Friday, August 27, 2010

Shearing Time for Angoras

 These are some before - during- and - after shots of Shearing Day for our pet Angora Goats.  Here they are ready penned in their yard from where I bring them in to Mal, our Shearer, to release them of their gorgeous mohair.  You can really see the feeling of freedom and lightness after shearing as Bessie (Boss Goat) leaps into the air showing off after the event.
Lots more beautiful mohair coming up for dyeing and creating with!
The lustre of this mohair is unbeatable!!!

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  1. Wow, that is such an amazing experience to be able to raise and care for these beautiful animals!

  2. Getting late, but I just had to take a look at those frisky sheep. They sure do look like they are happy creatures.

  3. Bessie rearing up made me laugh!!Yes mohair is delicious!!(Yes I love WOOL).Are they characters like Alpaccas? A couple of years ago we spent ages in the Alpacca exhibit watching them and taking photos. They really are characters!!Later I want to needle felt goats, sheep, alpaccas, etc. We took loads of photos. I don't know much about Angora goats.

  4. What a beautiful animals! You can see they enjoy their freedom. And you can work with the most softly wool.
    Enjoy it!

  5. Yes we are really lucky to have these beautiful goats - they are really our pets! and needless to say, are rather spoilt but they give us SO MUCH in return. There is the pecking order there just like our chooks. Unlike sheep you can befriend them and they connect with you - there is almost a stampede when they see me coming with lupins!

  6. What wonderful photos!! I was raised witha pet Correidale sheep.. We would shear her ourselves and Mum insisted on hand shears- not electric. She wanted to have the longest spinning fibers available!!! Needless to say it ook FOREVER!!! The sheep- Abie, would lie down and get up a cud and show the most unbelievable paticience!!! Your goats are wonderful!!! After shearing it is so wonderful to see goats and sheep gambol about in glee!!!!
    Such beautiful fiber you have now!!!

  7. Thanks for the info! We're making a custom pair of slippers for you :)” oh wow thank you!!


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