Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Gift of a "Living Christmas Collage" for you!

So very many beautiful gifts have been arriving here
for Christmas that I thought I would 
turn them into a "Living Christmas Collage"
representing my idea of a simple
Christmas vignette and tree

using some found objects from our garden
like these magnificent Magnolia Grandiflora seed pods with
their spent bronze coloured leaves and dried grasses.

The top of our "tree" which consists of a Wattle tree branch
which Jeff carried inside from the bush is decorated with this most
beautiful collage from Yvonne of

This sweet little Angel collage was received in a threesome
swap from Shane Pollard of

- the angels are the messengers heralding new life
- our protectors 

another highly embellished and decorated angel
from Lilla LaVine of

More angels are heralding the birth of Christ
in this spectacular collage from my 
very dear friend, Dorthe Hansen,

and these two beautiful decorations came from
Nancy Maxwell James

and yet another mini collage from the threesome swap
came from Rhonda of 

So I wanted to create a Christmas tribute incorporating some
of these beautiful pieces to which I would add more
goodness like this golden angel

and the Madonna with Child

waiting to be hung close to these glorious and fragrant
Christmas Lillies which always just bloom
perfectly in time for this special event!

and, not to mention, a very important part of the festive celebration
is the family Christmas pudding vintage bowl!

So when you mix all of these up together to create a
"living Christmas collage"
we get something that looks like this:

 and as evening approaches
the candles bring a soft glow over the whole picture

but with the fullness of night the decorated and embellished
collage becomes richer and somehow more sacred. 

So we can all pray for a silent night 
and a holy night
to give us the opportunity to begin
afresh for the new season ahead!

Christmas blessings to all of my dear blogging friends -
a very big heart felt thanks for visiting throughout the year -
stay safe and stay calm,
wishing you a heart full of all the joy and love
one heart can hold! 

Thank you also to those who have gifted me with my
special Christmas collage decorations so that
I could create this all for you!
You are so appreciated!

With love and hugs,
                  Suzy xxx


  1. So georgeous pictures and wonderful decorations!
    Blessing Christmas for you and your family too!
    Hugs and kisses

  2. Such beautiful gifts and images Suzi, they look as if they're straight out of an interior decorator's shop window or magazine. Have a lovely safe Christmas and a very creative 2013.

  3. Oh dear Suzy

    You’ve created a magical Christmas post around the lovely gifts you’ve received.
    Your decorating is exquisite – the Grandiflora seed pods and velvety russet leaves look amazing alongside the fragrant Christmas lilies all from the garden.

    All the Christmas gifts are so special – especially Yvonne’s tree top angel – she does such amazing fabric collage work.
    And dear Dorthe’s angel themed Christmas collage is exquisite too – beautiful pieces of lace with the sweet images – I love the real Danish autumn leaf that found it’s way in there too!!
    Such a very pretty angel doll from Lilla, Rhonda’s mini collage and Nancy’s tags all add to your magical display and amongst these are two of your exquisite collaged hearts – Suzy you are so inspiring – whatever you do!

    Thank you for the very beautiful ‘Angel’ collage you sent me – I’ll be posting my pieces tomorrow.

    Christmas Blessings to you and your family
    Thank you for being a part of my blogging journey this year.
    Much love
    Joyeux Noël
    Shane ♥

  4. What a lot of lovely gifts and a great living collage. All the best for Christmas & I hope your creativity continues in the New Year.

  5. Your lovely post filled my heart with warmth, love, peace and hope. Christmas is a beautiful season filled with the love of God for all mankind.

    Have a lovely Christmas and a wonderful 2013.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

  6. To look at your blog with all these lovely images is like a Christmas present to me.....thanks for posting this....and have a warm and safe Chrstmas and a happy and healthy New Year...greetings from Holland.....Francien.

  7. I doubt any mailbox received such beautiful packages. The living collage is a wonderfull reminder of Christmas and it's meaning. I love Christmas and what it stands for. I was lucky enough to purchase 2 bundles from Lilla which included images and she put in extra images for the dolls. But we know how generous she is. So after Christmas I will be trying to create a few myself. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a creative, successful 2013.

  8. aww magic christmas, so gorgeous at your place
    I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.thanks for your kind friend ship and creative blog

  9. Beautiful, beautiful people, friends and work. Merry Christmas to you and family. See you next year. xox

  10. A truly wonderful selection of gifts you've received Suzy and displayed so beautifully. Wishing you all the best through the holiday season and in the upcoming year. Lorraine

  11. Your photos of the lovely gifts are just stunning. Wondering how you manage to find room for so many beautiful things in your house. You live in a lovely world. Merry Christmas Suzy.

  12. Suzy! What a gorgeous post! Your house looks so wonderfully festive and christmasey. Thank you for sharing. I love best the angel you made, the big wings are just fabulous. A warm and wonderful christmas to you and your family.

