Saturday, November 24, 2012

Vicki's Pink Scarf Project Finished

Firstly, I would like to thank every single person that
has visited here and left so many wonderful comments about
my Giveaway.  I welcome all of my new followers - 
I will try to visit all of you who have a blog
wish each and everyone the very best of luck!


You may recall just a couple of posts back
that I had started to create some dyed wool for a wrap

for the "Pink Scarf Project" which Vicki
so very generously set up for people to create a pink scarf or wrap
choosing any medium they desired whether is was

knitted, crocheted or sewn and this item
would be donated to women with breast cancer.

 I just love to spin and knit or crochet and saw this
as a wonderful opportunity to contribute something
useful and creative.  So I went ahead with some
of my hand spun mohair (from our own Angora goats),
dyed it to achieve a soft shade of washed out pink.

I approached LaShell of

(where I had previously purchased recycled sari silk ribbon)
who very generously donated this beautiful  sari silk
as a way of contributing to this amazing project also

for my project which I dyed with the same dye
to blend with the hand spun mohair
Wow! I was really delighted to achieve,
what I thought was, a perfect match!

Well you all know me quite well by now to guess that I
wouldn't be able to help myself if

I didn't include some lace or doilies 

So I also dyed some of these as well

and embellished it with a hand fashioned rose

which I also dyed to blend in with the pinks.

It pleases me greatly to know that there is some
very beautiful woman out there who may receive
some comfort and heartfelt warmth as she
travels this difficult journey
all thanks to Vicki
in setting up
this very inspirational project

So if you are interested in pursuing this project and would
like to support Vicki then
I suggest you pop over to her blog and view 
some of the scarves that have already been
so kindly donated.
(Her button is on my sidebar at the top!)

A quick reminder too about my Giveaway which
is still open to enter.

If you would like to enter go to my previous post and
add your name there and please don't be shy
as these opportunities don't come all 
that often!!!
The date for the draw is Wed. 5th Dec.

Wishing for you all a joy filled weekend with continued

Love and hugs, Suzy xxx

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Milestone and Christmas Celebration GIVEAWAY

It's getting that time of year when we all start 
to think about Christmas and gift giving
and as I have reached yet another
milestone with my
thought I would like to give you an opportunity
to receive a gift from me in the form of
this collage
"In the arms of love"

based on this beautiful artwork of 
Bernardino Luini
"Madonna and Sleeping Child".

I am ever so grateful to you for your support and friendship
and for leaving such kind and encouraging comments.
My life has become so enriched in so many
different ways.


The collage is 18x12 inches and consists of

many layers of hand and machine stitched new
and vintage laces and doilies,

vintage upholstery cloth, burlap, buttons and braids.

I am giving away two gifts - the first one is the large collage
and the second gift is a smaller collage below called
"I found wings".

Now how to enter:
If you are a follower already or wish to become one
you can enter once here
if you would like to mention it or place the Giveaway
on your sidebar then
let me know in your entry here on this post
I will draw a second winner for this smaller collage.

The draw will take place on:
Wed. 5th December

 I'm wishing everyone the very best of luck
and to reiterate

"Thank you so very much"
for your continued love and 
support of my creative journey with you here!
a very special welcome to all new followers too!

......Love minus zero,
Suzy xxx

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sampling a Giveaway and Springtime Garden

 It is a very abundant time in our garden this time of year
(so I am warning you that this is quite a lengthy
and picturesque post if you enjoy garden

in so many different ways especially
with the roses in bloom.

Popping up everywhere you will find forget-me-nots, granny's bonnets, grasses of all sorts,

hydranges, irises, roses - rambling and climbing

beautiful shade tress of Chinese Elms, Japanese Maples, Silver Birches,

Buddleas and places to just sit 

and take in all the fragrances, listen to the birds
and watch the Angora goats grazing!

Spectacular colour as in these irises!

And just around the corner is another garden of old world roses

and climbers like this Cecile Brunner and the soft apricot
shades of Crepiscule.

Now on one of the branches of this climber 
which happens to be outside my studio

 you might remember I mentioned that a Willy Wagtail
was creating a nest
and since then everyday as I have been creating
only metres from my table

I have witnessed the most amazing little miracle
of the entrance into the world

of these three baby Wagtails

and the emergence of each one

from the nest,

the testing, spreading and stretching of their little wings,

gaining strength in their little legs
in readiness for flight!

Now it's not every day that we are blessed with
such an amazing miracle 
within just a few feet of where we create just outside -
 that's for sure!
And what's more I feel so blessed for
living in such a special place indeed!

 Even with all this distraction I have managed to create
a little something ( yes - just a tad lacey!) 
for all of my wonderful
followers as a little
"Thank you"
which I will be sharing in a Giveaway very soon!
So do stay tuned to enter yourself!

Wishing you all a most relaxing and joyful weekend!

Love, Suzy xxx

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