Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Journal "Through Winter's Door" - New Work!

Most of my followers here know me through
my artworks with fabric and fibre mostly,
as I adventure outside of my comfort zone
into the world of paints and brushes I have completed
a new journal.


 Using one of my favorite subjects "Stone Angels"
I have entitled it
"Through Winter's Door"

I have stenciled, inked, painted, patched, experimented 
dyed and sewn

 and when angels are close to your heart
the art comes easily!


 Some of this vintage fabric I have even painted
and stamped. Behind these fabrics you can
see my swirling mind expressed with paints


 I'm really a beginner in this area
but using my handmade brush
I've made a start!

With my awl I scribed text onto painted and 
gessoed pages and with free machine stitching
scribed "love and guidance".


It's all about letting yourself go
giving it a "go"!



I think that is the key to it all!



 xox Suzy

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Are You Looking for Some New Inspiration?

Hello dear friends - thank you for being here!
I have been busy in my studio
collecting and preparing
all sorts of gorgeous
fabrics, laces, doilies, silk ribbon, seam binding,
fringe trim and some lovely art images
to create more of these 
"Kits for Art Creations".

Lace Fabrics!
Trims and jewellery!
(now Sold!)
 As I have been a collector (hoarder!!!!) of beautiful
fabrics, laces and the like for a very long time now
I've decided that they would make
an excellent starting point when collated into kits
to spark your imagination
to create something unique in your style.




 If blues are more your thing then there is still this one too!



You can read more about them here in my Etsy
to see what the kits contain
if none of these color palettes are to your taste
perhaps I can create a custom order especially for you!
Just email me at suziqu@tpg.com.au

Wishing you all a wonderfully creative week! 
xox Suzy

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kits for Artful Creations

Hello dear friends - thank you for coming to visit me here
today and share in what I have to show you!.
Sometimes we just need a little kick start
to get our creative juices flowing
so I thought some of these
ingredients for creating a collage, a journal page, a card,
 a mini quilt,
a bag etc. might just be the thing to do it.




 I have gathered a number of fabrics, fabric laces, vintage
doilies, fringe trims, seam binding, flower
appliques and some printed words
to inspire!


 These  two kits come in shades of blue/grey, browns and old gold
with images by the artist Bourguereau 



  I also have this one in shades of pinks, maroon
and old gold also
with a Pre-raphaelite image that could be used 
as a centre piece.



I've even included a piece of upholstery fabric from
some of our old vintage chairs that were
 needing some repair!

So if you think these are your cup of tea and
you would like to turn them into
your own artwork
they can be found here
in my Etsy shop.
Let me know if you would like to see more images of any
xox Suzy

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Little Button Boots and All Dressed Up!


 These are two of my latest collaged wallhangings
that I have been creating - 
"Little Button Boots" is the first one

I did list them in my Etsy Shop a couple of days ago

 but they have already been taken.
Isn't this vintage beaded and sequin applique
just beautiful?
It really is quite heavy!

and this is the next one!
"All dressed up"!

Layers of sweet laces, doilies and lace fabrics

pieces of recycled silks and dyed scrim -
what better textiles to create with
than these recycled fabrics
from old skirts!

This little sweetie looks simply amazingly dressed

in her elegant gown, black gloves
and draw string bag wearing
the sweetest smile -
I hope she didn't have to stand there and practise this pose
for tooo long!!!


Now as a bit of a face lift to my blog I decided to give my header
 an update to reflect a more current representation
of my artwork - I did it myself and think I'm rather
pleased with the simple no-fuss approach!

I realized that it has been 2 years since my last one was created so beautifully by Karen Valentine
I used Picasa as my guide and it really was quite easy -
anyway I am open to any suggestions or comments!!! 

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend
whether it is warm and sunny or
freezing cold 
as it is here Downunder right now.
The freezing nights very gratefully are turning into
the most warm and sunny days for Winter
here so there's plenty of warmth in the
sun to make you still feel motivated.

I'd love to hear what you is motivating you today!!!

Love and hugs,
xox Suzy

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Stone Angel Collage and a Gift Created

Angels can bring peace into our lives
and when I came across this
beautiful stone angel image


I decided to create a collage entitled "Peaceful Prayer"
incorporating this beautiful piece.

  I've used a number of vintage and recycled fabrics, 
fabric lace, stamped chiffon, vintage laces
with embellishments and ties
from various sari ribbons.

It is available for sale in my Etsy shop
(now Sold!)
You may remember that earlier this year I received
this most beautiful gift from Marie
(Lost Bird Studio blog)
for my birthday.

Well I showed it to a friend of mine who had recently
gifted me some of her old jewellery to use
in my artwork
and she absolutely loved it
I decided to create one very similar using her own jewellery
which she could have as a little keepsake
this is how it turned out.


 As well as incorporating some of her pieces of jewellery
inc. a bracelet and earings as well as
a little teapot - Ros loves a cup of tea -
I used some of her ribbon lace from her Mother's
wedding dress.
It is her birthday today and I am just about to hand it to her!

Thanks dear blogging friends for your loyalty 
in continuing to visit and leave
such inspiring comments.

We really do receive heaps of inspiration from our blogging
friends like this gift above and I hope it continues

xox Suzy

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Delicate Collages

Well as I was pulling out some of my Spring colored
fabrics and vintage laces like these

(some beautiful silk chiffons)


I thought of creating a couple of new collages using these
images of sweet vintage children


  I love these images for their simple beauty
I turned them into these.



 It didn't quite all happen with the wave of a wand
but I become so engrossed in the making 
that I never noticed
where the hours went!



It's just about building layers like we do with our lives
and hopefully they end up creating harmony.
If you think these collages could bring harmony
into your lives then you may find them
in my Etsy shop
Linking this collage above to What's it Wednesday
at Ivy and Elephants blog with Paula so take a look there
at all the other lovely links too! 

Thanks for your wonderful visits  -  always!

xox Suzy


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