Monday, August 27, 2012

My Lacebook is Back Home with the Birth of Spring

My Lace book has come home and
it is now completely finished!!!

has just featured  my Vintage Gypsy Lacebook
"Gypsy in My Soul" on her blog. 
Chamara's blog is her take on a
French Gypsy's collections -
it is just stunning and so addictive!
You will love it!
Thankyou for your kind acknowledgement!

It's getting quite exciting with these lovely warm days now coming
with the approach of Spring here in Australia
because now we can can say goodbye to Winter 
 for another year 
and these everyday
things - like the firewood

which has kept us so warm for the last few months
and the tools which we have been using
every day

like these and the wonderful old hand crafted bellows

which we have been using to aerate the fire embers
if they die down to sleep!
You can see the worn leather on the sides after 40 years of use
but these are just some of the wonderful home comforts
that we live with.

So Spring is all but upon us now and already we see
evidence here 

with the very first of the climbing roses "Lorraine Lee"

but I also wanted to share another birth because
after 6 long months of creating with a group of most wonderful
creative souls mainly from the US and Canada in a
Lacebook Round Robin Group
I have completed, sewn pages, embellished, and finally
bound my own pages into my version of
"Vintage Gypsy".

Each woman created two pages each of their own
particular vintage subject and then passed
it to the next woman for her interpretation of that
woman's subject.

(Each month - over the 6 month period -
 I created two pages based on their themes
and each month one member created two pages based
on my theme -Gypsy in My Soul - so that I ended up with
my own book back which I began with covers and four pages, with
two pages created by each member of the group.

So that meant we all had a hand in each other's final works).

The first few pages including covers were of my own
choice and design 

This is a side view where I incorporated a piece of a
vintage clutch along with
many layers of vintage laces and trims.

This shows the binding using vintage buttons over a
crushed velvet wrap around the whole of the lacebook.

This shows the inside front cover and first page

Next two pages

I know that some of you may have seen these
single pages on a previous post some months ago.

Many collaged layers of soft silks, chiffons, netting, hand-
dyed lace, satin motif, embroidered and beaded
chiffon motif, pearls and jewellery

go into making up some of these pages.
Many of these fabrics have been recycled.

Next two pages

Sequens, trims and fabric laces.
That beautiful silk ribbon was a gift from Pat Winter

The pages below were created by
Karen Dorcas of

The images, lace and composition are so lovely!

These two pages below were created by Socrates of

Some little personal added bits of memorabilia!

From the  very creative hands of Teri Flemal at
came these two gorgeous pages!

Now look at this amazing handpainted image -
how clever is this girl?

Oh and the last contributions came from Deb Byers
so simply beautiful aren't they?

My last two pages including inside cover with pocket
to hold the ATCs which we created for each other 
before we created the pages.

The back cover in rich ginger coloured and embroidered
crushed velvet!

And finally a side view of this amazing lacebook!
which represents so many precious hours 
of lace worked collages and a true

It was such an incredible journey and many hours
of shared friendships, inspirations and lasting memories!
Thank you Lacebook girls - I was proud to be 
part of that wonderful group!

Thank you to all my new followers of late and to everyone
who has left such kind comments especially those left
on my Giveaway post and the one following  - it shows such
kindness even in the face of not winning - this time!
 these are so
always appreciated!

Hope this post has not been tooo much of an overload!!!

Love and thanks to you all,
Suzy xox 


  1. Good Morning Suzy! Wow, what a "scrummy" book. How lovely as a beautiful keepsake, and with loads of tactile wonderfulness inside.
    Glad Winter is slowly abating, and you can see signs of Spring.
    Judy xx

  2. Exquisite!! Not much else I can think of to describe this beautiful book Suzy. You've all done such amazing work with it. I really don't know how round robins work though, so does it get to live with you? and how lucky are you if that's the case!!!!? :) I assume there was only one book made so you can't all get to keep it can you?
    Thanks for all those lovely images of it. ♥

  3. Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pages.

  4. Oh my godness....there's a novel to write about every single page. The cover looks so fantastic and it's the foreshadow of the inside. This is a bible of fabric and lace in my eyes.

  5. AMAZING!!!!! I cant even come up with the right words to describe the wonderfulness of this book!!!! Stunning!! If you ever do another swap , let me know..I'd love to be in it!! Hugs

  6. Stunning is the only word I can think to describe this beautiful book. So glad you shared it with us, it is very special.
    Hugs Jackie

  7. Well Dear Suzy, how I have missed you!! I have been so lax at blogging as I have dealing with so much this summer. i need a do over!!! My mum had a heart attack and she is the primary caregiver for my step dad who has pretty severe Alzheimer's. his kids are not stepping up to help and they live close by. my brother and I are not close by so it has meant several trips to their home in Mass to try to help and get things sorted. Sigh!! so not easy!!. I know that you understand as you have gone thru so much recently with your Dad and all. this book is glorious and I true feast for the eyes. nothing compares to your fabulous work you have an amazing eye and touch for layering and composition!! SO glad that spring is arriving. we have finally gotten some rain so i think that I might get a nice fall bloom from my roses before they sleep!
    Big Hugs To You!!

