Friday, January 24, 2020

Devestation and Destruction by Bush Fires in Australia

Somethings at some stage you just have to surrender as we did when moving from this beautiful home and property we built together in Kiah on the South East Coast of Australia
 more than 15 years ago on a magnificent pristine river with a 2kilometre long wetland!

But the memories are strong and the keepsake photos more precious as a reminder that nothing is permanent when all is erased by fire to ash! Our thoughts are with the current owners who now find themselves homeless
So sad to see so much loss and devestation of precious lives, wild life and farm animals from these 
catastrophic fires
on the south east coast of Australia
not to mention
the impact of the bushfires on Kangaroo Island off
the coast of South Australia!
Billions of wild life has been erased by this
at this stage
the fires seem to be unstoppable with this
incredible climate disruption!!! 


Please pray for Australia and for heavy rain to put these fires to rest!!!

Thank you dear friends for visiting me here!
and for taking the time to 
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Suzy xxx

Monday, January 6, 2020

Catastrophic Bushfires in Australia

This was from our sunroom yesterday morning  at 7.30 am but no sun coming to us today as we experience terrifying fires all around us! We have to mask up before walking outside as the sooty air and ash is so thick but we have our lives and we are safe for now but devastated by the unimaginable loss of precious life and properties as we learn of places and people who have lost everything! I think this must be the biggest natural disaster Australia has seen and we can’t see an end to it yet!   

  Dear friends such a transformed sky this morning from red to white (just the smoke we are living with now) and almost feel guilty having the privilege even being able to look out of a window where others no longer can! All your prayers have brought us a little rain even over night to help in quelling these horrendous fires! The second image shows the land still burning on the skyline as the firies are still trying to drive it away from the coastal town of Merimbula and inland Bega areas where we live!
We have been spared for now but we still cannot rest until we get some heavy rains!
I’m feeling so 💔💔💔for the indescribable losses to our people, animals and land!
We can’t thank our firies enough for the absolutely incredible job in trying to keep everyone safe! They are our heroes! It’s about saving lives!
Thank you soo much for all of your loving support through these treacherous days!
We made it this far!

In a week or so the heat will be back with the increased threat to nature life and loved ones but let’s hope it is nothing like the blow torch we need to upon our ignorant politicians and our poor ignorant climate disruption deniers!

Let’s hope love and science walk hand in hand to find a solution!!
 I do apologise for the poor quality of these images
they were taken directly from my iphone
but I think they convey to some extent
the severity of our situation.

Love and thanks to everyone for your support! 
Suzy xxx

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