Monday, December 2, 2013

A Christmas Lace Book/Journal

Several months ago I was approached by a customer
to create a "Christmas Lace Book/Journal using
rusted items, Arthur Rackham images 
and embellish as I see fit".

Well I have to tell you dear bloggers - that was
quite a challenge. So here is what I came up with!
It is the story of St. Nicholas delivering his
gifts to children on the Eve of Christmas
and the celebration of the day of Christmas.

I decided to incorporate some varying shades of gold

(Front cover)
which I felt would complement my rust dyed linens and silks

with splashes of red and deep maroon.
Sari silk was used in the binding
of all the pages.

I added many gold and silver embellishments of bells

stars, teddies and toys.

Several pages show a display of dyed mohair from our goats

with touches of red sari silk ribbons

and several different images of these 

delightful little red breasted robins.

All in all I think it came together reasonably well
in the end! What do you think?

Of course there is lace upon every page - it would have 
never been complete without heaps of beautiful
laces in varying shades of white, cream and blue.


Now this is quite off the topic but I just felt I needed to share
this very important news and as a favour for dear Karen
of Todolwen,  who 
has asked me to share some updates for her~~ while attempting to change the URL of her blog, she accidentally deleted it!  And in doing this she
accidentally also lost all of her 1000 plus followers.  If you were a follower of Karen's blog and have noticed that she is gone -- you can now find her here  at her new blog location!

Please pass this blog link onto any of your own followers
who might also be following Karen.
Can you imagine how upsetting this incident could be?

Thank you dear bloggers always for your kindness
in visiting and commenting. It is always so
wonderful to see new followers too.

Much happiness in your Christmas creating activities!
May the joys of this season accompany
you everyday and always.

Love and hugs, Suzy


  1. Wahoo Suzy, wha a wonderful book!
    I love Arthur Rackham pictures too very much, you know it!
    Your creation is very beautiful!
    Hugs and kisses

  2. Dearest Suzy

    Totally charming - it's a work of a ART!

    You got me at.....
    "This is the story of Saint Nicholas"...
    it's a magical story and you've created such beauty and magic around the exquisite Arthur Rackham images.

    I wish it was mine!!!
    Shane XOX

  3. You've surpassed yourself this time Suzie.....It is utterley devine and I can see it as a heirloom piece!
    Imagine one christmas day, many years from now, a child or elative being given this work of art and told it was made by a textile/media artist in the early 21st century!
    Love everything about it!
    Really well done Suzie! xxx

    Love it!!!
    Hugs Oxana

  5. Sweet Suzy,
    I just love your latest creation .. it is beyond beautiful! Also thank you so much for letting everyone know where to find me again!
    Many hugs,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  6. Suzy I really love your Christmas book-just so magical.

    Is your friend sure she was deleted permanatly? one day last year my blog was just gone-I was in a panic for sure cause all my blogging days were in there. going through google I was able to retrieve mine

  7. Oh Suzy what a beautiful pretty gorgeous book. Can ya tell I like it? One day my books might be 1/8 as beautiful as yours. What a treasure and I agree I wish it were mine. The is so magical. Love it. xooxxo

  8. What a beautiful keepsake you have created! You have such a good eye for adding all your bits of magic!

  9. wow, this is a warm beautiful loving designed beauty!!! thanks for sharing the warmth.

  10. Your lace book is stunning and I am sure she will be very please with it!!

  11. What a gorgeous Christmas Book. I'm sure it will be cherished and become part of the owner's Christmas tradition. The attention to the smallest details, and all the lace make it especially drool-worthy! Happy Holiday Season.

  12. Hello dearest Suzy, The colors you chose go very well together and are just perfect for that Christmas book. Each page turned out very beautiful and all the layers of fabrics and laces are such eye-candies. Your customer must be thrilled about the gorgeous book.
    Have a wonderful week, sweetie!
    Big hugs and love,
    PS: Thank you very much for your message. I'll get back to you soon.

  13. OMG !!!!!!!!!!
    So incredibly beautiful designed, dear Suzy! This was determined an extensive work. I am totally thrilled! Such a beautiful fabric book. A feast for the eyes!

    I wish you a wonderful first Advent :-)Hugs MARTINA oxo

  14. Dear Suzy,

    I'm glad you're back after those sad days. Your work is gorgeous as ever. I love the book with all the lace and silk. So beautiful with all the tiny details and colour tips like the red robin.
    Hope you are well
    Love and hugs Yvonne

  15. Hello Dear Suzy,
    Your Christmas inspired book is magical! Wow! I am loving the golds, the bells, and the goat hair too. All that luscious lace on every page really makes it glorious. What a daunting task and you did it so beautifully!
    Btw, I went over to Karen's and followed. It is so kind of you to give us an opportunity to help her get back to where she was : )

  16. What a beautiful, rich looking journal. I love it.

    You did a wonderful job as always.


