Thursday, September 27, 2012

Victorian Lace and Nature's Lace

Have you ever seen such amazing lace as this?

This is an original Victorian Lace Collar

which has recently been gifted to me

along with a few other precious lace collars and pieces

such as these.  I am not quite sure what these
may have been used for as they are quite 
long and narrow - perhaps panels
of a skirt or similar clothing?

but aren't they just stunning?
Perhaps you can inform me as to how they were used??!!

And look at this delicate lace
which has been fashioned into another collar insert.

A close up view of it's delicacy!

Take a look at this incredibly beautiful piece.

To think this collar could be up to 150 years old and 
in such mint condition.

Some embroidered and beaded black netted lace

along with this unique beaded netting

this very beautiful vintage lace was part of the wedding dress
of the woman, Di, from South Australia
who gave me this exquisite gift to me.

The white satin on the left was from her own mother's wedding
dress and the Victorian collars were from Di's own

Now how very fortunate a person do you think I am to
receive such incredible beauty to treasure
and keep.

Part of Di's wedding dress I used to create 

this collage

as a momento which Di can treasure and keep

and pass down to her very own daughters.

Look at that beautiful paisley effect through the lace.

Now nature has her own way of displaying lace
year after year when we are shown

the beauty of lace through the blossoming of trees

like this Weeping Cherry which is growing so 
very happily in our Spring garden
It probably spans about 4 metres across now!

Can you see and feel the beautiful lacey effect of this
amazing tree?

I snuck out of bed at 6.30am this morning before the sun rose
to capture this amazing image before the sun
came up on another day here in our
garden paradise so I could share it here with you!
I feel so blessed for it all!


And I also feel blessed for having all of you coming to
visit or follow and for leaving such kind
comments - all I can say is
"Thank you from my heart"
I hope you enjoy this post.

Love, Suzy xxx


  1. Such divine lace!! What an incredible gift! I'm sure your friend will treasure the beautiful collage you made her.

  2. What incredible laces and an even more amazing piece you created. It is spectacular as is your weeping cherry. Spring is full now. xox

  3. oh my Suzy! EXQUISITE! the lace ... mine couldn't fight that! that's more than 100 years old?? wow ... you are certainly one lucky lady. but you know what ... if ever anyone should receive a 100 year old lace, it should be you. becos your mastery will make it live another 100 years ...

  4. Wow...what gorgeous laces!!..and I just adore your personal stunning collage...absolutely gorgeous!!such a beautiful keepsake!!

  5. Thank-you for the show n tell of such exquisite beauty.Old laces like that are a real pleasure.
    Personally, if the collar is still intact, Id frame it.

  6. The laces are exquisite. Can you imagine the time and patience it takes to make those pieces.

    Your collage is beautiful!


  7. Such beautiful lace Suzy!! Real heirlooms, you are one very lucky lady. Enjoy!! Judith x

  8. Absolutely lovely, Suzy.

    When my daughter was little, I made dresses for my mom, me, and her, all of black velvet, all with beautiful lace collars. I have a picture somewhere of this generational moment, and seeing your post brought that back. These collars turned otherwise simple dresses into elegant displays.

  9. This Lace is absolutly wonderful! You can iagine the dress which was with it!!!! Wahou!!!
    Soon, you'll see what I found in other "vide-greniers", but it's not so marvellous!
    You're lucky to comme to spring, here fall is coming slowly!!!
    Hugs and kisses

  10. These collars and other lace pieces are just exquisite, my dear Suzy! What a wonderful gift and you've created a stunning collage using some of that lace. Di must have been very thrilled to receive it.
    Your cherry tree is beautiful. I just love blooming trees. Enjoy your wonderful spring garden, sweetie!
    Big hugs to you,

  11. Exquisite lace Suzy, you are truly blessed to receive these lovely gifts. A lovely gift to return to your friend, a treasure to most certainly be passed down.

  12. Lovely lace, aren't you lucky! Love your textile keepsake piece too. :-)

  13. Dearest Suzy,
    Such stunning gifts you was given, they truly all knows that you will treasure and create fabolous pieces with some of those very beautiful laces-and some I guess you will save as is, to the future.
    Your collage to Di is gorgeous, sweetie, she will love it as you love the beauty from her past ,too!
    And speaking about beauty, nothing could be more lovely ,than that tree - OH so full of flowers, and so incredible pretty colour - you have the most sweet and beautiful spring, my friend.
    Sending you loving thoughts, and wishes you a happy friday, Suzy.

  14. Omg. Suzy this lace is so gorgeous. Your so lucky to receive such delicate and precious collars. I think i should frame it or display it another way. Such old lace deserves a special place all the work that someone once had by making it. Your collage is so beautiful you gave the lace from the wedding gown a special place.