  8. Suzy - how wonderful to see the finished lacebook and all the extra work you did to complete it... yes, absolutely scrumptious for sure. What a lovely job of taking the photos and presenting them. We are so lucky to each have our own books as a keepsake - it was the best ever round robin. Thank you for your special care and beautiful work. Hugs and love, Karen

  9. Oh my gosh Suzy words can't begin to express the beauty in all those pages. What a wonderful way to share your friendship and to have it as a keepsake for years to come. Beautifully done each and every page.
    hugs Lynn

  10. Je suis toujours en admiration devant tes réalisations de mini en dentelles, ce sont de véritables oeuvres d'art. Merci de nous faire admirer ces petites merveilles. Bonne co,ntinuation.

  11. Hello Suzy!
    What a wonderful book, so amazing and graceful!You can be pride of this work, with all these women!
    I can't imagin it's soon spring for you, when it's soon fall for us! It's so funny!Soon I'll use the same ustensiles to be warm!!!LOL
    Hugs and big kisses

  12. I have been waiting to see photographs of this amazing lace book for so long. It was worth the wait. It is such an exquisite work of art, truly and utterly beautiful.

  13. The most beautiful and exquisite "overload" to be seen, dearest Suzy- what a keepsake to hold and admire for ever.
    Your stunning cover,including the clutch is fabolous, and so filled with your special beauty, -and amazing style, that I adore.Your colours so rich, making magic moments studying your first pages, of these mystique gypsies.
    And all your fellow creators, have made gorgeous pages for you,-keeping your style in this wonderful book.
    I`m so happy for you dear friend,that you can begin to feel spring ,your photoes looks so beautiful.
    Sweetie,you will hear from me later today .
    With love, Dorthe

  14. Here is just one word appropriate:WOW.

    It looks stunning!,


  15. Hello Suzy,
    Spring is arriving with you just as we feel the first cool winds of Autumn, a time of year that I love.
    You book is an exquisite treasure and it's evident that many hours of loving work has lavished on the pages.
    It will be a joy every time you look at it.
    Enjoy and thanks for a wonderful post.
    Hugs, Angela.x

  16. What a fabulous book Suzi, something to treasure forever. There's so much to look at and drool over.

  17. Oh I just love what you did with the binding and the cover. It looks amazing--such a treasure. Honestly-- I am sure I've never seen anything that comes close to it. And how clever of you to use part of a purse in your pages. The entire book defines the vintage gypsy spirit.

  18. Hi dear Suzy,
    I can't come up with words for this gorgeous book - such labor of love went into it. Just stunning.
    Have a lovely day.

  19. What a beautiful treasure Suzy! I'm sure it will bring you much viewing pleasure in the years to come. Have a great week.


  20. A true treasure Suzy! Obviously, a wonderful collaboration with several very talented women....

  21. Hi Suzy, thanks for sharing such an incredible journal and what an amazing concept. It is a true keepsake to pass down to future generations. Each page is a work of art in its own right. jayne x

  22. Suzy

    What a wonderful work of Art. This is something you will keep and can look at over the years with wonderful memories.

    I love pics of your garden and look forward to seeing them in the coming months.



  23. We are getting ready for Autumn Winter here in the UK. I loved seeing the pictures of your lovely log fire tools though and hope you have a lovely Spring.
    The lace Gypsy book is amazing, each and every page is gorgeous with fabulous gypsies (one of my favourite subjects) and beautiful lace and fabric embellishments and the crushed velvet and buttons are stunning too.
    Hugs June x

  24. OMG! It's absolutely MAGNIFIQUE, very great art work!

  25. Hello sweet friend, This was a most amazing round robin. You've created and received so many fantastic and opulent pages with lots of gorgeous details. It must have been very exciting to open up the package and look at all the beautiful pages. You've put them together to a gorgeous book with a stunning cover and binding. It's such a treasure.
    Sending big hugs and lots of love to you,

  26. Dearest Suzy, there are not words enough to describe how wonderful this book is, I have now seen all the pictures several times, they are all so fantastic and also wonderfully done, great idea with a Round Robin book, wish you a lovely day.
    Hugs and love

  27. What a treasure, Suzy. This fabric book is absolutely stunning! Can't even come up with enough adjectives to do it justice. All these pages are incredible!

    Thanks for sharing with us!

    Have a lovely day,

  28. Just so very lovely! I can see you taking moments out of the day and reaching for this lace journal. Turning the pages slowly... gently touching all the bits and pieces... remembering the women behind it who helped create such a work of art. Thanks for generously sharing this with all of us!!!

  29. Wow, what a "scrummy" book, I must say like the others this is amazing to have all those lovely women making pages must be the absolutely best in life What a treasure you have now.

