Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Birthday Card - Simply Neutrals Tuesday 42

Dear Friends thank you for popping into read my blog
again today and I would love to welcome my
new followers here also!

I'm sharing a special Birthday Card
which I made for a wonderful woman whom I met recently
and have the pleasure of sharing some morning teas with.

This is for Alice who will be celebrating her
95th Birthday at her new book launch of Short Stories
next week.


 Alice is a well loved and respected woman
of our local community

 and this is her third book to be published!


 (I love this beautiful linen fabric with printed trees
as it is so representative of the Australian
bush land where Alice grew up!)

 Such an amazing achievement at this ripe age of 95
and I have no doubt her family and friends
will be there to honour her
the occasion!

Come and join us over at Wen's blog to see what other articles
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Thanks Wen for hosting this party again this week for the
pleasure of so many viewers!

xox Suzy

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Angel Friends - Simply Neutrals Tuesday No.40


 Everyone knows just how much I enjoy creating 
books and journals!


 especially with vintage laces and fabrics!

This particular one incorporated the use of some of my 
eco-dyed silks!
I remember also using some vintage
wall paper from a house which we
renovated! So pretty -

serviettes and logan berry dyed doilies!


It's always fun and interesting to see how different
media combine and work together -
yes another challenge worth trying! 
This one has already found it's new home! 

Sharing these pages on Wen's blog at
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you might find there!

Thanks Wen for hosting this line-up again for another week!

Thanks to everyone who is so kind to come and visit me
here to see what I have been up to lately! 

Have a great week and hugs to you all!

xox Suzy 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

I've joined Pinterest! Simply Neutrals Tuesday 39

For those of you who love 
I thought I may let you know that I have finally joined myself
and have set up a few boards there
so here is a taste of a few pins
I have added from my own artworks
as well as many other favorites I have gathered along the way
to date!

These images I have added today are ones

which I thought would be more appropriate
this week at Wen's blog - AppleApricot


My link to Pinterest is 
The link with images is also on my sidebar!!!

 So if you would like to join me there just click on the link.

I'm always keen to see other's Pinterest boards
so let me know if you would like me to

So pop over to Wen's blog if you would love
to see lots of beautiful neutral images!

Thank you always for visiting and
thanks to my new followers here 
Wishing you all a great new week!
and a Happy Easter coming up!
Love and hugs,
Suzy xox

P.S.  I have some beautiful new
Inspiration Kits of fabrics and textiles in my 
if you would like a peek.
I may show them here also shortly.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Treasured Possessions! Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 38

Very often we just don't stop to think how our lives
would feel and could change if we lost everything 
we owned in a matter of just 2-3 hours!

This has been the case of so many families,
in fact 69 homes within 30 k of where I live, 
over the weekend when a horrendous bush fire
in searing heat and high winds
erased the possessions of these poor poor people!

As Summer is closing here on the far south coast of Australia
(akin to say perhaps Southern California in the U.S.)
there was one last day of very high temperatures
threatening to ravage so much native bushland
and many homes so close to the beach!
Thank goodness many of these people were able to flee
to the beach to escape and, in all of this,
not one one life was lost!

A fire also broke out 
 in native bush land no more than
1/2 kilometre away from where we also live 
thankfully the Rural Fire Service
managed to contain it as we were preparing our
escape plan!

With global warming I genuinely fear this scenario
will be one we will be witnessing more of
in the future!
We can never become too complacent with what nature
dishes out!

I can count myself one of the blessed and lucky ones
who can still hold and appreciate my treasures
such as the ones above which have come
into my life over the past couple of months
from some of my dear blogging friends -
thank you so much for being there!

So blessed are we to be amongst some of the more fortunate
ones - this time!

Linking these neutrals to

Thank you my dear friends,
Suzy xxx
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