Monday, April 5, 2010

The quilt is progressing well!
I spent last evening using the
slow cloth method to quilt the
large middle section of the quilt
and I am now using free-machine
quilting to quilt the outer part.
I am hoping the end result will
be complementary.
I have yet to name it!
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  1. Suzi, I have never made a 'proper' quilt. But looking at yours, I am inspired. What does 'slow cloth method' mean?

  2. Hi Julie
    Basically 'slow cloth' is stitching by hand as opposed to machine. It is more medatitve and contemplative and creative really allowing everything to come at a much slower pace.

  3. Okay. Where can I learn to do beautiful quilts like yours? They don't appear to be traditional as such.


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