Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year Greeting, Grow Your Blog and Giveaway Coming

Whether you are freezing in the Northern Hemisphere
or toasting in the Southern Hemisphere
New Year is a time for:
new dreams, hopes, aspirations and resolutions!

I hope half of your dreams come true,
some of your resolutions too
as well as lots of your aspirations
and inspirations for your much loved friends, family
and creativity.

I read these beautiful words on Judy's blog today
which I thought was so very special and wanted
to share them with you.
"If we lit a candle for each person who loved us
and helped us along the way 
we would be astonished by the number"!
(we would probably be blown away!!!).


Already for me a dream has been fulfilled this past year
where I am published in the Winter edition of
Crazy Quilt Gatherings Magazine

thanks to the wonderful recognition and support of
Pat Winter, Editor, from
(You really do need to go and check out this
 really beautiful magazine!)

Oh my goodness my article on a Fabric Garden Journal
was spread over four whole pages!
thanks to our kind-hearted Pat! 

Pat did such an amazing job with the layout using
embroidery and lace 

to enhance the images!

And none of this would have been possible had I not established my blog some two years ago to expand
my knowledge by opening up my heart and mind
to connect with like minded souls
 to share my creativity
with others.

Now you too can have this opportunity
by availing yourself of the most generous offer by
the likes of Vicki who really does have the interests
of bloggers at heart always trying to look after
the needs of others through her many causes 
by organizing a party to help grow your blog.

The aim is to bring new people to your little part of the world
to showcase whatever your passion/ art/ craft/ collection/ Etsy shop
etc. may be that you wish to share with 
the rest of the blog world.

This party will take place on  Sat. January 19th
by clicking here to see the list of all the 
blogs taking part in this
by leaving a comment here you will be entered into 
My Giveaway.

Thought I might just share this new collage which I
have created for my dear friend Andrea.
Andrea presented me with this
very beautiful photo of
her grandmother, Pearl

Pearl is on the right of this image!

In my usual style of using all things vintage

 combined with layers and layers

 of cotton, lace and tattered doilies
combining some burlap webbing, vintage
button, and string

vintage chain with sari silk ribbon

This was the result!

I decided I would use this photo 
and return it to her in the form of a collage
for her Birthday in December.

So with our New Year of 2013 I'm wishing you
good health,
a giving heart 
and the continued gift of good judgement!

I have a number of new projects to show you soon
including the completion of another Fabric Book
if you come along with me on my journey into 2013
you may see some more creations which
I hope will appeal!
Thank you heaps for all of your lovely comments
you left me also throughout the past 12 months -
it is appreciated!

xxx Suzy

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Gift of a "Living Christmas Collage" for you!

So very many beautiful gifts have been arriving here
for Christmas that I thought I would 
turn them into a "Living Christmas Collage"
representing my idea of a simple
Christmas vignette and tree

using some found objects from our garden
like these magnificent Magnolia Grandiflora seed pods with
their spent bronze coloured leaves and dried grasses.

The top of our "tree" which consists of a Wattle tree branch
which Jeff carried inside from the bush is decorated with this most
beautiful collage from Yvonne of

This sweet little Angel collage was received in a threesome
swap from Shane Pollard of

- the angels are the messengers heralding new life
- our protectors 

another highly embellished and decorated angel
from Lilla LaVine of

More angels are heralding the birth of Christ
in this spectacular collage from my 
very dear friend, Dorthe Hansen,

and these two beautiful decorations came from
Nancy Maxwell James

and yet another mini collage from the threesome swap
came from Rhonda of 

So I wanted to create a Christmas tribute incorporating some
of these beautiful pieces to which I would add more
goodness like this golden angel

and the Madonna with Child

waiting to be hung close to these glorious and fragrant
Christmas Lillies which always just bloom
perfectly in time for this special event!

and, not to mention, a very important part of the festive celebration
is the family Christmas pudding vintage bowl!

So when you mix all of these up together to create a
"living Christmas collage"
we get something that looks like this:

 and as evening approaches
the candles bring a soft glow over the whole picture

but with the fullness of night the decorated and embellished
collage becomes richer and somehow more sacred. 

So we can all pray for a silent night 
and a holy night
to give us the opportunity to begin
afresh for the new season ahead!

Christmas blessings to all of my dear blogging friends -
a very big heart felt thanks for visiting throughout the year -
stay safe and stay calm,
wishing you a heart full of all the joy and love
one heart can hold! 

Thank you also to those who have gifted me with my
special Christmas collage decorations so that
I could create this all for you!
You are so appreciated!

With love and hugs,
                  Suzy xxx

Monday, December 10, 2012

Paper and Fabric Dolls

You know I never saw myself as a "dollmaker" 
this will probably be as close as I shall ever get
to making dolls but after seeing how easily Lilla
made these magnificent little 
creations - well I just
thought I might like to try them!

 This was my very first attempt and 

I have to admit I did really enjoy making these

 Could it perhaps be that I am so addicted to 
creating with gorgeous fabrics and lace!
(well perhaps just a little!!!)
but I also did have the perfect excuse as
I thought it would make a perfect Christmas gift for my
grand daughter, Layla, who by the way

just happens to love fairies, glitter, lace and fabric too!
Funny that!!!!!!!!

I do think there will probably be enough in this little
creation to please her don't you think?

Lilla has the most wonderful set of videos on You Tube
with heaps of tutorials on making these and many
other creations including garlands, journals, 
crazy quilt purses, cornucopias and the list goes on
how generous can one woman be to offer
all of these for us.
Now go and check out her blog because you just might
be looking for a new gift to make for Christmas.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Time for Drawing a Winner!

The time has arrived for drawing the winners
of my Celebration Christmas Giveaway

before announcing the two winners
I would just like to say how very grateful I am to all
those who have entered to win these two collages
leaving such inspiring comments
to also thank all my new followers
who have shown such appreciation of my artworks 
I am simply truly grateful!!!!
"Thank You!"

The randomly chosen winner of the large collage is
Lynne Moncrieff of Adorn
Lynne will become the owner of this collage

and the randomly chosen second winner from all those bloggers
who added the Giveaway to their sidebar is
who will receive this small collage 

Congratulations girls!!! could you please
contact  me with your addresses and
I shall pop them into the mail to you as soon as possible?

Now don't forget to go and take a peek at just what 
wonderful artwork these bloggers create!

I am sorry for everyone who missed out this time but I have
no doubt there will be more chances in the future
as I really enjoy giving away these
opportunities to win some of my creations!

Just thought I'd show you a little needlebook 
which I have just finished.

This little book is on its way 
to a new follower
who lives in Indonesia!

I hope the rest of the week is full of wonderful
Christmas gift making in a relaxed and
stress free manner!

LOVE  and THANKS to you all!
Suzy xxx

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