Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spring Brings New Life to Baby Birds and Me

This is Springtime in our garden at home.
Have you ever seen such a glorious Weeping Cherry as this?

You can actually get in underneath it - it is just so large!

This is what fairytale gardens are made of!
Those blossoms are of the softest shades of pink and white!

And not only does Spring bring such new growth
also new life and new beginnings!

Just look at these divine little baby Grey Shriek Thrushes being fed a dragon fly
by their mother
to think it is all happening in view from our kitchen window!
Jeff placed this cutdown garden pot on a bracket
about 3 years ago in our outdoor living garden room
and so far we have had
three separate hatchlings.

over here nestled in this Sweet Osmanthus
is another nest of baby New Holland Honeyeaters

Look at the expression in it's eyes!
Just how precious is that???

And I couldn't resist showing images of this dear little nest I also found

Look at the colours of these feathers -
So beautiful
I can identify the red ones as being from that of the
Red Browed Fire Tail
We have so many of these little birds in our garden.

I can even see some of the clippings from our Apricot Poodle in there -
Miss Lilly.

Spring and the bird song and the new movement of life
has been the motivation for my new nature journal

"Little Bird".

The bird image used on the front cover is from Dawn at
Dawn has been so generous in allowing bloggers
access to her beautiful images - thank you Dawn!

Other materials used on the cover include scrim which I have dyed and quilted
along with silk for leaves, webbing for the bird's nest,
buttons and a feather from an Australian "Kookaburra".

This opened page view displays a pocket which holds a
First Day Cover
of renowned Botanist, Sir Joseph Banks,
who accompanied Captain Cook in the "Endevour"
to Australia.

The scripted page is from a paper napkin which came all the way from
my dearest friend, Dorthe, in Denmark
and will now be winging its way to Canada
(the world's best travelled paper napkin!!!).

This back cover is made from upholstery fabric depicting an Oak Leaf.
I shall post more pages a bit later!

Finally one last reminder about my
Giveaway for Gratitude
If you would like to enter
you have just two days to put your comment
in the post which is
The post before the last post.

Wishing everyone the best of luck
in the draw!

Hope you are all having a most creative week!

Love Suzy xxx


  1. Suzy, and bloom beautifully in your tree, white, and in different colors, look how beautiful is nature, which gives us the engine to life!, Thy works are also beautiful, with us, unfortunately, is getting colder and the autumn / who is also a beautiful but not this year / but look at these are the laws of nature, as well as the rights of our lives.
    I greet you cordially,
    hugs ...

  2. The weeping cherry is magnificent, it must be hard to tear yourself away from watching it. I loved all your baby bird photos too. We don't have many smaller birds as we are home to many of the aggressive birds, eg noisy mynas, magpies and plovers mainly. We do have a group of grey headed babblers which are very funny to watch as they jump around the place (tossing out the mulch all over the verandah but I love them). They all have babies too and it is cute to watch them all feeding their babies and looking after them. Love your bird/nature journal too - ever so pretty.

  3. I love all the blooms this time of the year. This morning when I walked out of my front door - I was hit with the scent and beauty of a yesterday/today/ tomorrow bush in full bloom. I wonder if you have them in Oz? There is something about nests, I also have a collection and have made a few mixed media textile art works using that theme. As usual your work is vibrant and exciting - it always challenges the senses - great stuff.

  4. that weeping cherry is truly wonderful and I love all the baby birds - they look so ugly to start out with but then grow into such beautiful little beings - your nature journal is turning out to be one of your best pieces yet! much love as always joxx

  5. Hi Suzy,
    I loved this post especially as we are just fading from summer into Autumn here in England. Your new journal is such a delight, I can't wait to see more pages.
    Hugs, Angela.x

  6. Magnifiques photos ! L'arbre est superbe et j'aime les oiseaux. Et quel bel ouvrage ! Bisous et bonne journée

  7. OH my Suzy, such wonderful photoes, -your garden must be a most fantastic place, to enjoy, those birdbabyes looks so tiny and cute- and the tree ,is gorgeously beautiful.
    The little nest is the sweetest masterpiece, Suzy- and so are your journal. Love the front page,so amazing,-and I see you used a piece of the papernapkins from me :)
    The upholstery fabric behind- is fantastic.
    Thanks for this very beautiful post, for me to wake up to.I wish you a beautiful day, and think of you,dear.
    Love you-Dorthe

  8. Oh Suzy, those bird photos are wonderful.All those beaks open and hungry.How did the parent bird decide which one got the dragonfly?
    Love your Weeping Cherry Tree. Spring ?Nature can be a balm for the Soul. Glad you are happily creating your lovely journal.

  9. I thought that those gorgeous photos would inspire a lovely piece of work .......x

  10. Oh Suzy such photographic splender !! this makes me soooo homesick and missing some time spent with needle and thread amidst the beauty that you have both created and company of course !!....I am sure you are both enthralled with the new life amidst the birdsnests and one self....birdsong and spring time such a pleasant healing time and so calming to be amidst such glory !.Much Love @ my thoughts Ros xx

  11. How wonderful to watch this bird family in your gorgeous garden.
    This book is amazing.

  12. Suzy, the weeping cherry is exquisite - I always feel that trees are the most pure gift. Not only giving us shelter but also beauty to fill our hearts.