    Hugs and lve

  15. Sure, i see the beauty of the lace, but how do i know it's old Victorian Lace Collar as a novice? I am so untaught. Your collage looks breathtaking just as well as the weeping cherry. I'm looking jealous at your springtime because it's raining here all day. (:o)

  16. How wonderful to receive such a gift. It really is special when someone thinks of you and knows you will treasure those gifts and create beautiful heirlooms with them. Victorian lace is so so delicate. I am sure she will love your collage and treasure it. Your tree - it is absolutely gorgeous, it must be a joy to wake up and look at that every morning. Jayne x

  17. Suzy I was just watching a PBS series show tonight, period piece from the 1800s, and there was a woman wearing a piece of lace that looks something like that long, curved piece above in her hair. She had her hair pulled up, and the lace piece was kind of pinned over it, with both sides falling down in the back. I don't know what that style is called, but it might be what your piece is.

  18. I am speechless!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  19. Wow Suzy. Such a lovely collage you've made from this precious lace. You post is touching! xo's Pam

  20. IT was a wonderful gift.Its becoming harder to find now here in France.Teri is right that was worn in various ways on the head.Mostly at the front and hanging down.I should have a picture somewhere will try and find it

  21. I think you will find the long pieces are called lappets.

  22. I can't imagine anybody wanting to part with such incredibly beautiful antique pieces, but boy, am I glad they went to you, someone who really loves and appreciates these things. The stunning collage you created with a few pieces of the beautiful gifts you received will be much loved by the recipient, I am sure.

  23. Beautiful, beautiful lace Suzy! What an incredible gift you have received. I am also in awe of how lovely it is, and how old. The collage you created certainly does justice to the beauty of the lace - the perfect showcase!
    Also, whenever I reply to your comments the emails have been coming back as "undeliverable". I tried copying and pasting the link from your blog but one or two days later those emails come back as well... so I want you to know just how much your comments of late have meant to me. So very kind and thoughtful and brought me comfort.
    Thanks Suzy,

  24. Dear Suzy, such wonderful lace, that was a fantastic gift to get, your new collage is so beautifully made with the wedding dress lace, what a wonderful tree with so many flowers,it must be a joy to look at it, wish you a lovely weekend.
    Hugs Anni

  25. Oh Suzy your weeping cherry is the prettiest I've ever seen. Have you had it a long time? They can get so big after many years.
    You are a lucky girl to be gifted such goodness I was drooling all over my computer here. I love that you made something wonderful to give her and to pass down.
    You are a great friend,

    ps hope your maggie showed up. I was very late in sending it but hope it's not lost.

  26. My goodness! The lace looks simply divine. What a magnificent and generous gift. I am sure that your collage will be a success for your friend. So beautifully designed!
    Dear Suzy, I wish you a nice weekend.
    Hugs MARTINA

  27. When I handle such treasures, I try to get an image in my mind of how these things adorned the clothing of it's owners from so many years past. It gives us a connection to those who came before us. You are so very blessed.

  28. Your lace collection is gorgeous. I did a Google search on lappets as one lady suggested, and that does look like what your long pieces are. Check out the Google images, there is also a Lappet Faced Vulture that has to be one of the homeliest creatures that i have ever seen.

  29. How wonderful a friend you have to give you all these exquisite pieces.
    I'm sure she will love your gift to her.
    I shall be looking forward to seeing you work with this tresure trove.
    Smiles, Angela.x

  30. incredibly beautiful lace collars, Suzi! How wonderful to have them.
    Thanks for sharing them all with us.
    Wayna (aka creativegrammie)

  31. Such beautiful lace from Di! Your collage is so lovely, as is your lacy tree. Have a wonderful week.


  32. Beautiful laces that have been entrusted to you. Your collage keepsake is priceless. Heirloom laces make me swoon. Your Spring Weeping Cherry is true bliss...

  33. Thank you Suzy for publishing the photo of your weeping cherry which is just as beautiful as last year. They don't grow as well in my climate so I feel privileged to share yours. I think the long pieces of lace were worn kind of like as scarf or collor. They are all just lovely

  34. How lucky to have been given such beautiful laces as these. You are truely a very lucky lady. You may like to visit this web site for some inspiration on what to do with the laces.
    Hugs Elizabeth xxx

  35. Suzy - these are over the top fabulous. How delicate and absolutely gorgeous. Someone used the word "divine." And, they surely are. What treasures. Hugs. Karen

  36. OMG Suzy!!!!!!!

    Collars are my favourite.
    These are the Crème de la Crème - what a wonderful gift - and couldn't have been gifted to a more deserving artiste.
    You will breathe new life into these precious pieces and make the most of their beauty.

    Your weeping cherry is a sight to be seen too and I agree it is natures take on lace, just as precious as the fabric ones.
    A wonderful announcement of Spring in your garden!

    A beautiful post and feast for our eyes!

  37. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!!

  38. What a generous gif...these laces are a dream, Suzy!

    LOVE your cherry tree!


  39. Those lace pieces are stunning Dear Suzy. So so pretty and delicate. How lucky you were.
    Love the photos of yoyr wonderful blooming trees.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  40. Suzy- these lace pieces are magnificent- you must be thrilled to call them your own-- what a wonderful gift from your friend. You certainly made a lovely collage using the lace- I'm sure your gift will be treasured.

    The weeping cherry tree is gorgeous-- oh my goodness-- what a display of color and flowering branches!!

    Happy Spring!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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