Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Beautiful Gifts

Yet another most beautiful gift has arrived in the mail from
It came wrapped in this beautiful upholstery fabric with her beautiful promotional card advertising her brand new book.  See my sidebar for all the details about this.

And inside I found this most beautiful collage.  It was the one I won during the
One World One Heart Event.
This collage depicts Lovey's unique style of collage featuring Historical African American Women.  It is simply beautiful!
Thank you so much Lovey - it is so special!

And then there were these gorgeous gifts from
Judy of

Such beautiful crazy patchworked collage with lace and beads - I just love this!
along with more fabric and some dyed motifs by Judy which
I can incorporate into some of my own creations!
Thank you again Judy, my friend - so kind hearted that you are!!!

And the last one was a package for my birthday from a dear friend, Ros

So nicely wrapped in these pretty coloured glass and fabric beads

I found these:
Soft pastel coloured butttons, doilies and lace.

Just so many things to create with - All just gorgeous.

A very big "Thank you" to all three of you!
Love from me,
Suzy xxx

Monday, March 28, 2011

Two New Cards

From the vintage fabrics and other materials
which you saw on my table
in my last post
I have made two new cards -

This one
Some of these fabrics from Rajasthan are truely gorgeous -
the piece in the foreground is a burnt orange crepe - so fine -
which has been embroidered


This one

which is a Wedding Card for a girlfriend (Ros) whose daughter (Candice)
 is getting married very shortly to a lovely fellow from India.
They will have one marriage here in Australia in Melb
the other will be a 3 day celebration in Lucknow, India.
So I have chosen some Vintage Indian braid and gold fabrics underlying
some Vintage lace and topped with a Klimpt image which I have printed onto canvas.

I have also made some more pages from these fabrics which I have decided to put
into a small journal
so hopefully that may be following soon!!!

I would like also apologise for the poor quality of the photos in the previous post
when I had to use an old computer whilst my laptop was with the fix-it man, Glen
whom I am eternally grateful for.
more apologies for the little white squares which occurred when Blogger
failed to accept my attempts in posting these photos.

Hope you all have a wonderful week with lots of fun

Friday, March 25, 2011

Inspired by this............

I have made a collage of what I have on my table at present.
These items include:

Indian wooden blocks
Distress Inks
Coffee for staining/dyeing
Dyed Tussore Silk
Sari ribbon in an array of colours
Vintage Sari braid
Vintage dyed laces
Vintage recycled fabrics from Rajasthan
a Vintage book of poems by Persian Mystic, Jami.

These are the tools of some new inspirational work which I am playing around with
I  couldn't  decide whether  to make a journal or some cards
I decided to start small and create some cards:

Some detail of cards
(These two cards above have since been purchased and are off to Melbourne)
this one which is completely different using the vintage fabrics, some furnishing fabric
plus braid and some gorgeous lace which was a gift from
Judy does some very beautiful crazy patchwork, beading and stitching
amongst many other crafts - a truely talented woman.

Well another weekend is almost upon us - it's Friday in Australia
do hope you all have a wonderful time doing what you most love.

Love and hugs to all my followers
and thank you all so much for leaving such kind comments on my work.
xxx Suzy

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Brooche Holder

This is an idea I had for a friend of mine,
Vicki, who is turning 60
as she has a beautiful collection of vintage brooches
I thought this would be a neat idea for displaying them

 I just happen to know that she would really would love one of these anyway!!!!

I couldn't think of anything richer than black velvet on which to
display them all.

Some cotton coffee dyed lace and braid!

embellished with lace and buttons!

A special thankyou to all my new followers
to every dear blogging friend
who has left a comment!
It is truely appreciated!
I wish for you all a really peaceful weekend
sparing just a precious kind  and loving thought for everyone who has been so affected by the earthquake in
xx Suzy

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Pandora's Box" Journal is Finished!!!

Many of you know that I have been working on my
Fabric Altered Book
now over the past short while
through an on-line workshop
See all the details here:
and I can now share with you the result of this work.
The theme here is "Pandora's Box" where no one but the craeator
can know what lies within - a surprise to all!

