Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dyeing our Mohair

Well - some goats have all the style in the world - give an inch and they take a mile!
Bessie, our boss nanny Angora goat took the opportunity of reclining on this garden seat which I had moved out into the paddock whilst nursing a sick kid some time back (now completely recovered) but, I must say, without these gorgeous creatures we would have none of this beautiful mohair which I dyed over the weekend.  I used some of my favourite colours in the landscape dyes which turned out really vibrant.  I have to say that I prefer the natural dyes but sometimes I like to use these to give rich deep colours!


  1. Isn't mohair the most gorgeous wool!But, I take my hat off to you in the cleaning and preparation of the wool for dyeing.I only tried it once(the cleaning)- the smell!!! But the lovely colours.All colours are lovely- muted, soft, vibrant...It's good to have all colours to hand depending on our mood. I can imagine a doll with wild hair like in your photo. Mohair doesn't felt all that well does it?

  2. Mohair is just divine! Judy I only dye in small quantities at a time therefore it is quite easy. I really dye the colours that I think I will need. I find it quite easy to felt in small works but it is not as easy as using wool tops depends whether it is carded or not. But mohaiar has the lustre that wool hasn't. You have an email waiting for you!

  3. that is gorgeous what will you do with it now I will watch with interest...Lorna x

  4. Well Lorna - it's a long story! but I started on something with it which I abandoned out of frustration so put it aside for now (will get back to it!) but then I started on something else which I am excited about all around a collection of some pots I posess so I shall post that one up first (I think!) but you know how we keep changing our minds!!! However, so far so good - I am really happy with the colours.


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