wednesday
with Becky at www.timewashed.com and to

Thank you to all my new followers and to everyone
who takes the time to leave a thoughtful
comment - you are really appreciated
so much by me ♥♥♥

Suzy xxx
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