Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cards - Birds and Angels

I've been busy working on a few small projects
lately which I thought I would share
here with you.

Although I am a lover of drinking tea
- the freshly brewed  teapot tea  that is - 
(not tea bags!)
I have managed to save a few tea bags used by my DH
which have been dried and used in these bird cards.
I love these beautiful bird images
particularly the colours.

They are taken from a beautiful calendar I own.

There were also some miniature sized images 
which I have used in these

Also using an angel stamp I have made these.

I have recently come across a very beautiful
French blog
(Morning Light)
Joelle believes that life is full of flashes of light
if we want to see them such as:
- the beauty of nature
- human creativity
- the tenderness of animals 

Some of these flashes are truly inspirational and 
are portrayed here so exquisitely
click on the name above
and get ready for some amazingly stunning images!

To all my new followers -
"Thank you so much"
inspiring me along
on my creative
to all friends for commenting
so often and

"You are never too old 
to set another goal 
to dream a new dream"
- CS Lewis

Love and hugs, Suzy ♥♥♥

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gardens Ever Changing - More Journal Creating

"Gardens Ever Changing"
This is the title of a new journal which
I have been commissioned to


The images lend themselves to an emphasis
on romance and bountiful beauty. 

This is a tassel which I made on the end of the
 crushed velvet tie which passes through
the buckle on the front cover.

I have used many and varied fabrics in creating
these pages 
consisting of a number of recycled fabrics
as shown on the left side page
(inside cover)
along with some 
very soft silk.

Silk, satin, sheers and vintage laces adorn
the Pre-raphaelite woman.

While I have used my felting machine
to create a field of flowers

with more silks, laces, pure silk tops
to embellish several other

such as these 
plus some machine embroidered stitching
with black thread to highlight
and border other 

The image below shows the back cover
with more gathered silks
and lace

and the buckle with the
embroidered crushed ginger coloured
velvet - so rich and soft!

In fact the layered pages of overflowing
chiffon, silk and lace
create a bed
softness and smoothness
like the velvet of a beautiful full blown rose
enticing enough to jump into.

Now this journal will very shortly be travelling to Canada
to live with
Lorraine Stobie
Lorraine is a most talented mixed media artist, crazy quilter
and embroiderer.  So go and check out her
new very attractive blog look
and beautiful creations.

For those of you who may now know Kerryanne

is hosting a party "Shabbilicious Friday"
where I will be featuring this
new journal there today 25th May.

I hope all of you Northern Hemisphere bloggers
are able to enjoy some of this beautiful
weather to smell the roses
while we downunder
here watch
the last of the autumn leaves falling
to expose the bare branches
of the grapevines and all
the desiduous trees
that surround us.

Thank you all for visiting, leaving warm comments
and giving inspiration to each other.
Oh! How we have learned to
appreciate so much more
beauty since we have
met here in Blogland!

xxx Suzy


Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Found Treasures, New Journal Evolving and Winter Garden

On a very recent trip up the coast from our home
I came across some beautiful little finds:

This is a compilation of the Cassell's Magazine containing
the episodes of Hester Morley's Promise which was printed in 1873.
It really is quite tattered but not torn (thank goodness)
and it contains some incredible prints such as:



They really are quite incredible and, from my point
of view, would make beautiful additions
to any altered journal.

Now this very beautiful silver spoon with an incredible
etched three roofed cottage I think may be more
of a bon bon scoop (or something of the like) possibly
 made in Holland I guess
judging from the windmill -
not sure of it's date but it so very unique.
Any one out there may have more information on this???!!!

Now it is very hard to go past precious lace or doilies
for me and I had to include these pieces
in my travels also.

I think the edging of this doily is knitted from the
finest and softest cotton with a linen centre - a most rare
find around here.

Another beautiful piece also hand knitted is this

It is just so delicate.

On my work table at present is another journal coming
slowly together with a garden theme.
Another commission.

Lots of frothy lace and soft fabrics being
gathered up and sewn

with a nearby stash of mop buttons
ready to be added.


In the southern hemisphere Autumn is now coming
to a close

and the winter leaves are falling thick and fast

but this season brings with it such magestic colours

everywhere you turn
like the deep shades of the pinks of the hydrangeas

so much colour everywhere!

the dying leaves of the once green bountiful
wisteria in readiness to
retire into the bareness of Winter
but it is all so gorgeous
everywhere you look!

Wishing all mothers out there in blogland and way beyond -
a Most Happy Mother's Day
to you!

Sending love to you all including all of my
new recent followers -
and a much appreciated "thank you"
for visiting.

xxx Suzy
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