Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lacebook Journal Pages and a Few Finds

You might remember that I am taking part
in a collaborative Round Robin
Lacebook Group.
There are 6 women in our Yahoo Group.

The subject of this book for Deb (Deb has no blog)
is "Victorian Couples" which gave me this

to feature my grandparents!

Isn't that the most beautiful posy Clarice is holding!
She was born in 1899 and married Edward (Fred)
in the early 1920's.

These are the parents of my father, James, who died
only last August at the age of 90.

The next page (of the two I had to contribute) is
of an unknown couple.

This is an original postcard which was retrieved from a
house fire, the owners of which were not at all
interested in keeping, so it ended up in the
hands of my husband along with many others
like this.

The postcard shows some brown tinging with evidence of
a fire.  I surrounded this postcard with a hand crocheted
cream frame which was the perfect size for this

Some of the vintage lace, and beaded lace
were gifted to my by some lovely friends which I
was able to use in these pieces.

I do hope Deb will be happy with these additions to her lacebook
when it arrives back in the U.S.

Speaking of lace - I have a few gorgeous pieces of
vintage lace to show you

These tiny treasures I have acquired very recently
and am so looking forward to using them
in some future projects.

As well as these I thought you might like to see some
beautiful crochet cottons which I purchased as
a lot

along with this very nice frame

which is begging for a vintage cabinet card, postcard
or something similar!

And to finish off this post I am going to show here
the most delightful little antique plate

which has a diameter of only 3inches.
Isn't that just so beautiful?


A huge "thank you" to all my wonderful followers -
new and old for visiting and commenting
even if it is just to say "Hi" - you are so welcome
and appreciated.

"Success is not final,
failure is not fatal:
It is the courage
to continue that counts"
...........Winston Churchill.

Love and blessings to all!
x Suzy x

Friday, April 13, 2012

"Spring Blooms"

 It really wouldn't matter what
the season was when it comes to rose blooms
because in our garden they flower all the way from the
beginning of Spring to Winter
so I have decided to call
this new journal

"Spring Blooms"
because, although we are now experiencing
Autumn here in Australia,

our fragrant rose blooms started in early Spring
hence, the name.

I have used some of my favourite pre-raphaelite
images in this book

as they worked in really well with the soft 
Spring colour tonings.

I also decided to bring out my embellisher,
silks, sheers, raw silk

doilies, coloured laces, in all the lovely Spring
shades and tonings

and pearl buttons.

I also found some pretty sheer pinkish fabric
covered in roses which I think
added to the effect.

From memory I think there were altogether
four signatures plus the journal covers.

I showed just a glimpse of these pages in the making
a couple of posts back

and it was claimed almost immediately from just these

two pages so 
it has almost arrived at its overseas destination already!

Back cover is shown here


the journal in it's entirety looks a bit like this.


I have also just been featured by Gillian Allen at

You can also click this button below on my sidebar to visit

and view more of my journals, collages, clutches, cards. etc.
Art-e-Zine is a wonderful resource for anyone
interested in  journalling and collages and most everything related to these. Here you can view other artists' creations,
their backgrounds as well as lots of other

Wishing you some lovely time over the weekend
enjoying this gorgeous sunshine that
we are just so very fortunate
to experience!

Love and hugs to all
including all of my new followers and faithful
older ones too!

Love and hugs,
Suzy xxx

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Eggs and Blessings

To each and everyone
I wish you Easter Blessings!

I would also like to welcome all of my new followers
and give thanks to all
for taking the time to leave encouraging comments!
You are so appreciated by me.

Real organic brown and blue Easter eggs

She, the silver Aracana hen, who lays the perfect blue Easter eggs
(and all year round eggs!)

produced here on our farm from our beloved feathery friends

and a view of the changing Ornamental Grapevine

as it loses its leaves in the Autumnal days
as we approach Winter

here downunder
with the last of a few remaining blooms

Wishing you all a peaceful Easter Break
I send this lovely Easter card from
with love from
Suzy xxx

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Little Journal for Amalia

Amalia is the daughter of my hairdresser
and she asked me to create
a birthday journal

for her

and as she wanted something very feminine

for her 13th Birthday

I created this.

Here is the back cover.
I thought I would keep it quite simple
using water colour pages
with lots of vintage lacey bits
and pieces, some printed linen, seam binding,
a pretty image,  gold and pearl buttons,
and some stamping.

There is still some gorgeous plants still flowering
in our Autumnal garden here

in Australia

like these gorgeous Windflowers

in double white
single pink.
(I'm still mastering my photography and editing
so hopefully my images will improve!!!).

I have also completed the journal on my previous post
which has already made it's way to
New Jersey
and I will show this one
on my next post.

Hope you are all enjoying some beautiful sunshine
whether it be Spring in the Northern Hemisphere
Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere
"May the light of Love
Shine upon you and
In you!"

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