Sunday, January 27, 2013

Etsy Treasury "Winter Roses" and My GYB Giveaway

A little Rose Display to brighten your day!
has just featured one of my rose quilts in her treasury
so thought I might share this bit of news
with you! 

If you are a lover of roses, especially of red and pink,
then go on over to Sarah's Etsy shop
and have a look of all the many vintage items she has
for sale and if anyone is interested in buying my quilt above
which is available in My Etsy shop at

The quilt which measures 68" x 68"
has been created from a wide selection of 

the best quality rose printed cotton fabrics

ranging from soft pastels

to some deep rich red tonings.

the backing is of a soft cotton
and the batting is of a soft wool mix -
a cosy and comforting quilt.

Just send me an email to let me know if you are interested


As part of Vicki's 
Grow Your Blog party

I am hosting a Giveaway 

 which will be drawn here on
Friday, 1st of February

so if you haven't been for
for a visit to my blog to view the 400 plus blogs
entering this amazing event
go to the previous post and enter your name
there to be eligible.
You don't have to be a follower or even own a blog
just make sure you leave a contact email address 
for me to contact you.

I would also like to thank everyone for the most
comforting and thoughtful comments
left on the previous post
about the fires that were surrounding us a week ago
We are safe and sound at this stage and sooooooo very much
looking forward to some lovely refreshing rain
to clear the air and replenish our water tanks.

Thank you so very much!
x Suzy

Saturday, January 19, 2013

"A Chance to Grow Your Blog" and GIVEAWAY!!!

Grow Your Blog Party

What a most wonderful opportunity our dear generous Vicki of
has provided to bloggers to showcase their blog and to bring
to light so many new bloggers and their wonderful
gifts of art to the rest of the blogging world.

I love to support Vicki because she is one of those souls
always out there ready to assist anyone in a far less 
fortunate situation than herself
so I thought I might join in the party and welcome all
new bloggers and old friends and followers into
my blogging world here

to share my secret space of creativity with
 a little background about myself.

But first, at the time of posting this, within the last 24 hours,
 we have been dealing with this crisis on our back
door step - OMG!!!  45deg.C (113deg.F)

approaching our property

and behind our shed and attached flat

but we are still well and safe
with no property damage (unbelievably!!!)

 somewhat terrified!

 due in no short measure
thanks to good preparation, hard work,
a great deal of luck and
a fantastic and well equipped rural Fire Service

(I am just so pleased that I had pre-prepared this post
before the outbreak of this fire!!!).
I really would not like to face a fire this close ever again!!!


I started blogging about 3 years ago with the intention
of sharing what I do, offering inspiration to others
as well as gaining new visions,  knowledge, musings etc.
about those things which inspire my works.

I had no idea what blogging was all about really but
I just followed Blogger prompts and in no time
I had my own blog - much to my amazement!

So this is where it all happens!
(Click on my Studio button on the sidebar to view more images)

and these are some of the items which I create.

I honestly can't remember when my passion for creating with
rich, vintage and textural fabrics begun but 
my current work in mixed media has sprung out of 
my love of and my exploits into crazy quilting
as well as my love of embellishments such as vintage lace,
brocades, briads, velvets, doilies, buttons, ribbons
and sari silks from the costumes of the
belly dancers over 
the last 20 years.

Although it seems there is still much interest in my quilts
especially this particular one via Pinterest


my main urge to create these days is for fabric
and paper collaging which I love to apply
to fabric art journals like some of these

 and this one

and this Bird Journal which I haven't shown here
as yet but plan to soon!

These are a few felted books often needlebooks.


as well as collages for wall hangings and pages

to go into books and journals.
such as these.


and this smaller collage using a
vintage tart tin

and there are always tags and hearts and clutches too.

And a few pincushions here.

I know how everyone loves to look at images as this is 
where we get inspiration!
so the more the better!!!

I made these Heart Strings some months ago which I 
so enjoyed and hope to get back to creating
more sometime!

Last but not least is an image of a fabric and paper doll.

The other favourite things which I share here is my love
of  both my garden and treasure hunting - not just for my creative works
but just because I have a passion for things old, worn,
tarnished, tattered and collectible
so you will also see things appearing here
amongst the velvets and lace such as these.

As you have been so kind in coming to visit and view
my artwork I've planned a little 

A collage using all of my favourite doilies, vintage laces,
cottons,  burlap, string and buttons.

for you to enter by leaving a comment here on this page.
You don't have to follow but we all love and welcome
new followers so
I will be drawing the winner for this on 
Friday, 1st February
so don't forget to leave me a way of contacting you
via email

Now I really wish everyone the very best luck with this
but more importantly the very best of luck with your blogs 
where you will be rewarded over and over
in so many different ways.

Thank you Vicki once again for all you have contributed
in making this event so successful!

Love, Suzy xxx
P.S. If you are interested in me creating an item for you
just email me at

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