Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birds Nests and Bells

I really don't have to walk very far at all
from my back door
to find these amazing birds' nests!

There are so many different bird species on our property

but I particularly love to collect the nests made by
the Willy Wag Tails

 and the Red Browed Fire tails
(little finches)

because they are so tiny and delicately created.
The nest above also incorporates the fluff
from the puppy clippings
because it makes the
 perfectly soft lining
for a nest!

The bells have taken on a rusty patina
just by living out in the garden
room over the many
even still with a sweet ring to the ear.

Just wanted to share a few vintage images I have collected
along the way

and this Swallow's nest

along with this beautiful graphic

so appropriate for Easter
and from The Feathered Nest
 this poster

and these words of wisdom!

I'm linking today to Blissful Whites Wednesday

Wishing you all a Blessed Easter
along with my gratitude for your lovely comments
that you leave when you visit me here!

Love and hugs dear friends,
Suzy xxx

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lacebook for Liz

I very recently sent this parcel off to my friend, Liz,

as a birthday gift.

This shows the attached tag and I wrapped it

 in some layers of crazy patch worked laces.

Now Liz is really keen to start her first fabric journal 
and being a wee bit intimidated as to
where and how to begin 
I decided to make a small lace book
which she could refer to.

I used one of my vintage books with some precious

 old vintage images of women in pen and ink

set in garden scenes.  

 Some beautiful embroidered lace and linen
tablecloths were incorporated here.

 vintage knitted doilies, Suffolk puffs, 
lovely tortoiseshell buttons
and tiny lace motifs

If you look very closely at the left side of these pages

you will see a tiny hand crocheted flutter-by
which I received from Karen of
Thank you dear Karen for gifting me with some of
your very own  beautiful hand work which I could share 

A lace pocket here holding another  handkerchief
in it's own little pocket -
that's a pocket within a pocket you might say!

 These pages incorporate some very old
wool embroidered fabric which belonged to the
the parents-in-law of a dear friend of mine, Jan.

- a rusty old bottle top
always just goes with lace.

The back cover is from lovely piece
of recycled pin tucked cotton blouse.

and the tie which wraps around the whole book
is made from some old  worn and torn chair webbing
and sari silk.
You can see the buttons from the blouse here.

The many layers which build up the picture

more rust

and finally the binding!

I do hope this little lace book brings the necessary inspiration
to help you Liz and anyone else feeling inclined
to create one of these.
I do know one of these days I had better put this together
as an exercise in learning for all!
I am linking up with Doni (thank you Doni!)
for Pearls and Lace Thursday
Becky at
for Time Washed Wednesdays
Thanks also Becky for this!
I know many of you are yearning for Spring as
some of us are welcoming Autumn - whatever
is your season let it fill your heart 
with the gratitude of life!

xxx Suzy

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Season's Ending

 Some of the fading joys of Summer's ending
 here on our property -
The last big flush of fragrant roses!

the gutsy goaty girls and boys!

the Black Swamp Wallabies out and about
in the early morning dew!

the dry native grasses,
the Wattyl birds feeding on the grevilleas,
and the black ducks arriving for winter on the pond!

more favourite roses and garden light
reflecting on the sunroom window!

and hearts to remember the Summer gone!

So much joy to remember everyday!

Thank you everyone for sharing all this with me - your friendship
means a lot!
xxx Suzy

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