    The nests and the baby birds.... well what can I say. So precious.

    Your journal is also beautiful and captures the seasons so well.

  13. Your whole post this morning is just wonderful eye candy! What a fabulous tree-I would love to stand under it!

  14. Great pictures and projects. How did you get such a wonderful photo of mama feeding the dragonfly to her babies?

  15. I'm so glad to have found your blog! I can witness spring and summer as fall and winter are moving in in the US... And with exotic (at least for me!) birds no less! I adore your work and your journal is amazing!

  16. Suzy, beautiful photos! I love nature and all its glory. The little birds are so cute. It's hard for me to realize that it is Spring there and we are just going into Fall. Your book is gorgeous can't wait to see more of it.
    Hugs, Jackie

  17. I really enjoyed this post, so many beautiful photos to look at. The nest, aaahh, it is so dainty and fluffety and looks ever so cosy. And your new journal, well, that is just stunning. I can never see enough of your beautiful work.

  18. These photos of new life are amazing. How lucky are you to witness this. Fantastic. xox Corrime

  19. Beautiful weeping cherry. I can just imagine the fragrance wafting through the garden. Love this post, Suzi-q! New life springing forth, a new, beautiful journal, and a new season to enjoy. Blessings and hugs

  20. The flowers are beautifull in your garden. Here, it is Autumn. The birds will leave sonn to hot countries.
    I like very much your nature journal, congratulations.

  21. what fabulous photos! especially the one of the bird feeding the babies! and the cherry tree! we planted one of those in our yard but left before it reached maturity. makes me want to go back to virginia to see how it's doing! and your inspired book is past fab!

  22. The photos are gorgeous, such a lovely tree and it must be great to watch the birds. Not forgetting your book which is also beautiful.

  23. That tree is absolutely spectacular! How I wish it were going into spring here instead of heading into my most hated season (winter).

  24. Thankyou so much for sharing such lovely pictures with us!! The tree is magnificent- a true favorite of mine!! the pcitures of mom and babies is wonderful !! Really fabulous and the baby honey eater is adorable. the mouth lined in yellow really gives him such a wonderful expression!! Your journal is amazing as always totally delightful and inspired!!!! that feather from the kookabura is amazing!! I love seeing all of the different flora and fauna species from down under!! that nest is so very sweet- it is so soft and feathered and lovely !! I am sure that you will use copies of that picture in some future work!!! i love finding nests with recognizable fibers in them- we put out a bag of fleece each fall for the birds to pluck from and we find it tufting out of nests often!! happy spring to you dear girl!!!

  25. Hello my dear sweet Suzy, This tree is just gorgeous. I so love blooming trees and wish they would bloom a little longer than they actually do. The pictures of the birds are cute. How wonderful that you can watch the little birds grow.
    Your nature journal is fantastic. You have combined so many great elements and the result is another stunning piece of artwork.
    Sending lots of hugs and love to you,

  26. Dear Suzy, Your weeping cherry tree is gorgeous! What a beautiful site to see! You do have a fairytale garden! Oh, I loved seeing the photos of the beautiful birds and their babies! I love birds and am blessed to have many songbirds visit our feeders on a daily basis! I am so glad you can watch the lovely momma feed her babies right from your kitchen window! The nest is just amazing and so beautiful! How wonderful you could see clippings from your sweet apricot poodle! I have a black poodle and I am sure the birdies around here have enjoyed her clippings too. I would love to see it in a nest though. Your photos are beautiful! I love your gorgeous nature journal! The cover is stunning and the pages you shared are so beautiful! Love the fabric on the back too. I look forward to seeing more! Love, Paula

  27. A very beautiful work, everything in delicacy, supernatural!

    Beautiful day dear Suzy

  28. Hello Suzy
    Just Gorgeous!! What a Lovely Piece! Your Creative Muses have Come to Visit again!
    Your Pics a Wonderful of your Spring! We are fading into our Fall Colors here. Both are favorite seasons of Mine.
    Have a Wonderful Day Suzy!

  29. Hello Suzy, you must get so much peace and joy living among such beautiful gardens, I really enjoyed your pictures. So interesting for me to read about the materials used for the journal, as well as their provenance. So looking forward to seeing more. Hugz G.

  30. Hi Susie - You've shared so much here I hardly know where to start!! First - your weeping cheery is Magnificent! It is hard for me to remember that you are just starting your spring there - we are already feeling the chill of fall here!

    Those bird nests are precious - it is such a wonderful blessing of nature to be able to watch little ones come to life and grow right before your eyes. And that nest with the feathers - be still my heart!!- that is the most wonderful nest I have ever seen!!

    Your journal is unbelievably beautiful - I love the nature and bird theme - Dawn's images are perfectly graced on your journal. All of your special touches have made it so perfect - it is a true work of art. Truly - it is amazing!

    Im going over to enter your giveaway - but I think I may already be too late~~

    Hugs - (and thanks so much for stopping by to see me!!)


  31. what delightful images of your fairytale yard and hatchlings! what loveliness surrounds you...and oh, the 'little bird' journal is sweetness itself! so happy a new season is upon us, right?
    xo abigail


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