Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crazy Quilt Gatherings Magazine

This is the cover for the brand new magazine
on Crazy Quilting and other Fabric Artworks
produced by Pat Winter  at

The magazine is dedicated to crazy quilting, offering various
crazy quilting projects,
plenty of gorgeous photography,
stash resources, tips, contests
and interviews from crazy quilters worldwide.
I am very happy to announce that
I shall be featured
in this premiere issue
with some of my work included in these images
along with some other wonderful crazy quilters inc.
Pam Kellog
Diane Knott
Terri Takacs
Maureen Greeson
Wendy Shu
Gerry Krueger
Lovey Johnson Debrow
Trisha Evans
Lilla Levine
Rengin Yazitas
Jan Obertein
and others I may have missed.

So if you would like to purchase your paper or digital copy
then visit Pat's blog (above) and you will be directed to
the Publishers -

As this is the first paper version of crazy quilting that I am
aware of we would all love to see it become a huge success.
Many thanks to Pat Winter
for making this publication available to us all!
Hugs to you Pat!


  1. Congratulations, Suzy!!! These are wonderful news! Your artwork is exquisite and so this is very well deserved.
    Have a great Sunday :-)!

  2. I downloaded my copy yesterday and noted the article on YOU my friend! Lovely to see you amongst so many of your gorgeous creations! I'm so happy to see Pat has taken on this fabulous project. LOVE IT....

  3. Congrautlaitons on being featured in Pat's new CQ Magazine!!! I always dreamed that someday someone would create such a magazine featuring beautiful Artist like yourself - I for one can't wait to get my copy!!!

  4. Thanks Julia, Lorraine and Nicki for such lovely comments but you know - we owe it all to Pat for putting some really beautiful talent out there, from so many excellent artists, who have been blogging about their creative gifts to share with similar minds. What a wonderful venture and lets hope we can all make this a complete success!
    Hugs, Suzy

  5. Congratulations!!!This is great news.

  6. Congratulations on your feature in the premier issue, I will definitely have to go check it out, I ADORE crazy quilts and have a very old one... it would be nice to see how they are made.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Woo hoo, Suzy!!! What a gorgeous magazine--and I am so THRILLED for you and all the other people--and I saw Lovey's name and am so excited for her too!! Well, whoever sees it will be in awe, that is for sure.

    I want to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day--to a woman so filled with joy and love!!!

  8. Congratulations!
    Your work is so beautiful and inspirational.
    Happy Valentines Day.

  9. I have purchased both the digital and paper copies of the magazine and am enjoying the wonderful articles and beautiful pictures. Your work is absolutely lovely.

  10. This looks like a fabulous magazine!! And your artwork is just scrumptious!!

  11. This is another reason I am so excited to get my copy in the mail - to see an article about you and your work! I know I could see it sooner if I got the digital version, but I an forcing myself to wait. Oh, the anticipation!!

  12. Congratulations! Your work looks fantastic. I shall pop over and buy a copy. Well done on being featured in this lovely magazine.


  13. Suzy, congratulations,
    I have already watched the pages, that is to be seen- before buying--what a wonderfull magazine,
    and your creations shown are a delight for eyes, and soul- so fantastic Suzy.
    I think if buying, it will be on the net--it is to pricy to pay for the mailing ...13 dollars to Denmark-- I have already checked !!!
    Pat and you all,have done a beautifull job.

  14. I have been seeing this magazine on many blogs. So happy to hear that you are featured in it. You deserve it. I will try to pick one up.

  15. Wonderful news, Suzy! Though, I'm not surprised you and your gorgeous work would be featured! I've already ordered my copy, and can't wait for it to arrive! Congrats!!

  16. Suzy,
    Thanks for leaving your warm comment on my heart swap blog post.
    I must say congrats are in order on being featured in that new magazine, you are truly deserving. Your work is so fantastic.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. WOW, Suzy!!! Congrats a lot!!!

  18. Oh Suzy; wonderful news; I am so happy for you.
    Congratulations...Your work is so beautiful...

    Joyeuse St-Valentin ma belle

  19. You look fabulous cozy in amongst all your lovely work, well deserved! Happy v day!

  20. I can't wait to get the magazine. I saw that you were in it and am excited to read it. Congrats my friend. You are very deserving of being in the premier edition! Hugs, Sharon

  21. How exciting for you! Xox corrine

  22. I just discovered your blog from the Gatherings magazine - and I am in AWE. I've just started going through your back posts and every single image is gorgeous. Your colour and style sense are so beautiful. I wish I could take a workshop with you!! I'm inspired to try my hand at creating a collage style needlebook.

    Congratulations on being the featured artist!

    I'm now off to look through the rest of your posts. Suzi, your blog fed my soul today. Thank you!

  23. Congratulations Suzy - what a wonderful way to start the year - and what fabulous feedback you are getting too.

    love jo xx

  24. You know look awesome in that picture. I'm glad that you included that one.

  25. Congratulations Suzy. You so deserve to be there! I might have to get myself a copy.

  26. Hey Suzi
    Would you please check your Email or my blog ?
    I have a surprise for you.
    You are one of my OWOH lucky winners !!!!

    Kind greetings Rian from Holland :)

  27. Hi Suzy ~ Just wanted to say Hi ~
    Your work is breathtakingly beautiful!
    Lots of Love,
    Terri Takacs

  28. Congratulations Suzy - your work is amazing I'm so looking forward to seeing lots more of it. I don't think I'll be able to source this mag here in the UK but will maybe look toward a digital copy

    Hugs Hilda


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