  17. St. Nick never looked so good, sitting in the middle of all those beautiful laces and ribbon embellishments. Quite a challenge, but it looks fantastic. Merry Christmas.

  18. Oh my, another stunning book Suzy! I love everything about this lovely book. I think you did a superb job in gathering/making this lovely book for your client. All the lace, ribbons, sari silk, silkies and doilies just go perfectly. And I really loved seeing the little red breasted robin in there, a perfect addition to this piece. Your client will be so happy to have this book in her collection. Job well done.

  19. Oh Suzy - what a God given talent you have. This beautiful book is just breath taking, and every page has such exquisite detail- how could you ever bear to give it away - it would break my heart if I had made it!

    Do you use actual 'rust' to die your materials or mix a dye of colours to represent rust?

    I can't stop looking at your photos of it.

  20. OH MY! This should be a lesson for everyone...when you are allowed free rein, incredible beauty flows from your hands.

  21. Dear Suzy
    I surely feel as though I have take a step into Christmas past.
    You captured the essence of a nostalgic Christmas, not purely on the images you created with but with those glorious warm shades you incorporated, the richness exude warmth and love and all those delightful charms and I so adore that you incorporated mohair from your goats, how fabulous.
    I wish we could have seen the expression on the face of the customer who commissioned this art!

  22. Oh Suzy-- it's stunning. Maybe your most beautiful creation yet. I can hardly believe that someone could just so easily create so beautifully-- your gift is in the creation of these treasures. You brought the Christmas story to life so perfectly--


  23. Just love Arthur Rackham's drawings!You have combined them in a magical work which will surely delight your customer!Great colours, and trimmings.
    Judy x

  24. So beautiful Suzy! Love your rusted dyings and the touches of deep reds. I also love to use rusted metals and shades in my work, but never get to as much as I'd like. Such a fabulous theme for the book and the images definitely make the whole project come together! x

  25. The book is gorgeous, Suzy, as everything you make breath is taken away, not that I will stop talking mind you! LOL I love the intense cranberry red and greens you use along with the
    thanks for the info about Karen's blog. I did find her through another blog and now can update my link to her blog from mine. I appreciate your help!

  26. Be still my heart!!! This book so beautifully depicts the joys and the magic of Christmas!

  27. Suzy you have created a joyful masterpiece. I am entranced with each and every page and element of fabrics and laces and ribbons and charms. I do believe YOU are magic dear. Creative Joy...

  28. Dearest Suzy,
    Oh what can I say,!!!
    just another amazingly created ,stunning book.
    I love the drawings from Arthur Rackham`s hand, and the choises of fabric you made to go with them. The gold compliment all the rust so wonderfully, and using tiny charms gives the book all the magic of christmas. Also love the beautiful mohair , and all the laces - it wouldn`t be you without huge amounts of gorgeous lace.
    Your costumer, will not lay this book away after christmas, but surely enjoy it all the coming year,too - my sweet clever friend.
    Sending you much love and hugs.

  29. The recipient of your wonderful book will be delighted I am sure at your special creation for her. The illustrations sit perfectly with you selection of laces, fabrics, trims etc. It will take her a long time to look at each page and take all the incredible detail in. It is something I am sure will be treasured. Jayne

  30. Dear Suzy,
    This Christmas Lace Book is so beautiful.
    Lovely how all the illustrations, colors, lace and fabrics come together.
    Stunning, I love it.

    It made me sad reading about your dear friend...

    Hugs and Blessings to you,

  31. WOW...Gorgeous work Suzy...A Christmas lace book what a treasure to keep....your work is Amazing....the images are Beautiful...Love it all.... Hugs May x x

  32. I think it came together far more than reasonably well!

  33. Suzy, your book is incredibly gorgeous! I adore how you have incorporated the page colors together with the fabrics, you have captured the total feel of the story with your magic!

  34. Dear Suzy, your fabric book is STUNNING!!! This really is your niche, it's what you do best I think. All those gorgeous layers and textures and colours... Combined in a vintage Christmas wonderland. So gorgeous... Big hugs to you

  35. I can imagine this book year after year gently being placed by the Christmas tree or in a Christmas vignette, and year after year being opened and each page adored and carefully touched by many gentle hands. This is the most perfect and beautiful Christmas heirloom.

  36. The Christmas images are absolutely charming and you've made them even more delightful with your additions! The little robins are perfect.

  37. Suzy,
    Whow, whow I love the holiday book, so beautiful indeed.
    Thanks for sharing.

  38. et oui je viens de découvrir
    toutes les superbes déco
    avec Rackham
    ces images se prêtent bien
    pour tout ces petits carnets
    un illustrateur bien sympatique
    edith (iris)


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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