Monday, August 27, 2012

My Lacebook is Back Home with the Birth of Spring

My Lace book has come home and
it is now completely finished!!!

has just featured  my Vintage Gypsy Lacebook
"Gypsy in My Soul" on her blog. 
Chamara's blog is her take on a
French Gypsy's collections -
it is just stunning and so addictive!
You will love it!
Thankyou for your kind acknowledgement!

It's getting quite exciting with these lovely warm days now coming
with the approach of Spring here in Australia
because now we can can say goodbye to Winter 
 for another year 
and these everyday
things - like the firewood

which has kept us so warm for the last few months
and the tools which we have been using
every day

like these and the wonderful old hand crafted bellows

which we have been using to aerate the fire embers
if they die down to sleep!
You can see the worn leather on the sides after 40 years of use
but these are just some of the wonderful home comforts
that we live with.

So Spring is all but upon us now and already we see
evidence here 

with the very first of the climbing roses "Lorraine Lee"

but I also wanted to share another birth because
after 6 long months of creating with a group of most wonderful
creative souls mainly from the US and Canada in a
Lacebook Round Robin Group
I have completed, sewn pages, embellished, and finally
bound my own pages into my version of
"Vintage Gypsy".

Each woman created two pages each of their own
particular vintage subject and then passed
it to the next woman for her interpretation of that
woman's subject.

(Each month - over the 6 month period -
 I created two pages based on their themes
and each month one member created two pages based
on my theme -Gypsy in My Soul - so that I ended up with
my own book back which I began with covers and four pages, with
two pages created by each member of the group.

So that meant we all had a hand in each other's final works).

The first few pages including covers were of my own
choice and design 

This is a side view where I incorporated a piece of a
vintage clutch along with
many layers of vintage laces and trims.

This shows the binding using vintage buttons over a
crushed velvet wrap around the whole of the lacebook.

This shows the inside front cover and first page

Next two pages

I know that some of you may have seen these
single pages on a previous post some months ago.

Many collaged layers of soft silks, chiffons, netting, hand-
dyed lace, satin motif, embroidered and beaded
chiffon motif, pearls and jewellery

go into making up some of these pages.
Many of these fabrics have been recycled.

Next two pages

Sequens, trims and fabric laces.
That beautiful silk ribbon was a gift from Pat Winter

The pages below were created by
Karen Dorcas of

The images, lace and composition are so lovely!

These two pages below were created by Socrates of

Some little personal added bits of memorabilia!

From the  very creative hands of Teri Flemal at
came these two gorgeous pages!

Now look at this amazing handpainted image -
how clever is this girl?

Oh and the last contributions came from Deb Byers
so simply beautiful aren't they?

My last two pages including inside cover with pocket
to hold the ATCs which we created for each other 
before we created the pages.

The back cover in rich ginger coloured and embroidered
crushed velvet!

And finally a side view of this amazing lacebook!
which represents so many precious hours 
of lace worked collages and a true

It was such an incredible journey and many hours
of shared friendships, inspirations and lasting memories!
Thank you Lacebook girls - I was proud to be 
part of that wonderful group!

Thank you to all my new followers of late and to everyone
who has left such kind comments especially those left
on my Giveaway post and the one following  - it shows such
kindness even in the face of not winning - this time!
 these are so
always appreciated!

Hope this post has not been tooo much of an overload!!!

Love and thanks to you all,
Suzy xox 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Giveaway Winners Announcement

I have now drawn Two winners
for my
600 Followers Giveaway


So as not to keep you in suspense any longer 
I have chosen the winner of this collage above
using the Random Org Generator site
and it is Pam Eyre of

the second person receiving this gift 

Elly was one of the very many bloggers who placed my
Giveaway on her blog to spread the word!
Congratulations girls - I am so pleased to be able to share
these with you.
Now both of these woman create the most amazing mixed media
arts using fabric, paper, cloth, jewellery etc. in their adventurous
creations of vintage and upcycled objects
 so go and visit their blogs!

Pam and Elly please contact me as soon as possible
with your emails so I can send these to you!


I really wanted to create this Giveaway for all those
following me in blogland as a way of thanking those
who have opened doors to new found people,
 places, ideas,
inspirations, challenges etc.
mostly for helping to bridge the tyranny of distance
which we experience profoundly
at the bottom of the word called "downunder".
Just "Thank you - Thank all of you"!

Now in my world of creating, blogging, working part-time, working on a property with a huge country style garden inc. vegies,
fruit trees, chooks and Angora goats,
it leaves me always never enough
time to visit all you wonderful
people and leave
please don't feel you have been forgotten -
far from that -
I will always endeavour to reply to 
your very much loved and appreciated

Just a few pieces of work I have recently created as
gifts to some special people
like this one which 
I sent to Karen Valentine at
for her wonderful assistance in my recent blog makeover
in readiness for the 
"Where Bloggers Create party"
(see my studio a couple of posts earlier!)

and this tag to accompany a Birthday Gift

Can you believe I recycled a tea box to create this?
I just so enjoy making these collages!

It is just the perfect size as far as I'm concerned

and this shows the back of the tag even with the
used teabag - so there's an idea!!!

And now I have this on my table which is almost finished
and which I will show soon!

I'm really sorry that I could not have a gift for everyone
but here is my personal heart gift to you all

I'm sending you a message which carries heartfelt love,
appreciation, joy and balance to fill your 
hours and days!
xxx Suzy

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Celebrating A Giveaway

"600 Followers of Suziqu's Giveaway"

As I mentioned in my last post I promised 
to my dedicated followers
as well as any new followers of my blog
as a way of expressing my
heartfelt appreciation to you.

I am so grateful for so many things about blogging
including the friendships, support and encouragement 

which is a great source of inspiration in my creative journey.

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment here on this post
(Followers only!)
and grab my button so that others may know about it too!

There will be two separate gifts to two separate winners.
I am giving away this collage made by me to the first winner
the second winner will receive this large tag


vintage doiley shown above

to share some more love around!
I may even add a few more items too!

I will choose the winners on Wed. August 22nd 2012

I have so enjoyed the process of creating these items
and I wish you all the best of luck!
wish for you all a truly creative, artful and inspiring life.

Lots of love to you all with much gratitude!
xxx Suzy
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