Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Art Cards and Some Lace Romance

I can't tell you all how wonderful it feels to have
my computer and the internet
back operating
How else can we create images so necessary for our artwork.

 I am currently working on these 
new Romantic Lace Kits
using some of my beautiful soft handmade paper to hold
a number of different laces, net lace, lace motifs
and buttons
which can be incorporated into any number of projects
these will be appearing in my Etsy shop soon.

However, what I do have completed and are in my shop now are
these Fabric Art Cards/ frameable art pieces
using images from one of my favourite pre-raphealite artist,
Edward Burne-Jones


 some fabrics in the softest shades of blues and greys
with turquoise accents.



 As you can see I have added some stamped flourishes
around both images in similar shades.

This second one shows deeper blue green lace fabric
over deep blue printed chiffon. 

 They could also be sold as a pair as they look so
(And this is the way they were sold!)
I will be creating more cards very soon! 

I'm also preparing for a Workshop which I will be running
at home this week on Thursday and Friday
teaching the creation of a lace book
with images.
I'm hoping to share some images of that coming up in my next post.

Take care everyone and may your days be filled with
much love and laughter!

xox Suzy

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Autumn and Lace

Three weeks ago my muse suddenly left me for 
a forced holiday!!!
(I think you may all be able to relate to this story!!!).
After a huge Autumnal electrical storm with heavy
driving rains and wind
my internet connection died a sudden death for
about 10 days forcing me to set up a new modem,
wireless connector and several other bits and pieces before
I could function in cyber space once again
following this episode of me running
here there and everywhere trying to purchase the necessary
items for the computer
came the most welcomed stay from a very special
friend of many many years (Rosemary) with her husband (Iain)
from Adelaide (a 3 day caravan trip)
which lasted short of another week.
Rosemary was barely 17 and I was 18 when my mother died
so she came to live with me and my father for a while
providing me with company and friendship
through a very sad time.
However, with my muse only just returning I can now share
just a little peek at what I have begun today
will hopefully finish tomorrow
but at least I did manage to take some gorgeous images 
of our garden shedding her Spring and Summer
foliage in preparation for the Winter ahead.

 The best of the last remaining dahlias


but these Autumn leaves have special colors of their own
which are hard to reproduce


 I can barely pick up that straw broom to 
clear away this amazing carpet of fallen leaves  so
I leave them there as long as I can.

 Of course you might recognize these leaves


 as belonging to the Ornamental Grapevine
which brings so much beautiful shade
to our outdoor garden room
in the Summer months
in the distance you can see the changing leaves
in varying stages of
a stand of Liquid Amber trees. 


 This is the time of year our Grevilleas put on their best display

When friends like Rosemary come to stay they never come
empty handed and as they know the stuff I love
sharing is what we always do.


 She remembers this as being one of her daughter's
pillow cases as a baby - such beautifully embroidered silk with 
hand crocheted edging.

along with some sweet doilies and embroidered linen


 as well as some pieces of wedding lace fabric
which she purchased from a dressmaker
many years ago


and finally this dear little hand painted lavender sachet
created by herself filling it with the most heavenly
lavender which she grew herself.


 So just to prove to you that I have returned to creating 
here is a little snippet of what is to come.

It feels so good to be busy again now that my computer
is playing its role in it also once again!
Whatever did we do before 
computers became so
important to us!

Many of you are enjoying Spring at the moment
and I hope it is filling your days with many beautiful hours
of sunshine wherever you are.

Have a wonderful week and thank you to my new followers
and all of my readers who continue to visit and show
so much interest in what I create.
Many many thanks,
Suzy xox


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cards for Friends

I've just realized that I haven't posted anything here
for a number of days now
over these past few days I have been creating some cards -
some for happy occasions and some for sad occasions too.
This first one I created for a friend, Glenda, whose
Mother-in -Law passed away at 103 within
days of Glenda's Birthday.
I thought that was too sad but she told me also
that her own mother died on her Birthday
a few years before this.


 This was a pretty hard call
but she loved her card when I handed it to her.
It is a nice feeling to see someone's sadness lift
even for a just a short time!

 This one was very difficult for me to create as a very dear, to me,
bloggey friend lost their husband recently and
I just wanted to rush to her to comfort her but living
on the opposite side of the world
made that just impossible
to do
falling short of handing her the biggest bunch of roses
I could gather from my garden I
created this Rose lover's card

in the hope of bringing a little special love to her broken heart!

But on the upside of all of this
I was asked to create a special Birthday card for another
bloggey friend, Nancy, for her daughter-in-law, Candy.


 Nancy sent me a few baby images


as well as one of her now
and the words "You must have been a beautiful baby" -
"Because Casey look at you now!".

 and this last card was for another friend of mine, Dottie,
whose darling mother is 93 years of age
and she wanted to send this to
New Zealand
Mother's Day coming up in May.

 This is Dottie's mother in the 1930's

 looking all dressed up in her fur coat
on her way down the street

 and as she has always loved flowers
there were several placed around her lovely image.
In between all of these card creations
there has been some other projects
in the pipeline
this is just a sneak peek at a new custom order lace book
in the making!

It really is such a beautiful vintage image of this
woman with roses draping from her hair
that it is a very pleasurable piece
of artwork for me to be engaged with at the moment.
I do hope that you are finding lots of joy and inspiration
in your life and/or in the projects you may be
involved with at the moment!
I just would like also to say "Thank you"
to everyone inc. new followers to my blog also
for the kindest comments left on my 
previous post about
creating a journal for a special friend.
I do hope that you all had a wonderful Easter break
and celebration with friends and/or family!
xox Suzy
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