Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Item in My Etsy Shop

Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful comments
on my previous post about my
stacks of creations.

Now I would just like to share a couple of things I have been creating lately.

Firstly this new Shabby Chic Vintage Cut Lace Journal.
If you love vintage cut lace and French lace
then this will appeal to you!

It is all in tones of coffee and chocolate.

Back cover!

And inside lightly stamped medium weight water colour paper
stamped in the French style!
lots of room for journalling your own thoughts, feelings etc.

I was so inspired by Lilla at
when she gave a little tutorial on her Card Holder
and this is my version

of that:

Thank you Lilla for sharing this with us - you have so many tutorials
available to advance our skills!
More cut lace here - can't you tell how much I love it???
This has already left home and gone to live in
Adelaide with a friend
as a gift of thanks.

And just one last thing I will give a quick look at is

this "Heart Felt" Rose Journal
more pages about this one later.

Well dear friends, that's it for now,
so go over to my

for a good look around!

Hope your week is going well for you - go quietly and thoughtfully as you move into
the new season
whether it be Spring or Autumn
in your part of the world!

Love Suzy xxx

Monday, September 26, 2011

Where Stackoholics Unite!

Whilst I was visiting some of my favourite and inspirational blogs
I cam across Seth Apter's challenge

Now Seth is inviting all artists and bloggers to present their
paper stacks and this could also include books, journals and in fact
any other of your favourite stacks you would like to share.

Take a photo of your favourite stack/stacks post them on your own blog
and email the link to him so that it can be added to the Link List.
This numbered list will be updated continuously and
eventually will end up on his sidebar permanently.

Now how inventive an idea is that?
Thank you Seth!!!

So here you can view a few true confessions:

Now we all love to collect and stack old books!
Can't tell you how much inspiration I have derived from the
antique book called "A Young Woman's Treasure Book" Pub. 1885

and, of course, with my passion for fabrics as well as papers
are my journals.

more paper and lace!

and quilts made over several years

and lastly a stack of vintage lace tablecloths.

So go over to Seth's blog and view the most beautiful art
that he has to share.

xxx Suzy

Friday, September 23, 2011

Who is Going to Win the Giveaway?

The time has arrived for the drawing of the
Giveaway for Gratitude
before announcing the winners I would just like to express
my sincere thanks and appreciation for
the kindness shown with so many positive comments
from all of my old and new followers
over the recent loss of my Dad.

It truly has been a constant source of strength and understanding.
I would like to add that this is hard for me
as, in my eyes, everyone is a Winner!!!

The Random Generator has spoken
First gift goes to: Yitte
who will receive this:

and this

and this

Yitte is the creator of so many beautiful mixed media items and fabric journals.

Second gift goes to: Sharon

Sharon makes the most beautiful paper journals in her craftroom.

Sharon will receive this gift:

Dear winners please make sure that I have your email addresses!

You might like to pay a visit to these blogs and view their beautiful creations.
It is wonderful that one gift has gone to a new follower
one gift to an old follwer.

Thank you every body once again for leaving such heartfelt comments -
it continues to spur me on in my creative pursuits
and it is from all of you
that I derive so much of my inspiration!

I will leave you with some more Spring Blossom and Magnolia photos of my garden
for you to enjoy
as the weekend approaches here in our part of the world
whilst you are appreciating the more subdued and soft lights of the
approaching Autumn.

"If you see a friend without a smile -
give them one of yours".

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Love, Suzy xxx

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spring Brings New Life to Baby Birds and Me

This is Springtime in our garden at home.
Have you ever seen such a glorious Weeping Cherry as this?

You can actually get in underneath it - it is just so large!

This is what fairytale gardens are made of!
Those blossoms are of the softest shades of pink and white!

And not only does Spring bring such new growth
also new life and new beginnings!

Just look at these divine little baby Grey Shriek Thrushes being fed a dragon fly
by their mother
to think it is all happening in view from our kitchen window!
Jeff placed this cutdown garden pot on a bracket
about 3 years ago in our outdoor living garden room
and so far we have had
three separate hatchlings.

over here nestled in this Sweet Osmanthus
is another nest of baby New Holland Honeyeaters

Look at the expression in it's eyes!
Just how precious is that???

