Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Through Winter's Door" Journal for Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 12

In the northern hemisphere some of my blogging friends are
now entering "Through Winter's Door" and that is
the name of this fabric, lace and paper book
bearing the subject of "Angels"!


 I'm especially mindful of the need for angels around
at the moment with the events of the past couple of weeks and because we are now moving into the Festive Season
of Christmas.

(Now sold!)

 This book has been constructed using many beautiful
stone angels as well as Renaissance angels

on top of water colour pages layered in several mediums
including linens, brocades, printed organzas

dyed and stamped fabrics like cottons and chiffons,

some of my eco dyed silks with dyed doilies to blend in
with the varying shades of neutrals, whites, greys and browns.

 I have also been mark making with my blue paint
(and white paint too!)
here and there around and under images with 
appropriate messages like the one above
which says "Love's Forgiveness" -

 yes a virtue that needs so much practice
and patience right now and every day
really for the rest of our lives!


 It's a timely reminder for each and everyone of us!

I have also been preparing a few Art Angel Fabric kits for
anyone wishing to create their own projects, collages,
cards or journal pages using my chosen
Art Angels like these
for Christmas or anytime at all!

These and the Angel book above you can find 
in my Etsy shop here.
These images will also be part of Wen's 
and I'd love you to visit there

and see some amazing artwork and gorgeous images.

 Thank you all for always visiting and leaving such
lovely comments - you are appreciated!!!

xox Suzy

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 11

 It is extremely difficult to write a post when 
your heart is heavy - heavy with the
senseless loss of so many
innocent lives
in Paris in recent days so keeping it simple
with my no fuss heart
I created this heart for a dear friend
with the prism finding represented at the centre


 to help me look to the centre of myself


 to reflect upon how grateful I feel
for the life and love I have today
appreciating the safety of my own surroundings,
my friends, family members, my home,
my freedom, my place to come and go as I learn every
minute to never take any of it for granted
in my own surroundings what gives a spark of hope
is new life approaching as in this tiny nest.



I am grateful!!!!

I am grateful to all of my blogging friends in my own country Australia and to all those across the world and to
Wen for hosting this wonderful party
I'm sending you all love from 
my heart!

Thank you also Wen for featuring my art angels last week -
they are all around us if we can only see!
I'm linking this today and giving thanks
to you Wen and all of you!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Chorus of Angels for Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 10

Already the shops and big stores are filling with their
Christmas paraphernalia (I mean gifts!)
but some of us like to create our own
homegrown and more natural gifts.
To this end I am sharing a Chorus of Art Angels
recently completed as well as
a heart.


These art angels have been dressed in many layers


of both new and recycled laces and fabrics including chiffon


 which drapes so beautifully when handing.


Some have pockets created from doily pieces and glittery fabric.


This one has some of my dyed doilies in shades of soft blues


and shades of grey

and her pocket is part of a cut lace embroidered doily so 
beautifully edged with some lace
with added pearl buttons. 


This heart has been created with scripted fabric
and the added vintage laces with a
little pocket 


holding a tag of a beautiful stamped image 


of the Madonna - such a beautiful idea for
decorating your Christmas tree or hanging from your mantle. 


 The Angels are now on their way to their new homes
but this heart along with some other Christmas
angel cards are still available in
my Etsy shop
like these ones


I'm linking these angels and the heart to
Wen's Simply Neutrals Tuesday
over on her blog at www.appleapricot.blogspot.com

So if you love all things neutral i.e. whites, greys, creams etc.
why don't you join me there!

Many thanks for your continued visits and lovely comments

Love and hugs, Suzy

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 9

Just the other day I received some small fabric pieces
from a friend which I will share below
and there was a piece in there
which inspired me immediately and I just had to create with it!
I called this art piece "Gratitude"

I found this gorgeous image on the net and loved it immediately -
the soft tones of loving children embracing
each other so tenderly
with flowers cascading down their little bodies!

It is so delicate and soft with an air of mysteriousness!

I used some very soft lace and a silken
hand knitted doily to partially frame
their sweet faces 


 and partially covering the image on the opposite side
 with a little
soft felted chiffon! 


  The inspiration for this collage started with a piece of 
recycled fabric from my lovely friend, Liz,


 you can see it on the far left had side.
Aren't those French wood bobbins so gorgeous
that you can see in the front of the pic.?
Well there are still some in her 
 Etsy shop La Croix Roison for sale

Today I'm linking my collage to Wen's
so won't you come over and join me there? 

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