The Journal comprises 3 signatures of 4 pages in each signature which ends in a total of
48 pages all up.  The signatures can contain any number of pages (roughly up to 6 pages)
but as I just love to work so much with fabrics I chose only 4.

I would have to say that most of the fabrics, braids, laces that I used
were recycled which is a very pleasing feeling to me!

The embroidered silk fabric on the right came from a very beautiful vintage silk camisole which I wore some 40 years ago -
boy that is really telling of my age!!!!

Some eco-dyed silk by me on the left used with some favourite linen embroidered recycled fabric and braid from my cushion collection from the 70's.  It is amazing how hard it is to part with those textured trims that you love so much! 

This next page on the right shows one of the most beautiful

leaves from an ornamental grapevine lining our verandah in front of our home.

And here a special heart card from a special friend (Jo) made with handmade paper.

A piece of a pink vintage cardigan with the most exquisite beading lies next to some
single and double feather stitching by yours truely!

And, of course, no journal would be complete without some of my crazy patchwork using vintage fabrics, silks, velvets, fancy stitching and a few beads
alongside some vintage sari braids and silk!

The whole journal measures approx. 9" x 5.5" x approx. 4" thick!
Front and back covers are from a recycled book using water colour paper for the pages.
There are many more pages but I could not fit them all in here!

The whole process has been just so inspiring to me and it has given me the opportunity to extend
myself into new mediums!

Thank you Nelly for sharing your skills
for your heartfelt encouragement!
xx Suzy

Monday, March 7, 2011

OWOH - Gifts of Kindness

The One World One Heart
must surely be
Huge Thanks go to Lisa Swifka for all the hard work she has put into this wonderful
 event over the past 5 years.
Lisa - thank you so much for bringing together so many like-minded artful souls
and for giving us the opportunity to share so much creativity and joy
along the whole journey
and for all the wonderful friendships that have been made.

I personally feel truely grateful for the whole experience
and for the most wonderful gifts I have received.
Among these include :
Viola from

Her beautiful gift was wrapped in this large oval shaped dyed doily
and inside I found these:
How gorgeous is Viola's work!
A handmade fabric collage, tags and some beautiful lace.
Thank you so very much Viola - I will love and treasure these
and feel especially honoured to have recieved these.

And speaking of all things lacey came my second prize from
A very beautiful white vintage laced cushion and oh just look at the beautiful image in the centre!
Not to mention the french influenced tag!
It is sitting perfectly happy on top of one of my vintage laced quilts.
And thought it looked quite at home on my bed! - What do you think?

Thank you sweet woman Liz for your gorgeous work
in putting this together!

Next from one truely special woman from
is Abigail with her truely special gift
of this painting called
"Little Bird"
bearing this message:
"Still voice within - Lead me and guide me."

Abigail is a rare and heartfelt artist and a true inspiration to any artist who is on the
path of soul searching!
Abigail I am in debt to you always.  I will love and treasure this piece and always be
reminded of the connection to you when I look at it.

From Palma Rea in Italy
came these beautiful draw prizes of
this delicate heart on a chain
plus a collaged card and some extra threads - just what we fibre artists need to create with!
Thanks heaps Palma - you are one incredible artist whose work is just so colourful
and vibrant!

And finally, as if all this wasn't enough, arrived in the mail was this:
from Diane at
Diane's mixed media art is very inventive.
This is an image which has been edited using Photoshop
and transferred onto canvas.
What a clever woman she is - a wonderful mixed media artist.
Thank you for your kindness Dian.

Well, all in all, I think I have received more than my fair share of such wonderful art coming
from, as far and wide as,
Germany, England, the United States and Italy

Thank you all so very much for making this OWOH event
so memorable!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Many Ways of Creating a Heart

There are many ways to create a heart
this has been made using vintage fabrics, sari ribbon, Indian
braids, tapestry fabric and laces.
These are a couple more pages for my
Altered Fabric Book
now you can see how it grows and grows!
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