Sunday, December 31, 2017

A New Year's Wish

Getting ready to take flight from 2017 into 2018
 from my homeland to yours
 I have one wish and it's simple
 - Be happy and Be healthy. 
I wish this for everyone!
(Spoonbills getting ready to fly in the early morning
on our wetland)
It almost could be a painting!


Of all the paths you take in life
make sure a few of them
are in nature!

Some new eco-dyed pages and a
small  journal
created with eco-dyed silks
to share with you in the
New Year
along with some new artwork!


Thank you so much for your friendship, loyalty and kindness
with your visits and comments
 throughout the year!
It is so really appreciated by me!
I hope 2018 shines brightly for you too!

Suzy xox

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas Vignette

As Christmas is the time for celebrating
the birth of Christ in our home
it has also become
customary for us to celebrate
with a Christmas Vignette which I love
to prepare this time of year! 


There are several different events this time of year


you may be celebrating any one of these:
Christmas Day
St. Nicholas Day
Summer or Winter Solstice
Boxing Day or whatever day 



 but it is a time we come 
together as family or friends



to share gifts, festive foods, beverages, good company
as well as

meeting up with old family members to party
to share stories, laughs, yarns 


 and often in the background are the simple reminders
with angels, candles, christmas trees and



 awakening us to the simple joys of giving and sharing

and the importance of the visitation
of the Divine to the planet earth!
Wishing everybody a really Happy Festive Season
in whichever way you celebrate
and thank you so much dear friends for
your continued support in visiting my blog 
throughout the year
wishing you also a prosperous 
happy and healthy New Year!
May your God Bless You!

Sincerely,  Suzy xox

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Resident Swans and their Signets

As this can often be a very busy and anxious
time around preparing for Christmas
I just wanted to share
these beautiful 
to bring a little peace and tranquility 
to your days as you go about
planning what your Christmas Day
should really be celebrating!


 This pair of beautiful black swans


obviously felt it was time to introduce


their amazing offspring to us up close!



 They came right up to us and out of the water
with no fear of getting too close!


They are so graceful and stately in the water
and look so elegant when paddling in line!
following the direction of
their parents!

 I hope these gorgeous creatures signify to us
why there is no need to rush around
seeking those things which, 
in the end, are really unimportant!

May be these images help us reflect upon what really
is important this time of year - such as
serenity, peace, love and sharing friendliness
towards each other!

Happy Festive Season to each and all of you
my friends! 

xox Suzy

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Book Angel and Pinterest

I know this is quite an elegant angel
but I wanted to try to create this
last year and never found
the time to complete it before Christmas
at last in time for this Christmas here she is:

Here is the link I used on You Tube
to show me how to create the vintage book

 and then, of course,the rest is on my own take
on the angel!

The possibilities are endless in putting your own 
slant on this angel!

 Enjoy and hope it gives a little inspiration for your
Christmas ornament creations!

Just wanted to mention that, at last, I have joined the party
over at Pinterest and have created a few boards only
with some of my creations of the past years and
many more to come
if you wish to follow along! 
I'm finding soooo much inspiration there friends -
simply amazing!

xox Suzy

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Card Creating - in the Spirt of Christmas

You may remember that I shared this photo in my last post
of some cards I was creating 
for Christmas!


I really enjoy this time of year when I get to use
some of my layering techniques
with cards
so here are a few finished that are now available
in my Etsy Shop



 It's always fun creating with silk fibres, eco-dyed silks, dupion
silks, silk organzas and cotton 
because you never quite know how they are all
going to turn out when they
are all felted together!


 Oh and touches of vintage and antique laces
always add that extra bit of elegance!


And the art Angel images combine
so nicely with all of these different mediums!


Of course, I often like to add vintage papers
and printed tissue papers along with
pieces of washi tape also!



If you are creating Christmas Cards then it would be so
nice to see what your style is too!  

Wishing you all a pleasant Sunday
thank you always for the kind comments you
leave me! Thank you for them as I so
appreciate the fact that you come 
and visit! 
xx Suzy 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Felted Hearts and Cards

The latest activity in my studio has been 
creating Christmas Cards
some new eco-dyed silk and felted cards for those
wishing to buy something unique and completely 
handmade to share with their friends
or family. 

 The natural tussek silk rovings are
pure joy to create with!
Under the felted silk are layers of satin, silk, cotton
and silk organza giving such a beautifully soft
and silky finish to these hearts.

 with a little touch of gold edged guipure wedding lace.


and the sari silk cream ribbons and lace
are perfect partners for these
little hearts. 

 For those who love a little more elegance
with soft toned embellishments

these may be a little more appealing!

 Some unusual sequin braid and dyed lace to match
were used for this last one!

Can you see these adorning your Christmas Tree
or mantle?

The cards are yet to be listed in my Etsy shop
and these are the two hearts you will find there also - the others 
have already sold!

Thank you for visiting
and I wish you all a wonderful week! 
xx Suzy 
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