Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Mixed Media Journal and New Etsy Shop Banner

This is a completely different type of journal than the ones that have
been appearing on my blog of late
where I mainly use fabrics.
I made this paper journal a few months ago whilst
attending a workshop with
Isobel Hall.
Isobel came to Australia from the U.K.
to promote her new book
Mixed Media

New Studio Techniques 

Isobel focuses on many different mediums in mixed media but this workshop was centred around
the composition and cover of this journal
made from materials
crash (a cross between paper and fabric),
crayons, alcohol inks, encaustic wax
scrapbooking pages.

It consists of 12 signatures in shades of
rose, olive green, chocolate brown and caramel.

The spine was sewn through a frame and beaded at the same time.

I have only recently finished this journal collaging
the front cover featuring a cabinet card
printed onto handmade paper - a gift
from Marie at

as well as several layers of vintage lace and
a religious vintage crucifix.

It is now available for sale in my Etsy shop at
If you click on any of the images at the top
of my blog it will take you direct
to my shop
where you can read even more info about this.

I would also like to share with you a new Etsy Banner for my shop

This was made along with this avatar

by Cindy Adkins over at

I am very very happy with her results
if you would like to consider having one designed
for your Etsy shop or Blog
then Cindy will oblige you in the most helpful way.
Cindy is one of the most talented and
inspirational women I know.

Rates are: Blog Banner $25.00
Etsy Banner $20.00
Etsy Avatar $10.00

Cindy may be contacted on:
Hope your week is going smoothly and peacefully for you!!

Love Suzy xxx


  1. Lovely work Suzy are such an inspiration .......x

  2. What a lovely new journal you have created!! WHat a delightful book to have as a studio journal to record daily studio activities!! there is always a good use for all of the different types of books that you create. I would not allow one of your lucious fabric encrusted books in my studio for fear that it would be paint splattered- this one I might sneak in under a plastic cover!!!! Love your new banner pieces as well!! you do so inspire me!! Big Hugs!

  3. This is beaitiful! I love those beads on the spine. One of these days I'll try something like that too. Your. New banner is awesome!

  4. Lovely paper work, nice to see you outside of the sewing machine, even though there is some here. Must have been a great workshop. Love you color choices. xox Corrine

  5. How many time can I say gorgeous,dear Suzy? GORGEOUS:)
    Now I know why the image looked so familiar.Have a wonderful weekend dear friend.
    Sending hugs and love,
    Your Etsy banner is beautiful.

  6. It is always inspirational to take workshops with others. I find I always come away with tons of ideas. I saw your banner and avatar on Cindy's site, both look great Suzy - you must be delighted. Hugs.

  7. What an intriguing technique. I love the way the pages are stitched together on the spine and beaded, how on earth was that done? Of course the front is beautifully decorated. It is yet another exquisite creation.

  8. Oh Suzy, your creation is absolutely breathtaking. I love it...Everything you make is completely dreamy--and this piece is spectacular.

    Thank you so much for letting people know about my banners and buttons-that was SO sweet of you, my friend!

  9. You make paper look as beautiful as fabric!

  10. Another amazing journal! It's beautiful!

  11. What a beautiful journal! I don't think I can write on it. Too precious for my clumsy handwriting! I may have to jut display it if I have one! lol

    Cindy is great isn't she?


  12. Hi my dear Suzy-
    Oh another most beautiful book- yes it is very different, but so beautiful-and the spine looks fantastic- with the pearls weaved in. I love the woman,-- so serius!
    And your new banner my sweet, -Cindy did a wonderful job, on that- it is so lovely showing your gorgeous art work.
    You will hear from me tomorrow- Suzy.
    Love to you.

  13. Hi Suzy - I love the new book and Cindy is indeed very talented - beautiful work all round. joxxx

  14. Suzy, you are so fortunate to have such teachers available to you. I have advertised your blog on Pinterest.

  15. Hi Suzy,
    I took your advice from your last post and visited Cindy.
    Wow, she is very creative and talented~ I've become a follower of Cindy's.

    This latest Journal is amazing and that workshop sounds like so much was learnt.
    Wish I was there with you to experience it with you.

    With all your knowledge and exptertise~Maybe you could teach a workshop at my place sometime!
    Have a great weekend,
    Creative hugs,

  16. Another gorgeous journal - I would never ever be able to actually write in one of your journals unless I learned calligraphy so that the writing might come close to the art!

  17. The journal is absolutely gorgeous, sweet Suzy and I'm not amazed at all that it's sold already. The binding technique looks intriguing.
    Cindy did a great job on your new banner and the avatar is very pretty too.
    Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friend :-)!
    Big hugs and kisses,

  18. Hi Suzy,
    Love your journal, we must be telepathic, I've been working on two black and white journals this week, I'll post later so you can see.
    I met Isobel at Knitting and Stitching in London a couple of weeks ago and got to see her amazing work.
    Hugs, Angela.

  19. Suzy,
    I love this journal so much! I am so drawn to the neutral tones (although I'm working more, and more in color) I need a book making tutorial. I like the paper idea, especially for journaling.

  20. Your journal is amazing, beautiful touch the beads in the binding. Not surprised that it is already sold. Great new banner x

  21. Magnifique travail ! Bisous et bon dimanche


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