Monday, May 20, 2013

Another Nature Fabric and Lacebook "Birds Inspire"

This book was created by me some twelve months ago
and was inspired by a delightful calender I was
gifted from an old friend
for Christmas
last year.

Unfortunately I lost all of the images soon after
with one of those unfortunate computer

(The quilted and buttoned spine)

and I had to retrieve them from the same friend
in a different format so I do apologize
for the quality of the images. 

I remember how I just couldn't wait to start
creating this one because I really was
inspired so much by the
beautiful images.

I dyed much of the vintage lace

as well as the scrim and raw silk to complement
the theme of the work.

I incorporated some floral vintage
curtain fabric which I had
in my fabric stash
for many
(which became more tattered and torn as I created  with it
and you know how easy that can happen when you
start to tear this precious woven stuff!).

Here you can see some machine embroidered
stitching over raw dyed silk

framing the pretty bird image which
sits over the layers of printed linen, lace fabric,
upcycled machine embroidered cotton
and doilies.

I have repeated some of the rose printed linen
and signature cottons to bring more
continuity to the pages too.

Back page here with scrim and burlap binding
which has been stippled quilted.
This book is now living with a dear blogging friend
in Holland, Yvonne. Go and take a look
at her gorgeous mixed media work!

Whether it is Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter
we can always see both birds and flowers 
to inspire us and fill our hearts
with the love of
mother nature!

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Thank you so much for your kind comments
that you leave here on my blog -
my world would be a lesser
place without your
input and support!
a warm welcome to all my new followers!

I hope you all get a chance to be in nature this week
to enjoy the beauty and quietness and to
feel what it gives us!

xxx Suzy

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vintage Lace and Linen in a Bag

I was thinking it might be time to create something
just a little different
using some
left over linen and laces combining them with
a beautiful old white cotton blouse

 to create this little bag to hold bits of ephemera,
laces, ribbons or whatever comes to mind!
Maybe even your secret dreams!

Isn't this such a pretty old piece of cut lace linen?

I had already used the other end of it on 
a journal page about a year ago.

 Somehow the addition of brown and black buttons
brings more vintage charm to these old

 The back of the bag is made by combining
pieces into a crazy patchwork effect.

and more buttons on a rusty old safety pin
brings a bit of shabby charm
don't you think?

 and what better thing to create
with than those gorgeous little left over pieces
of precious lace?

- a tag to adorn this dear little image with!

Although we are about a month away from
the start of Winter here in Australia
I'm still picking these beautiful
blooms of "Just Joey"
to grace our kitchen window shelf with
and what a beautiful view it is from the kitchen window here
as the Autumn leaves rapidly fall and get blown away.

Did you know that Pink Roses represent
happiness, gentleness and sweetness?
May your days be filled with much of 
all of these!

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Love and blessings, Suzy  xox

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Autumn Colour in our World

 How could I not resist sharing these images of
Autumnal goodness in our part of the world?
(On the far south coast of Australia)
Only two weeks ago we were seeing
these golden leaves

slowly turning to varying shades of pink

 into these deep russet tones of red

It is so amazing to be able to peek through
these curtains of the Ornamental Grape Vine

draping itself across the verandah

forming different framed pictures out into the garden! 

Look at the contrast it creates against the greens!

Autumn leaves falling creating a carpet
of jewells! 

that I just can't bear to sweep up
because I know before long the wind will carry them away

for us to gather up and compost them to grow more goodness

that will end up on our table in time

as well as create more deep rich beautiful mulch
for our ever changing and rambling country

It is a very fortunate life to be able to experience all
of the four seasons and to appreciate each
and every day we have our
precious health and

I contemplate and reflect on these words again as I think of my
dear friend, Andrea, recovering the effects
of neurosurgery right now for a brain tumor.
  Please help me send her much
healing energy
with love.

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful comments left
for my "Gypsies Past" Lace book
a very warm welcome to all of my new Followers!

Love and blessings, Suzy

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