And I couldn't resist showing images of this dear little nest I also found

Look at the colours of these feathers -
So beautiful
I can identify the red ones as being from that of the
Red Browed Fire Tail
We have so many of these little birds in our garden.

I can even see some of the clippings from our Apricot Poodle in there -
Miss Lilly.

Spring and the bird song and the new movement of life
has been the motivation for my new nature journal

"Little Bird".

The bird image used on the front cover is from Dawn at
Dawn has been so generous in allowing bloggers
access to her beautiful images - thank you Dawn!

Other materials used on the cover include scrim which I have dyed and quilted
along with silk for leaves, webbing for the bird's nest,
buttons and a feather from an Australian "Kookaburra".

This opened page view displays a pocket which holds a
First Day Cover
of renowned Botanist, Sir Joseph Banks,
who accompanied Captain Cook in the "Endevour"
to Australia.

The scripted page is from a paper napkin which came all the way from
my dearest friend, Dorthe, in Denmark
and will now be winging its way to Canada
(the world's best travelled paper napkin!!!).

This back cover is made from upholstery fabric depicting an Oak Leaf.
I shall post more pages a bit later!

Finally one last reminder about my
Giveaway for Gratitude
If you would like to enter
you have just two days to put your comment
in the post which is
The post before the last post.

Wishing everyone the best of luck
in the draw!

Hope you are all having a most creative week!

Love Suzy xxx

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spring is Coming and So is Some New Work

Firstly I would love to thank everyone of you who
has posted such heart felt and encouraging
comments over the loss of my
Dad -
for entering your name in my


which will be drawn in exactly one week
Friday, 23rd Sept.
there is still time if you would like to enter -
Just leave your comment in the post below this one.

As we all know:

(From the Byrd's song)
There is "A time to dance, a time to mourn
To everything (turn turn turn)
There is a season (turn turn turn)
And a time to every purpose under Heaven".

So with the advent of the Spring season here where I live
on the far south coast of Australia

I have turned my muse to a new birth of creativity
in the form of a Nature Journal
which is on my table
ready for assembling.

I was so fortunate that this commission came just at the time
when I was needing the challenge
of a new project
to get back

to the place where I belong - in my studio!!!

Thank you so much Gisele

for the challenge!

Thank you also to every new follower who has joined my blog
and for the inspiring comments you have left!
It is so appreciated and gives me
a reason to continue
to fulfil my purpose

Have a wonderful upcoming weekend
take care of yourselves and everyone around you!
You are all special!

Hugs from

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Giveaway for Gratitude

It really is never easy to say
your last "Goodbye" to a loving parent, especially the only remaining one!
The funeral and all the associated emotional events around it
did leave us quite empty.

However, I can't tell you just how many blessings, how much comfort and peace
I received from the most heart warming comments I received from
blogging friends and even bloggers unknown
during this time of grief.

So as a way of expressing my deep gratitude and appreciation to you all
and to help restore some of my creative motivation
I have created

This Giveaway
ending on Friday, 23rd September.

for you all to enter as a Bouquet of Love!

It also provides a chance for my new followers to possibly share in my creations.

There are no rules except one entry per person
please feel free to
place it on your sidebar to share with others.

I have two chances for you to win:
The first person drawn will win the above collaged and embellished
Rose Clutch
(This was very popular in a previous giveaway!)
made from a recycled lace tray cloth, a cut lace linen doiley,
scrim and satin ribbon roses with vintage buttons,
a buckle and a bundle of lace fabrics.

The second person whose name I draw
will receive this embellished lace and linen doiley needlebook

with some white silk tassel fringing,
Venetian and cotton laces and


So here is the total amount being given away:

The draw will take place on
Friday, 23rd September.

I wish everyone including all my new followers
the very best of luck and look forward
to your continued love and support of my artwork
thank you all so very much for leaving such wonderful comments.

Enjoy this protea from our garden "Blushing Bride".

Wishing you love, peace and blessings,
Suzy xxx
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