Thursday, August 29, 2013

Altered Vintage Handbag

 When I purchased this black vintage handbag
I had an idea that one of these days
I would eventually alter it!

Unfortunately I don't have a "before" image!

So I went through my collection of vintage black and
cream laces laces

as well as some of my special favourite fabrics
to complement them.

I created this pocket from an embroidered nett collar

to display this very beautiful cabinet card which
came in a swap from Marie
along with the sweet soldered pendant next to it.

I embellished the title of this collage "Dream"

with scraps of tea bags, jute, rusty crushed velvet

along with some tattered braid and
sweet bits of jewellery.
This finished collage now lives in my studio.

So there is another idea you can try
when you come across an old tattered bag from a flea market!
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And just to remind me that SPRING is almost here
(taken in the early morning light!)

 are these magnificent flowering Manchurian Pear trees
which we planted about 6 years ago.
(in the distance you can just see our new little
garden room which is really taking shape hopefully
to be ready in the next wee while!!!

And from my back door right now
you can see more of the same
Hope where ever you are near or far
you can look around you and see something beautiful
in nature to capture your heart and soul 
even for just a tiny moment!

Love and hugs to you all and especially to all of my
new followers - a big "thank you"!

Suzy xox

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Boxes Old and New! Patina and Patterns Too!

I'm not quite sure why I am so drawn to small
boxes and containers
like this delightful French face powder
container -

 it's definitely an original

and it still contains some of the original powder -
perhaps it reminds me of one my mother
used to use when I was a child!

Now this little leather box with it's brass lock
once housed a few tiny instruments
perhaps by an Optician???
(Apologies for not showing the velvet lining!! Oh dear!!!)

This dear little box was another recent find
and it looks like it may have accompanied
a microscope judging from the
layers of little frames
for the glass slide inserts.

I get the feeling that it may have had a previous life
somewhere along the line and these
little dividing frames were especially 

designed for the box. I love the way the front drops
down for easy access to the slide holders!

and the little clasp hooks are made from the finest 
pieces of brass!

Don't you love the way the pieces dove tail into each other?
It was called "craftmanship" in those days.
Below this box is another similar sized box which
holds an array of vintage door handles.

Don't you also love little vintage jewellery boxes?
This one has been in my possession, I think, for approx 40 years!
Oh where have all of those years gone???

The patina on these silver plated trays is so exquisite

and so are these gorgeous pattens on this silver plated

as well as on this tray and gold picture frame
waiting in the wings for a shabby makeover!

And, of course, there's always more lace, in fact,
some cut lace doilies here because I can never resist them

this beautiful piece of unfinished crocheted lace
and linen piece bearing the words
"Semco Superior Needlework"
and finally, speaking of needlework
I have to share my newish box
which has been altered by me using a sweet Paper Whimsy
image along with some of my special vintage lace pieces.

The closure is made from gold silk sari ribbon and lace.

and finished in a border of more vintage lace
and cream gimp-like braid,

wrapped around with black netting and embellished

with black seam binding, white chiffon roses, a satin
suffolk puff and a little bit of bling!

Now I truly hope you are not all boxed out after this
rather long post!

I'm linking my new altered box to Becky's
 What's It Wednesday with Patti and Paula
Thank you dear friend for hosting another wonderful party!

Thank you dear friends for visiting me here
your friendship is very special to me indeed!
Stay well and be happy!

xox Suzy

Friday, August 9, 2013

Cards, Tags and A Giveaway Win

 I love to create cards,
and especially collages
and lately I have had occasion to create a few
as gifts as well as a sympathy card.

The first two I created using
images from Paper Whimsy.

PW carries some of the most beautiful collage sheets

 that I have laid my eyes on

these images are amongst my favourites that I have 
recently purchased.

This one is for a friend who recently lost her husband 
and for this one I used a tombstone angel.

Well I just couldn't believe what I was about to receive
when I opened this most amazing Giveaway that I won

Just look at this most amazing collection of ephemera, 
vintage items, linen and buttons.
I was totally stunned!

Everything was wrapped so beautifully
and carefully

broches, ribbon, jewellery and fringing. 

A beautiful vintage plane so worn and smooth
even with the original blade,

this amazing waxed plaque so intricately carved
and most rare

along with little boxes of buttons, a burlap heart,

some fine white linen

and these two little copper plates with my very own
initials "S" and "Q".

Everything is so beautiful and Manu I am sure
added more than I saw on her Giveaway -
Why? because she is one of the most generous
women I have met in Blogland
and, believe me, there are

Dear Manu "Just thank you from the bottom
of my heart - you have indeed excelled in
generosity for which I am totally
grateful! Big hugs to you dear friend!"


Now this is a gift of a different kind!
How special does it make you feel when you have
visitation from one of your native birds like this
Shrike Thrush
visiting inside your home?

This is a true blessing indeed!

Just want to thank all of my wonderful new followers
who have joined my blog recently and to each
and every one of you for your
very much appreciated 

Have a wonderful and stress-free weekend
taking some time to "smell the roses" as
we remember that as we are here for
such a short time
we may as well make it the best time!

Love and thanks, Suzy

PS Dear Carole "Lotus" if you are reading this post can you please contact me again, possibly with your correct email address as I am having trouble responding to your email! With thanks, Suzy.
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