Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Moroccan Bellydancer's Wardrobe

For all of you who have commented on my Collage as it has been progressing I now have the final result for you to view.  It is a combination of many, mainly old and new fabrics, braids, ribbons, motifs and even some lace.  Different techniques have been used here including machine and hand stitching, applique and free machine quilting.  The background consists of crushed velvet, dupion silk and printed cotton all in shades of black to highlight the richness of the fabrics and braids- some of these are very old and quite worn.
Enjoy!!! It has been a pleasure to create!!!


  1. Gorgeous Moroccan Bellydancer's Wardrobe, when are you going to have an exhibition??

  2. This work created by Suzy is truly beautiful and I have enjoyed viewing it and can see the love and dedication she has for her work. I think it is a true inspiration to anyone who loves sewing and playing with fabrics and Suzy deserves all the pleasure she gives to others.

  3. Beautiful is your combination of different cultures, I also like it.
    I like the intense colors-colors is very important to me but also I like sunny colors, depends on the inspiration of some work, and many things)))


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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