  13. So much beauty and friendship! You are truly blessed! Merry Christmas to you, Suzi!

  14. This is a lovely post Suzy.Such beautiful images, and pretty works of art.Thanks for sharing.
    Much Love Judy xx

  15. Such beautiful gifts you received,dear Suzy:) Enjoy your treasures and have a wonderful Christmas.
    Hugs my friend,

  16. Your living collage is such a wonderful expression of Christmas and all the more special because of the lovely gifts you have received to complete your tableau. Each image is so gorgeous in its own right. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas Suzy. Love Jayne x

  17. Such incredibly beautiful images...thank you for sharing them with us. Wishing you and yours a very special and happy Christmas.

  18. Such a beautiful post and collage. Many blessings to you this Christmas!
    Hugs and love Marilou

  19. You have such amazingly talented friends dear Suzy! These pieces are stunning...each one.
    You must smile every time you look at them!
    I adore the beautiful paperdolls that you showed us in your last post. They are gorgeous. I am always in awe at the things you think to create!
    I hope that your Christmas is magical and that throughout the coming year you will enjoy beauty, love, peace and happiness dear friend. I am grateful that we met through this wonderful thing called blogging! I have been so blessed to know you!
    sending much love...

  20. Suzi,
    I love the way you shared and displayed your gifts. What a great idea. I'm working on a post right now featuring beautiful gifts I've recieved too. I think we run in the same circles, :)
    I wish for you the merriest & happiest holiday ever.
    So happy 2012 brought me to your blog.

  21. Dearest Suzy,
    Gorgeous photos dear friend! You have received so many beautiful gifts from dear friends! I am so happy for you sweetie! You displayed each one beautifully! I wish you and your dear ones a very beautiful and peaceful Christmas filled with joy and love! With much love and hugs, Paula xoxo

  22. Dear Suzy
    You have once again opened the doors of your beautiful home so that we may step inside and revel in the magic of it all.
    The most incredible art brings added love and warmth with their special meanings of friendship and oh how beautiful when lit with candlelight.
    I so enjoyed this tranquil visit.
    Suzy, I of course send you festive wishes, may you have a beautiful day on the 25th (of course you are ahead of my time) and for all the days over the festive season. It has been a joy and a privilege to not only visit your beautiful blog where all the creations are from the heart but to say thank you for the art that I now treasure.
    Lynne x

  23. Oh how beautiful, thnks you for sharing your silent night x

  24. Hello my dear sweet Suzy, I had wanted to take some time yesterday to write you my Christmas wishes but it hadn't worked out and this morning we left early and just came back. Unfortunately Christmas Day is almost over in your part of the world and I can only hope that you had a wonderful and relaxing time with a lovely lunch and/or dinner. Even though Christmas is celebrated here, almost all the shops are open today. It's sunny and we've got 18 degrees but it was around the freezing point during the night.
    You've received such fantastic gifts from your very talented friends. You deserve it so much, dearest Suzy and all the gifts look just wonderful in your home. Enjoy!
    Have a great week and some sunshine!
    Big hugs and lots of love,

  25. Merry Christmas Suzy--
    You have created the most humble and beautiful display of loving gifts - treasures of the heart that represent the true essence of this season. Stunning is the only word I can use to describe this vision of loveliness.,Is there a holiday tour of homes where you live? If so-- you need to open your doors and share the magic of your beautiful home.

    I hope your day is special and filled with love and family. Thank you for sharing so much of what you do with all of us-- sending love and hugs-/

  26. Suzy your lilies from your garden are better then any you would receive from a florist. You have a wonderful green thumb plus one of the best creative one I have ever seen.

    I really enjoyed seeing all your wonderful gifts and the way you displayed them was so beautiful. Loved it with all the candles lit at night. Almost like being in a holy place.



  27. This is my first time to your blog. So many beautiful things to feast my eyes on!
    I just became a follower!
    Happy New Year!
    ♥ Jil

  28. Just lovely! thank You for Sharing this Glorious Display with Us!

  29. Merry Christmas dear Suzy,

    What a delight to my eye's and my heart, to see your wonderful living collage display. All of these beautiful creations are made from the dearest of hearts, with love.

    I wish you a wonderful and loving 2013 dear Suzy...

    Love and Blessings always,

    Art of Mine

  30. Your christmas display is so gogeous. Love those beautiful lilies from your garden. Hope you had a great cristmas time and wish you all the best for 2013.

    Love and hugs

  31. Me encantó todo, el tema vintage me gusta mucho. Felicidades.
    Los mejores deseos para ti y todo el mundo. Que a nadie le falte el alimento y la paz.

  32. My sweet friend--
    I have just loaded your amazing and beautiful blog into the post for my Grow Your Blog party -- you are an inspiration to all of us! The date is January 19 -- and I look forward to seeing you there.

    We can all only hope that we can "grow" to be as loved as you~

  33. These are absolutely fabulous gifts, and you are one wonderful deserving girlie! :) A very Happy 2013 to you and yours! :)


  34. I have been touched by grace beautiful.
    susan s.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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