  30. What a fabulous project to be involved in! I absolutely love the idea of incorporating the clutch as part of a page. I have a thing for clutches and have used them for different art projects but wouldn't have thought of that one! An exquisite book you will terasure for the rest of your life!

  31. Suzy, Wow what a gorgeous book! All the lace and beautiful photos...what a treasure and it looks huge! You have an eye for combining the right elements in your creations to make it all so lovely!

    I'll bet you love living in Australia! So many exotic places to live and I always wonder how I got so lucky to live in Kansas! xoxoxo's Pam

  32. Your book is beautiful and such a treasure. Thank you for sharing.

  33. Your book is a masterpiece dear Suzy!

    Beginning with the front cover we are on a journey of discovery!

    The aged metal frame holding the sweet Gypsy image has set the scene for what develops into a magical discovery of the artistic and the beautiful – your heart and soul Suzy – I’m feeling there’s inspiration from your gypsy muse here?!

    Her clutch bag would have been this gypsy’s treasured possession. Likewise her silver spoon which was probably handed down from mother to daughter for generations!
    Each treasured piece of old lace, fabric, beads and jewellery lovingly kept as a reminder of family and friends in times gone by.

    This has been a thoughtful process resulting in a wonderful record of your amazing talent and creativity!
    You must feel very proud.


  34. Suzy, Check out my side link:) I did it! xxPam

  35. Wow! This is so stunning!! I did a hanging tapestry panel I guess you call it. Its like the giveaway one. Mine was no where as beautiful as you. But you were my inspiration for it. How do you dye your pieces without it running? Do you ever bleach it all white and then go from there on some pieces. I have tryied to do a few pieces but the color ran. Have a great night Hugs Virginia

  36. Hi Suzy,

    6 months? Well worth the wait for this gorgeous book of treasures. I have a book of lace floating around somewhere in the US right now and am looking forward to being as excited about the creativeness of the girls as you obviously are. Lucky you to have soemthing so beautiful to be cherished.!

  37. Please see my blog for `n mention and a link...Gypsy Purple xx

  38. Came over from Gypsy Purple.....this book is amazing!!!!



  39. This is the most wonderful creation I have seen in a long time! Just beautiful and each page is a separate wonder in itself. Thank you so much for sharing! I enjoyed the journey through your book and the future journeys into the exploration of the blogs of the artists who contributed.

  40. Just beautiful Suzi, simply said! Hugs and have a great weekend, Hugs and Love my friend:) Marilou

  41. What a wonderful post Suzi! Yes, it was long....but I loved every image and all your words! The book is totally beyond words! I would love to hold it in my hands and touch each beautiful page, I can't imagine!

  42. Overload? Never! Each image is to be savored and drooled over. I can't even begin to image how incredible this must be in real life!!

  43. This is gorgeous!!! I love it so much!

  44. OMG Suzy! We could never be overloaded with images of your work and others just as talented as yourself sharing in...! Simply stunning and such a keepsake!
    Thank you for your inspiration and sharing...
    Beth P

  45. Are you kidding? overload I could have spent all day looking at the pages of this book. What a wonderful way to connect with artists all over the world. The beauty of blogging for sure.
    Enjoy spring as we head into Fall. My favorite! You must be spending lots of times in the garden with your many roses.

  46. Hi
    your works are beautiful, inspiration, and everything is carried out, is simply beautiful.
    I'm sorry, but it was a holiday and I was not at home, and I already longed for his native country where he was born,
    I cordially greet, warm, wish you great ideas to the work of art.,

  47. Suzy! What a feast for the eyes! Your lacebook is an inspirational many hands coming together to create a stunning work of art. I'm so happy to have seen it tonight. I must visit everyone who had a part!

    Happy Spring, dear friend. XO
    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  48. OH MY GOSH, Suzi, I am speechless!!! This is all SOOO gorgeous!!! I just came over to say "hi!"

  49. Suzy
    your book is BREATHTAKING! what an amazing collection of beautiful images, laces, and vintage goodness combined with your wonderful artistic talents. I love it.
    Happy Spring to you also! We are entering fall and while I am not anxious to battle snow...I will enjoy cooler temps! :)

  50. how do you ever put that gorgeous book down Suzy! I would be looking through it and stroking it ever minute. What an amazing treasure to have forever!
    The pages are crammed with the loveliest laces, velvets,
    trinkets and images I've ever seen.

    I loved seeing the photos in this post and the things that you are seeing out your doors these days (and the things you won't be seeing until Fall comes again).
    Now it is us who are gathering wood for the coming cold : )

    Thank you Suzy, for your wonderful visits to my place. I love seeing your beautiful face pop up in my comment section!

    Have a wonderful week ahead dear friend.
    hugs from here...

  51. WOW!!! This book is simply GORGEOUS!!!!

  52. What a wonderful book!! All I can say is "WOW"!! :-)

  53. I have no words, I can just stare and admire your wonderful art.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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