Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Time to Celebrate a GIVEAWAY

Ah! Ahhh! Life is full of wonderful surprises
and, as luck has it, I wanted to express
my sincere appreciation and thanks
to all of my new and old followers
here by giving you all a chance
to win a piece of
my artwork!

So having reached over 400 followers
and with it being so close to
I decided to offer this prize as a gift.

Without your interest, loyalty, inspiring comments
and your positive input as well as all of the
many wonderful friendships I have made
I doubt I would have extended

 myself in my own creativity
as much as I have.

 There are no tricks or hoops to jump through
just leave one comment per person here,
following if you wish,
and you will be entered in the draw
to win


 this fabric collage (20" x 12") featuring
a Dante Gabriel Rosetti print from
my own collection of
"The Damsel of the Sanct Grail".

I have used a number of vintage laces, jewellery,
upholstery fabrics, embroidered velvet,
repurposed printed velvet,
tapestry (vintage and new)
raw silk, braid and tassels.

"Thank you so much" all of you Blog Landers!

Now most importantly
the draw will take place on:


Please make sure your email address is on your profile page
of your blog too so that I can contact you - thanks!
Please feel free to place this button on your sidebar too!

I wish everyone the very best of luck.

Love and hugs from me to you,
Suzy xxx

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another Mixed Media Journal for my Etsy Shop

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a journal (which incidentally has been sold)
 that I completed
with Isabel Hall from the U.K.
when she visited Australia promoting her new book
entitled " New Studio Techniques"

well I have completed a second similar Mixed Media Journal
 which is now for sale in my
Etsy Shop
(see above)
Once again the cover has been made from
Crash (a cross between paper and cloth),
crayons, alcohol inks, gold and copper
encaustic wax as well as scrapbooking pages.

It measures approx. 11" x 8" with
12 signatures in both printed and  plain pages in
 shades of chocolate, coffee, olive and beige.

and the spine has been sewn together with
variagated embroidery threads.

More details can be seen by visiting
my Etsy

Oh and just a few more wonderful things:

"Love yourself
Accept yourself
Forgive yourself
and be good to yourself
because without you...
the rest of us are without
a source of many wonderful things!"
.....Leo Buscaglia

xxx Suzy

Monday, November 21, 2011

Crazy Quilt Gatherings Winter Issue

For all of you who just are addicted to crazy quilting
everything associated with this subject including
embellishing, embroidery,  collaging, fabric art,
 lace painting, tutorials and tips on
clutches, bags, fabric journals etc. etc.
you can purchase your very own copy of
Crazy Quilt Gatherings
by visiting

where you can read all about obtaining this at MagCloud

and this issue contains a publicaiton
by yours truly
on some steps in creating your own fabric journal

such as this one above.  In this article I explain
some steps in what you will need

in starting to create some collages

which form the bases of your pages.
So go to Pat Winter's blog above
where you will be linked to
MagCloud Publishers
to review
the Winter Edition of this most beautiful magazine.

Pat must be commended for her incredible
publishing skills in bringing together
the artworks and creations of
some of the world's best
crazy quilters and mixed media artists.

Thank you so much Pat.

Love Suzy xxx

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Bit of Sewing and A Bit of Garden to Show

Whilst I have been putting together an order
for some needlebooks
(which I promise to show on completion)

shown above
I thought I might share some Springtime Garden Roses and
other plants from our garden on the far south coast

of Australia.

This shows the driveway entrance on the right
and a front paddock with our goats.

A rose arbor at the entrance.

Pierre de Ronsard climbing on the right

A sea of fox gloves growing amongst two more
climbing roses -  William Morris and
Teasing Georgia on the right.

Some close ups of climbing Charles Austin
The Alnwick rose of David Austin
Sally Holmes on the bottom of the stack.

Around the back of our home are more climbers
including Crepescule below

Cecile Brunner rose over the pergola

and outside our bedroom window is
David Austin's Umbridge and also
Lorraine Lee climbing along the verandah.

If only I could share the fragrance of this incredible bush
of Mock Orange which fills our bedroom of an

This view is of some Manchurian Pear trees, Silver Birches
and Chinese Elms which we planted on our arrival
here about 6 years ago.

Last but not least is a flower picked from our
Magnolia Grandiflora which
has the softest fragrance
but it is just such a large flower which measures approx.
8 inches across and is truly magnificent.

So there you have it -
a mini tour of our flowering Spring Garden.
Hope you enjoyed it.

A special thanks and welcome to all the wonderful
people who have followed me recently -
you are so appreciated!

xxx Suzy

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vintage Roses and Lace Clutch

From time to time I have made
these clutches
often as a "giveaway" here on my blog.

I have just made another one which is going into
my etsy shop

I get so much pleasure from putting these together
as I get a chance to use some of these
gorgeous vintage laces, doilies
and embroidered tray cloths

which I have been collecting over the years.

Look at this gorgeous embroidered butterfly on this piece.

I have lined it with some very soft beige and white cotton with a
beautiful large flower printed over it.

and embellished it with some roses dyed from cheesecloth
and added layers of collaged
dyed doilies
topped with a cameo and pearls.

and finally the back of the clutch
is embellished with
another dyed doiley
and it looks so pretty I think!

I have bordered the whole purse with some
very soft dyed cotton lace.

So if this appeals to you then go visit my Etsy
for more details.

Just thought I'd share some Summer love
with this most beautiful rose
"Sally Holmes"
growing happily in two places in our garden.
Isn't she a real winner?

Enjoy! xxxSuzy

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Lace Book for My Etsy Store

Now tell me!
Just what girl doesn't love old lace?
I know that I have always been addicted to such
so I decided to pull some out of my stash
to create a book full of some of the most
gorgeous laces I have
and put it

My Etsy shop.

The pages are all made from a wool wadding mix
(rather like felt)
which I have dyed.

Each page has been heavily layered and collaged
with doilies, some dyed,
as well as dyed cheesecloth

(using my silk dyes)
and, if you look closely, you can see some dyed raw silk
which I have captured in the layers.

Some other features also include
these gorgeous printed French accented
images onto a soft calico ribbon
which I purchased from a beautiful
Etsy shop called

And some of this most beautiful vintage lace came from
Marie at

So many beautiful vintage laces and medallions
one of which I used on the front cover
(see above).

Inside back cover looks a bit like this:

And this shows the sum total of 12 pages
standing alone:

So if you can't resist beautiful laces and doilies,
 dyed and stitched raw silk, dyed cheesecloth,
mop buttons and embellishments
then go and visit
my Etsy Shop

I was thinking what a lovely idea for a giveaway
 but no promises (not yet anway!!!)

Thank you to all the wonderful comments I have
received about my journals and a very
Big Thank You to all
of my new followers wherever you are
I shall endeavour to visit you all soon!
Your comments so inspire
my creations!

Have a cosy weekend enjoying
what nature has provided!

Love Suzy

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