Thursday, September 27, 2012

Victorian Lace and Nature's Lace

Have you ever seen such amazing lace as this?

This is an original Victorian Lace Collar

which has recently been gifted to me

along with a few other precious lace collars and pieces

such as these.  I am not quite sure what these
may have been used for as they are quite 
long and narrow - perhaps panels
of a skirt or similar clothing?

but aren't they just stunning?
Perhaps you can inform me as to how they were used??!!

And look at this delicate lace
which has been fashioned into another collar insert.

A close up view of it's delicacy!

Take a look at this incredibly beautiful piece.

To think this collar could be up to 150 years old and 
in such mint condition.

Some embroidered and beaded black netted lace

along with this unique beaded netting

this very beautiful vintage lace was part of the wedding dress
of the woman, Di, from South Australia
who gave me this exquisite gift to me.

The white satin on the left was from her own mother's wedding
dress and the Victorian collars were from Di's own

Now how very fortunate a person do you think I am to
receive such incredible beauty to treasure
and keep.

Part of Di's wedding dress I used to create 

this collage

as a momento which Di can treasure and keep

and pass down to her very own daughters.

Look at that beautiful paisley effect through the lace.

Now nature has her own way of displaying lace
year after year when we are shown

the beauty of lace through the blossoming of trees

like this Weeping Cherry which is growing so 
very happily in our Spring garden
It probably spans about 4 metres across now!

Can you see and feel the beautiful lacey effect of this
amazing tree?

I snuck out of bed at 6.30am this morning before the sun rose
to capture this amazing image before the sun
came up on another day here in our
garden paradise so I could share it here with you!
I feel so blessed for it all!


And I also feel blessed for having all of you coming to
visit or follow and for leaving such kind
comments - all I can say is
"Thank you from my heart"
I hope you enjoy this post.

Love, Suzy xxx

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A new Journal "Silent Prayer" to show you!

Hello dear friends,
I have been rather absent lately because I have
been working on a new journal which I was keen to finish
as we are coming into Spring here where I live 
in Australia
I am so often torn between creating and wanting to be out
in our beautiful garden and I was determined to complete it.
  The bird song at present is waking
us so early so there's no excuse to be laying around in bed.

This is my new creation:

I went searching through my Tombstone Angel images collection
which I played around with because of an idea
which was turning around in my head.

How often do we pray silently to ourselves in times of need?

and call on the angels for help?

Those little metallic leaves reminded me of angels wings
and were amongst a gift from my friend Liz
and they were just the right thing for the front page.

Many layers of vintage lace, (torn and tattered), chiffon, cottons 
doilies, buttons and jewellery have gone into the making of these pages.

Layer upon layer the pages build and above you can see
some natural dyed silk which has been embroidered
with my trusty sewing machine.

Solve is another technique I have used in
collaging these precious lace pieces together
with bits of thread, fibres and raw silks!

Some beaded chiffon on the left with a felted signature
laced and layered with a piece of vintage beaded
cardigan with the Virgin Mary sitting opposite!

A pleading hymn!

Handmade lace and machine stitching
highlight an angel - but 
"Angels are in All Ages!"

More tattered and dyed lace
and pieces of dyed raw mohair!

How comforting are these words?

A pocket near the back embellished with another special

And after many hours of layering and stitching,
tearing and ripping, ironing and sticking
we come to the end of
another very satisfying project!

Hours make the day
Layers make the journal!
Inspired by these angels!

This particular journal has been sold and is packed up
 and ready to be delivered
to the U.S.

If anyone is interested in me creating them a journal
of a similar nature or different topic
then contact me by email at

"Love is how we earn our wings"
and I'm sending some love to you!


Thank you so very kindly to all of my new followers
and for all the most appreciated comments left.
You are all gems in my life!
xxx Suzy

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