Thursday, September 19, 2019

Khadi Paper Projects

Dear Blogging friends
I have recently pulled out my stash 
of Khadi paper which is just the softest paper
you could ever wish to create with and on
I have made these items.
 Firstly these!

 So I created the covers for these little Book Bundles
to hold a selection of mixed media papers,
stamped tea bags, scrapbooking papers
and laces


 and they were held in the covers with these


 I followed these little Book Bundles up
with these hand stitched mixed media 
collaged art envelopes
once again using the handmade cotton Khadi paper


these were filled once again with a selection
of Vintage papers and Vintage laces, 
similar to the above but much larger


 and due to popular demand
I then have created these new Vintage Inspiration Packs
with the collaged teabag art.
These envelopes could be used in your own journals
or as covers in your junk journals or scrappbooking.


and they are listed in my Etsy Shop
where they are listed for sale. 
Thank you so much for coming to visit me here
and to view my latest artworks!  

Wishing you all much joy in the new changing seasons
wherever you live!!!
xox Suzy  
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